Del Robert Mulroy              Page 8


This page is about the influence of hatred on a medical condition.

It is also about what, evidently, Del Robert. Mulroy's limited awareness of others metaphysical views during May 1999.

The page shows a method that you, the reader, may learn of the DEJA archives, through experimentation.  You can see,
for yourselves, how research is done finding past USENET NEWSGROUP posts, by your own experience.

Start here:

Through your investigation of Mulroy's posts before he stopped allowing them to be archived, you will see his expressed ridicule over my comments that I accept what I've brought into my life, even that which I find undesirable on a human level.

His ridicule shows that he does not have any awareness of how people create their lives, even on a subconscious level.

Many people do not agree with this philosophy, and that is just what must be. However, with Del Mulroy's involvement in psychic work, I'd have thought he'd have, at least, a tolerance toward views that were different than his own.

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