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There is a major misconception that life is both pre-destined and fatalistic and this is absolutely not true. One of mankind's greatest attributes is his/her ability to use his/her power of choice. Choosing which direction in life to travel is the problem. A good majority of individuals have a tendency to not listen to their own primary intuition and effectively make the incorrect choices. For those that do make a decision, in some cases, there still is a tendency to seek either approval or confirmation.

At no times should a "psychic reading" consist of absolutes. A noted caution when confronted with a "Reader" who promotes that he/she can predict the future, would be to save your time, energy and financial resources; remove yourself from the session.

A "psychic reading" should consist of three specific sections; the past; the present; and the probable. The "past experience" section should consist of events specifically relating to the subject receiving the readings. This segment is important since rarely are individuals aware of some of the circumstances which led them to the problematic situations they may be facing at the present time.

The second segment should relate to specific events the subject is experiencing at the present time. It is important to understand the present path one is following so that corrective measures could possibly take place or to confirm one is on the correct path of existence.

The third segment should consist of the probable events the subject may experience at a later time. This segment is extremely important. If the "Reader" is qualified sufficiently enough; has understood the past and present experiences; the probable paths, either positive or negative should be able to be defined accurately, without hesitation.


There is also a misconception how to prepare for a "psychic session". It is mandatory to not attend a session with any preconceived ideas. In a lot of cases present problems may seem as though they are the important issues facing one. In a lot of cases this is not so. Ultimately, the answers to the problem hinge solely on the subject not making a decision, and repeating a statement earlier that we are blessed with a power of choice, it may be more important for the subject to concentrate and make a decision themselves.

At no times should a "subject" depend on a "reader" to make their decisions for them. If this is the case, then it is suggested the "subject" discontinue any further sessions with the "reader" and furthermore not seek out anyone else until they gain control of their "power of choice".

It is a proven fact that if the "subject" believes in the "reader" the sessions are usually quite sound in information and judgment. This does not mean a certain cautionary position should not be established during the session. Remember the "reader" is just as human as the "subject".


1. Make appointments with a respectable "reader" referred by a close associate or friend.

2. During the session if there are questions, ask them.

3. Attend the sessions without preconceived notions or end results.

4. Think of the data before you negate it.

Are We Born With A Gift-Or Do We Develop A Talent?

Throughout my thirty years in parapsychology one of the most put forth statements by those who believe they have a psychic capability is that many state that they were born or inherited that psychic talent. One need ask whether this is a factual statement or not.

On a personal note, I do believe that we are genetically aligned with certain chromosomes which might enhance one's intuitive (creative) strengths over another, but at the same time I firmly believe that anyone can enhance or develop their intuitive capabilities with proper training and understanding.

I for one am not convinced that intuitive strengths are totally inherited as some would have us believe, although on the scientific side there will be arguments that if intuitive capabilities are genetically inclined then one can suggest that they are indeed inherited. The problem here is that we need to define inherited. I believe that intuition is strictly an uncommon sense. Another fallacy which I believe is rampant in this profession are the statements by some that due to an accident, etc. all of a sudden they became intuitively inclined. The more higher probability is that due to the "fear factor" instilled during the course of the supposed accident, etc., the individual in question would assuredly be more "aware" of the consequences and therefore due to that fact would also be more "aware" of their emotions and thought processes.

My personal research and experience has shown that anyone can be taught or trained to recognize their own intuitive strengths and in fact those strengths can be enhanced. A number of factors come into play during that enhancement stage. It is my theory that intuition or psychic capabilities evolve around the emotional stability of the individual. (ref: "The 21 Emotions Exercise"-E. G. Curley, 1981) I have concluded that once an individual recognizes what emotions they are experiencing at any particular time, those emotions govern how strong one's intuitive capabilities are. These abilities are reflective on a number of different facets of parapsychology. Whether one is studying astrology; whether one is using any of the tools of the trade; i.e. tarot cards, I Ching, runes, etc.; or, whether one is strictly functioning at an intuitive level, emotions are the catalyst to the end result.

As an example. Without a high confidence level it is impossible to replicate intuitive impressions. If for example, an impression is made and that impression does not come to pass, then the confidence level of the individual is reduced and the individual will no longer accept that "very first intuitive impression" without questioning the outcome. On the other hand, if that impression does come to fruition, the old saying "practice makes perfect" takes hold and the confidence level increases substantially.

With the above in mind, I have concluded that once any one learns how to develop a strong confidence personality and if that level can be retained then that individual will develop or enhance their natural intuitive strengths to a point where others may call them a Psychic.

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