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World-Wide Political Projections



For the last two years, Canadians have been living in "Brigadoon", that sleepy village where people sleep for a 100 years and awaken to party for one day. This is the year where Canada will awake and virtually shake up the world.

Politically, Canadians will see very few changes in the political arena since a federal election particularly, will not be called for at least a one and a half year period or, not until the mid-to late summer of 1998. Provincial elections in Manitoba and Saskatchewan will be mundane and no changes will take place, but look to the east-coast for some political revelations.

Newfoundland has been quite quiet since the death of Joey Smallwood and now that Brian Tobin has taken over the reins as Premier, Newfoundland will be a voice to be reckoned with during 1997. Lucien Buchard, the Premier of Quebec had best not get Tobin upset during the April 1997 period because although he feels that he has the world by the tail, Buchard may discover that those little lions that roar are more detrimental to his popularity than many of his federal political foes.

Tobin and Buchard have started jabbing at each other with Tobin's announcement that if Quebec thinks they will separate and have access to the hydro electric resources in Newfoundland, that they are simply fooling themselves and in fact during and throughout 1997, Tobin will adamantly push for a new deal on supplying hydro electric power to Quebec. Much of the present supply is diverted and sold south of the Quebec border into the US and Tobin will get his fair share of the revenues after showing Buchard that Newfoundland is that "little lion that roars".

On the international scene, Canada will regain it's prestige and regain the respect of other countries after the slight tarnishing of it's image during the Somalia campaign. Peace keeping and humanitarian deployments have always been Canada's strong points and although recent announcements have been made that Canada will lead a humanitarian mission to Zaire to feed the hungry masses, 1997 will see Canadians in virtually every country which requires it's assistance in supplying needed food sources, medical personnel, disaster relief units and all of these sojourns will be at the helm of Canada's revamped military.

Although Zaire is the known troubled spot at this time, Ethiopia, Somalia, Bosnia and Nigeria are going to deeply require additional support throughout 1997. As well, it is expected that a specially trained group of Canadian military and non-military personnel will be activated and deployed virtually all year round on humanitarian grounds. This group are specialists in disaster recoveries, and catastrophic events management and will be needed in areas of Italy, Greece, Iran, Venezuela, Chile, Nigeria and Japan after these areas are inundated with extensive earthquake activity, major weather disturbances and flooding, and unusual fluctuations in temperatures particularly in the more arid areas mentioned. We do expect, believe it or not, snow to fall on the desert in Africa in May 1997. With the many thousands of refugees presently and in the near future who are simply wandering and looking for a place to settle down, many of these thousands of people who are starving to death will also be subjected to extreme cold temperatures in 1997. It will be up to the Canadian contingent to not only make sure that food sources are flowing and distributed but that clothing is distributed to keep people from freezing to death.

Access The Canadian Weather Predictions here.

The United States of America


Although the polls were showing President Clinton's popularity was waning in the latter part of 1995, "The I.R.I.S. Chronicles" stated that he would regain a second term in office and that's exactly what happened.

Newt Gingrich, Clinton's arch rival and major pain in the butt has been asked to step down as the Speaker and although it is believed that this would be a good move for the Republican Party, this is an unlikely scenario in 1997. Need it be suggested but the Republican Party has enjoyed their power base in both the Congress and the Senate over the last couple of years but, they are in for a major surprise coming into the fall of 1997. Although the Democrats were not able to regain control of congress during the Presidential elections watch the fallout coming into play with the Senate elections in the late part of 1997 and into 1998. It is believed that not only will the Democrats regain the majority in the Senate but they will actually gain more seats than they have ever had. The population is getting ready for the Year 2000 Presidential elections already, and it is our opinion that with that election in mind the population will vote out the Republicans in the Senate in the hopes of changing the Presidential office to a Republican president in year 2000.

Bosnia will still be a pain in President Clinton's side throughout 1997 and it is expected that coming into the mid-May period the Clinton administration may decide to keep it's troops in Bosnia because of the increased terrorist acts in that country. It is not expected that war will break out again, but it is expected that factions of the pre-Bosnian government will institute a rein of terror in the Bosnian capital to still try to over-throw the present sitting government.

The US will also be actively participating in humanitarian missions with Canada and other UN forces world-wide and for the first time in years the US military, without the aid of the C.I.A. I might add, will be taking up the gauntlet and proving that they are humanitarians as well as war mongers. 1997 will be the year where the respect that the US has been seeking for years will finally come to fruition and the US population will be able to thank President Clinton for instilling that factor into the US mentality.

US Weather Patterns & Yearly Forecast:

Need one suggest, but as had been predicted in "The I.R.I.S. Chronicles" for 1996, the US suffered some of the most extreme weather conditions on record. The theme for the US throughout 1997 is "Noah, build an ark; forty cubits by forty cubits". Major flooding ran rampant throughout 1996, extensive hurricane activity inundated many parts of the US eastern sea-board, record snow-falls were recorded in many areas of the mid to east locals of the US, frequent tornado activities were recorded even in areas not normally affected by tornado activity. 1997 will not only be a reoccurrence of those types of weather patterns but a resurgence of catastrophic proportions will be headline news throughout 1997. Areas of major concern for 1997, will be the Florida mainland and outlying areas to the south-west of Florida due to extreme hurricane activity. Texas will see the renewal of increase hurricane activity as well and will be the second state in the early part of May to be declared a disaster area because of that hurricane activity and increased more violent tornado activity. Major rain storms will plummet these two areas throughout 1997 and it is expected that even coming into the mid-November 1997 period, Florida in particular will be known as the "Flooding & Grey State" instead of "The Sunshine State". For those who own orchards in Florida, increase your insurance substantially this year because coming into the early summer to early fall period you won't have an orange or fruit to sell.

As mentioned above, the theme for the US is major and extensive flooding throughout the whole US in 1997. There is no need to specify exactly which areas will be affected because it is believed that few if any of the US states will not be affected by these violent wind, rain and hail storms, spring run-offs and freak snow squalls that will cause that flooding. The Pacific Northwest will be known as the snow capital area of the US by the year end in 1997. As well as the adverse weather that will plague many parts of the US, 1997 will also herald in increased earthquake activity. Areas of the north-west, Arizona, California and the Blue Ridge Mountain area on the east-coast will be shaken on a regular basis this year.

Update: March 2, 1997.

Need it be suggested, as was projected above in late November 1996, the US has experienced some of the worst weather conditions on record so far. Record snow-falls, record temperatures, extensive continent wide flooding and devastating tornadoes has caused many State Governors and the President to declare many states disaster areas.

Is it too late for Noah to build his ark? The answer is a definite, yes. Close to 50% of the US has suffered extensive flooding and the record snow-falls (e.g. North Dakota) have not even begun to melt yet. As proclaimed, spring run-offs will cause extensive flooding in the mid-US and throughout the eastern seaboard. These flood conditions will rampage throughout 1997 in the US and many lives will be lost.

The adverse weather conditions will continue right up to the early hurricane season and the combined devastation will cause havoc with the economic uncertainties which are being noticed in the US. The costs for government aid to disaster areas will far exceed any other year on record. That alone will cause the US deficit to soar.

For those who live in the North Dakota, South Dakota, and central US states, be prepared for record flooding which will begin approximately March 28. With extreme temperature fluctuations, as previously predicted, it is expected that due to abnormally high spring temperatures in those areas, streams and rivers will back up caused by ice flow dams which will not be able to melt fast enough.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan, in Canada will also feel the effects of those river back-ups. The southern portion of Manitoba particularly, will believe that Lake Winnipeg invaded the lower portions of Manitoba due to record flooding this area will experience.

As projected, extensive rain, wind and tornadoes would ravage many areas and this is now coming to pass. These tornadoes in particular began earlier than norm and will continue throughout the year. Tornado Alley will be inundated constantly, but areas which normally do not experience such turbulent weather patterns had better not laugh at their neighbors. Areas such as New York State, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and even central states such as North and South Dakota will believe the world is coming to an end. The months of April, June, July, August and even into late September would be good periods to learn to swim and fly at the same time.

In conjunction to the record number of tornadoes, high winds will ravish many areas and many people will believe that damages that will be caused were from tornadoes and that will not be a fact. It is expected that the jet stream will take an unusual twist this late spring and throughout the summer, and due to this abnormal high velocity jet stream, cooler weather from the Arctic will collide with the warm moisture from the Gulf of Mexico (hurricanes). It is expected that the majority of hurricanes in the Atlantic will be steared towards the Gulf of Mexico this year unlike last year when the majority of the devastating hurricanes traversed up the east-coast of the US. The Gulf of Mexico, in particular will experience unheard of damaging storms this year and as well as the southern portions of the US, Mexico best learn how to tread water.

(End of Update - More to come)

Adverse Weather Proofs Online

As predicted, virtually every state in the US has experienced flooding in 1997.

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Update: April 26, 1997.

So North America thinks they escaped the record floods of 1997? Well, are they in for a surprise. Coming into the middle of October (especially October 14, 1997) after all the devastation from record snow falls, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes that began January 1997, beginning on October 14, 1997 the southern US will experience their first major snow storms of the century. As projected in November 1996, Florida would experience adverse weather in the fall unlike that that it has never experienced before. This projection stands and, in fact, is being updated to include severe early winter storms never before experienced.

The concern here is that most the people in Florida do not have the heating that their northern neighbors enjoy and because of the extreme coldness many will face, and because of the aged population, it is expected that there will be many elders (and youngster alike) who will fall victim to the extreme weather fluctuations and coldness in that area and other areas in the southern US as well.

Here is the ironic part. It is believed that although Canada and the northern US states will experience unusual cold spells there will be very little moisture (snow fall) although one would expect because of the extreme flooding in the northern portions of the US and Canada that precipitation would be more likely to affect those areas. That will not be the case.

After the extensive and damaging hurricane season in 1997, most of the lower US will have all the precipitation they will want to see in their life times, but, because of the vast amount of wet weather and due to the unusual pattern of the jet stream and an over-flowing cold air current that will virtually begin in the Arctic and rush upwards over the jet stream (the jet stream will actually be a dome over most of the northern US and Canada), that cold air will mesh with the hot, humid moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to cause the above mentioned adverse conditions.

Alabama, Florida, Texas, New Orleans and as far north on the eastern seaboard as Pennsylvania may as well buy snowmobiles this year because they are going to need them.

On the east coast of Canada, Newfoundlanders, Nova Scotians and people in New Brunswick might as well resign themselves to the days in hell. Because of the unusual jet stream activity, these locations in particular will believe that one day it's summer the next will be a winter storm. In other words if anyone in Canada or the northern US is expecting the normal winter season this year, forget it.

End of Update, April 26, 1997

As had been predicted in "The I.R.I.S. Chronicles for 1996" air travel in the US was not a way to travel throughout 1996. The TWA Flight 800 disaster was projected and in fact at press time we still firmly believe that a bomb was the cause of that disaster. 1997 will bring some relief to air travellers because we do believe that there will be substantially fewer air traffic accidents in 1997 than in 1996, but for those who travel the rail lines need it be suggested that caution in your travelling plans be done with a "gut reaction" this year than in any other years. With the major flooding and adverse weather conditions throughout the whole of the US in 1997, many of the rail beds will be weakened and in fact it is believed that many rail lines will be quickly destroyed by flash flooding and this in turn will cause a number of rail line disasters throughout 1997. One of our major concerns is in the northern California area where we do expect one of the worst rail line disasters on record with a substantial loss of life. The July-August period of 1997 is not the time to travel in that specific area.

Update: January 15, 1997.

The Middle East

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat came out of a meeting early Wednesday with a deal on Israeli troop redeployment in the West Bank, but both faced intense scrutiny from within their own camps.

A sigh of relief, I'm sure, was heard around the world with the latest Hebron deal being signed between Netanyahu and Arafat. One needn't be psychic to understand that this treaty will at least hold discussions between the two opposing factions open, but, it is expected the hard-liners from both camps will do everything under their power to cause distention.

Netanyahu, who many believed was an extreme right-winger has proven himself to be more of a dove than a hawk and credit should be given where credit is due. With that in mind, however, it is expected that the back-stabbing which is readily known in Israeli politics will not only continue but increase over the next 18 month period. Netenyahue's close ties to the American political scene will hold him in good stead abroad, but back at home he's going to find a lot of opposition.

Internally the machinery is grinding to a halt but external from Israel, many of the Jewish organizations who were adamantly against a peace treaty between Netanyahu and Arafat will begin a major campaign to unseat Netenyahue.

In fact there is a cautionary note here. Coming into the middle of May, I strongly suggest that Netenyahue's personal security staff become even more diligent in their selection of staff. It is my contention that someone may slip through the security screening and if that is the case, one can expect a very major threat situation to occur.

The question which I'm sure is on everyone lips, is will the peace treaty stay in effect and will the two opposing forces rectify their differences? It would be encouraging to stipulate that "yes" this is the end to the turmoil, but I'm sorry to say it's only wishful thinking. Many of the settlers in the West Bank area will refuse to relocate and although the government of Israel will bring in the army to move them forcibly, the removal of many will be a constant thorn in the military's side and it is expected that even some of the seniors of the military will revolt and refuse to obey the orders of the government.

All in all, congratulations are in order for both Arafat and Netanyahu, but gentlemen, "it ain't over until the lady sings".

(More to come)

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