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Originally posted on the Internet December 27, 1997.
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1998- The Year Of Bewilderment

The World - General

For all of those people who believed the Year of 1997 was a year of trials and tribulations, be prepared for an anomaly of the century. Each day of 1998 will be an experience of wondering whether the next day will be a dream or a reality.

Adverse weather that plummeted many areas world-wide in 1997, will again cause extreme havoc world-wide. The North American continent in particular will experience such adverse weather conditions in many of the regions that the populace will wonder whether the world is ending or in a state of flux. Extreme dry conditions will plague the prairies of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada and extend as far south as New Mexico. Dry wind will tear at the top-soils of the agriculture regions and extreme wind conditions will be the norm. Some will expect normal weather conditions while on the other hand nature will rear it's ugly head and tornado like weather will be the end-result. Weather forecasters world-wide will need to change their weather forecasts on an hourly basis since their prediction mechanics will falter due to the turbulence of the upper atmospheric upheavals.

The mid-US will never know from one day to next whether they will receive rain, high wind conditions, tornadoes, and major highways throughout the US will experience dust storms unparalleled to anything seen in history before. The 1930s will be relived by many in these specific areas.

In the lower US states, violent rain storms will plummet these areas causing numbers of communities to declare themselves as disaster areas, while on the other hand California, Florida, Texas and Mexico will wonder if the heat will ever subside. Cracked earth will be a common occurrence while areas in Florida, Missouri and New Brunswick will experience sink holes that visually remind some of the Grand Canyon. Extensive damage will be felt along the east-coast of the Americas this year. This will not be a normal hurricane season for both the North American and South American east-coast areas. I caution many friends of mine along the Chesapeake Bay area to batten down their hatches this year. High waters will ravage this area unprecedented in modern times. Quebec City, the glorious capital city of Quebec is solid in history but need it be suggested that even the great walls that protect that city will not protect the inhabitants from the colossal earth-quake activity that will be a constant reminder that even the great Canadian Shield is vulnerable to Mother Nature.

Asia reflected some of the adverse weather conditions of the Americas in the late 1997 period but be prepared for extreme violent tsunami that will ravage this area throughout 1998. Under-water volcanic activity will stir up the lower (3k below ocean depth areas) crust plates and the water throughout these regions will be termed El Nino 2. The fishing industry that is a main-stay for many countries in these regions will suffer extreme losses and those who live off the sea will even see their own families starve as the sea boils, alive, many species of fish. Australia will need to have their environmentalists ready 24 hours a day as whales, porpoises and even sharks wash on land and cause a bacterial fungus out-break in some regions in the south-west portion of this large island.

Off the west-coast of South America, expect extreme earth-quake and volcanic activity. Paraguay in particular will be devastated by earth-quake activity that exceeds 7.7 on the Richter scale.

Europe, will experience substantial down-pours throughout 1998. Flooding will ravage many areas in Europe especially Germany, the lower portions of France, throughout England and Scotland and into the mid-regions of Spain. Italy will be problematic as far as earth movements are concerned. The Basilica will shake, rattle and roll as never before. The Pope in particular may decide his own fate this year and the world will lose a Primate who will be remembered for centuries as the "Polish Pope of Hope".

The Russian people will finally get an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with Boris Yeltsin and the rebellion that will follow will offer an opportunity for the stabilization of Russia and the surrounding territories. Ironically it will be the poor nation of Russia that will be called upon to feed the hunger masses in Africa, south-Asia, the Philippines, and for the first time in years, coming into late-1998 and early-1999, Russia will be called upon to export hundreds of bushels of grain products to many countries world-wide, including the US.


For those who negated "The I.R.I.S. Chronicles" economic and financial predictions for 1997, I'm sure they learned a lesson in life. As predicted, the Asian markets would cause extreme financial losses throughout the world, especially in the money markets. The fall-out from financial collapses in Hong Kong and Japan are only the beginning to the end for the US and Canadian markets. Although hundreds of stocks plummeted upon the after-affects of the turmoil associated with those Asian markets, the Dow Jones and world-markets ended the year of 1997 on a high note. This false sense of security will be the down-fall for many under financed investors. 1998 will be the year where hundreds of major financial institutions in the US, Great Briton, Germany, France and Zurich will cause the Monitory Fund to close it's doors for a brief period. Extreme losses will be the norm and it is expected that these financial institutions will try to hoodwink the small investors to throw away their life savings by their advertising techniques. There are major concerns associated with these financial projections. The small investors who believe that they should reap the rewards as the major players in the stock markets are doing, do not realize that someone has to lose, before someone gains. In other words, the small investor will be nothing more than sheep walking to the slaughter house. For the first time in history, President Clinton will be forced to cut aid to many of the under-developed countries and this will cause a back-lash in many political circles. The Middle East, in particular (Israel) will be one of the first countries affected. Funds that are raised in the US will be blocked by the Senate and Israel will no longer have the privilege of being supported by the US Jewish business communities. Although this may seem like a harsh reality, ironically many of the Middle East countries will come to Israel's aid and support the country through imports of oil and other commodities. This may sound like one of the National Enquire's predictions, but even Saddam Hussein will contribute to the stabilization of Israel in 1998. Iran is now coming to realize that modernization was always the key to their financial wealth. Watch for the moderates becoming more vocal and in fact it will be a small core group (including the present Mullah) that initiates new and modern political overtures to the westernized nations.

For those American investors who still do not have a clue as to what is happening with the US markets, it is suggested that the smaller investors in particular, do not wait any longer than January 19, 1998 to remove their small investments from the markets. It is expected that shortly after the 19 th. of January, the markets throughout the world will tumble to extremes. The first notice will be the London markets. Watch the erratic behavior of the traders leading up to this date. If anyone stays in the markets beyond that point, let me just suggest that everyone will need to have an over-abundance of cash and will need to be prepared to weather out the major decline in the market up and till April 22, 1998. DO NOT PLAY THE OPTIONS MARKET THIS YEAR NOR MARGIN ANY STOCKS OR COMMODITIES IN 1998.

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