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ISP clarification about authentic CHARTERS and FAQs


was: Re: Astrological Definitions FAQ-REPOST

now: ISP clarification about authentic CHARTERS and FAQs

Latest update: Jan. 29, 2000

Suppose two factions are posting in a newsgroup.  One complains about the activities of the other group to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), stating that the charter and FAQ forbid certain activity.  The other claims their FAQ and Charter are the correct one's.

If the policy of a particular ISP is to honor FAQ and CHARTERS, which documents does this ISP honor?

What is the criteria?


Message-ID: <3649e927.421895109@news.swbell.net>

Nov 11, 1998

              "We expect the vast majority of charters, FAQs and posting
              guidelines will  be enforced; in only a few special cases
              would we decline to take action.  In particular, we will not
              take action in cases where more than one charter, FAQ or
              posting guideline exists, except to deal with misplaced
              commercial messages or binary files.  Our AUP currently
              permits commercial messages or binary files only in those
              newsgroups where they are explicitly permitted."

Pacbell is only one Internet Service Provider.  Other ISP's will not necessarily follow their policies.
Pacbell has shown bias, calling proponents of the  paranormal, and the paranormal aspects of astrology, "kooks" in the newsgroups.

They  refuse to honor their own Acceptable Use policy, and have done so in the face of
repeated complaints from Edmond Wollmann about chronic abusers.  If their policy, as
written above, were followed by other ISPs anyone could write an alleged "charter," place
it at a WEB SITE, and thus nullify the authentic CHARTERS in place.  Pacbell's writing
of not taking action where more than one guideline exists, is absurd.

The facts about the above 2 paragraphs can be verified with DEJANEWS, using the
"power search" function, and searching for activity during the later part of 1998.

The alt.paranormal FAQ and CHARTER answers these questions, with suggestions,
in a section about "authentic" FAQs


Read Item        19        "I've seen other alt.paranormal FAQs.
                                        Which is authentic?"

See examples of pseudo-skeptic FAQ and CHARTER propaganda here.

Go directly to the part of this posting that concerns authentic documents.

Here is another discussion about the alt.astrology.metapsych charter.

NEWSGROUPS: alt.astrology, alt.paranormal, news.admin.net-abuse.usenet

Bob Officer Message-ID:



BO wrote:

> On Sat, 14 Nov 1998 10:56:44 GMT, dan@psicounselSPAM_YOT.com (Dan
> Kettler) wrote:

> >For information about reposting, how and why you would do it...
> >
> >               http://www.psicounsel.com/whattodo.html#post


> from your page mentioned above:

      [place] posts in the designated groups...if you
      post to one newsgroup 20 times within 45 days
      you then will be "spamming."

BO quotes me, then writes the following that has absolutely
no connection with what I wrote...

         ...the excess posting on pointers to your pages
         amounts to defacto spamming...

No, it does not mean that, at all.

This is what "spam" is...


...and quotes (referenced from the above) from official FAQs indicate that  pointers on my pages do NOT amount to spamming.

> I suggest anyone really interested in what dan's is talking
> about read the faqs...

No, apparently, you know that many people reading this will not check the faqs, and you hope they will believe your writing about them to be true.

More from this spin doctor:

> On your page you state alt.paranormal is overrun... it is overrun with
> your petty attempts to control...

The verifiable facts are at...


Anyone can check DEJANEWS for past posts, going back years, to see that what is in the above document is true, and that your spin-doctoring is nothing but lies.  They will see that the pseudo-skeptics attempting this control are relatively recent posters, while the proponents have been posting a long time.

They will also see that the reason for your "majority" is that you people have made these newsgroups unfriendly to proponents of the subjects: astrology, paranormal, New Age, and UFO.

> ...and it is over run with your
> postings, which are basically the same and thus spam.

And, why don't you call Sherilyn's actual robotically resent
posts every 10 days, "spam"?  They are actually sent through
USENET administration facilities.  I, myself, used that facility
to send the alt.paranoromal FAQ every 3 months.  I deleted that
automatic function.

More on this propaganda, and attempts to control newsgroups by


BO wrote:

> You have been told your postings are basically the same repeted
> reference to your web pages...

Dan Kettler replies:

I don't care.

> The majority of the users in alt.astrology...

Dan Kettler replies:

No,  you mean the people who want to ridicule astrologers, which happen to
be in large numbers, and who do not properly represent alt.astrology, at all.  They
are more representative of sci.skeptic. 

> and the new charter and FAQ for alt.astrology.metapsych...

There is NO new charter.  It is fake.  The charter is maintained by Edmond Wollmann, PMAFA (Professional Member American Federation of Astrologers).  He started and chartered alt.astrology.metapsych...


In addition, there is an alt.paranormal FAQ...


BO wrote:

          ...ask you not to repost items like you have done.

Ask all you wish.  There are no USENET rules, no ISP rules, that
forbid what I do.  My ISP will respect the charter written by
an actual astrologer, not a pseudo-skeptic.  Most intelligent
ISPs will do the same.  The same is true for the alt.paranormal


People who are pseudo-skeptics, ridiculers of UFO researchers,
astrologers, psychics, and New Agers, are not representative of
any astrology or other paranormal, UFO, or New Age newsgroup.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) decide which FAQ and CHARTER is
correct when they are approached with complaints about activities
in newsgroups.

To all proponents of these subjects, I advise that you inform
your ISP of your activities, and how the ISP may verify which
FAQ and CHARTER is authentic.  They can look at DEJANEWS, and
see the disruption these FAQ and CHARTER writers have caused,
and that they have no affinity for the subjects of the newsgroups
they attempt to control through FAQs and CHARTERS.

They are, simply, FANATICAL CULTISTS, attempting control of