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Here is a web site that tells about DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN in the classroom.

Am I saying a formal - in the classroom - education is necessarily bad, or a degree is bad?

No, of course not.

Doctors and Lawyers, as two examples, show how their education can be beneficial to the person's being educated, and to the general public.  However, from both professions I can point, also, to the potential of very detrimental effects.

Human anatomy, biology, and other subjects must be thoroughly understood, and practiced with, for a doctor to be able to properly treat patients.  Medical students work with dead bodies, and with models of same.  Likewise, laws, procedures, and other subjects such as public persuasion techniques must be understood and practiced in classroom settings to enable the attorney to properly practice law in a real courtroom.

As the decades and years pass in the U.S., the medical and legal systems, and the classrooms, have become increasingly more corrupt.  Those who obtain their credentials and blindly believe everything they are taught are a detriment to society.  Those who practice either law, or medicine, outside the corrupt system's direction, put their licenses to practice medicine, and their Bar Association memberships at risk.  To give an example of attorneys that do good work, and who work against the corrupt system, I cited a number of attorneys for their scholarly, and useful, work on these two pages: this and this.

On another page of this web site, I give examples of how to do research from 3 college level text books, so I do value certain aspects of formal education.

In matters of law, often enough the self-educated defendant is far more effective in court, because he or she often breaks the rules with impunity, all the while following the law.  You see, the rules, often enough, are against the law, and judges who insist upon those rules are, in fact, criminals.  Examine the legal section of the links page.

On this web page, I state:

The so-called “elite” run the educational systems and teach lies, so the people think they are becoming smarter while they become more stupid.  The distortions of reality jammed into their minds turn them into delusional cult fanatics.
That doesn't mean that everyone who obtains a degree becomes stupid.  It means those who blindly believed everything they were taught had been stupid to begin with, and became more so as the brainwashing took hold at deeper levels of their minds.

I've met people who have degrees that tell me there are no real conspiracies.  I've met others without degrees that will, with common sense, tell anyone that there are conspiracies.  Who's more intelligent, the degreed person, or the one who can barely read or write and knows that people in high places conspire together to commit crimes?  Personally, I'd rather not associate with the idiot who has the degree.  That's not to say everyone with a degree is an idiot.  It's just that as the brainwashing techniques have recently become more effective, those who graduated a short time ago are often in the worst mental and emotional condition.

Ask any recent graduate, with a masters degree, how President Kennedy was killed.  For the most part, you will hear, dogmatically, that it was a lone assassin.  Of course, that's a ridiculous assumption, and not many believe it.  Ask how the U.S.S. Maine was destroyed.  Often enough, students are taught that Spanish Terrorists did it.  Ask them if the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise, they will tell you "yes."  Ask them if Saddam Hussein was a threat to America, and they will say, "yes."  Ask them how the twin towers came down on September 11, 2001.  They will tell you that fire melted the steel.  Of course that's scientifically impossible, but they will state it anyway.  It's all nonsense, and much more so-called "history" than that is learned by these idiots who cannot see beyond their nose.  Anyone who finishes their "education" should investigate the so-called "facts" they had learned, be grateful for the credentials which have some use, but go on through life with a knowledge of true history.

Getting back to those who are educated, and licensed, to practice medicine.  I've visited some of them, and often enough they think herbs, or anything remedy outside of what they had been taught to use in medical school, must either be ineffective or harmful.  Other doctors, after they finish their schooling, and have been in practice for awhile, branch out and use other methods to treat patients.

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