"Skeptics" What they do and why

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From: Polydectes
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.paranormal
Subject: Re: Hale Bopp Object and Newsgroups
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 06:34:02 +0000

Bruce Daniel Kettler writes:


Polydectes wrote to BDK:

/snip\ I think there are very good reasons for the way people respond to your interminable imbecility:
# Your execrable habit of moving the goalposts every time your appalling verbiage is demonstrated to be another atrocious exercise in trying to con people into believing the truth.
# Your sentence construction alone demonstrates adequately your derisory ability to think logically.
...However, as long as idiots like you continue to infest usenet groups, many people will feel it is a public duty to respond, merely to protect they [sic] young and impressionable.
In the above writing of Polydectes, I note the following, obviously inaccurate, descrptions attributed to me:

1. imbecility
2. attempts to con people
3. logical thinking ability lacking
4. idiot

Above, we may note, this sense of having a mission. The so-called "skeptic," cynic, pseudo-skeptic, (or whatever) is indicating a desire to save innocent people, thinking they have a public duty (with this person's posting in the newsgroups designed for discussion among those who find ESP and UFO information valid). It's part of the make-up of a cult mentality to think of the group's ideas as right while those outside are, supposedly, dangerous, leaving the group and everyone in it with some moral obligation to eliminate so-called "wrongs" and to make society "right." It's not much different, in essence, than any other unrealistic fanaticism.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -- Polydectes

The above writing of Polydectes, is what someone described as an attack on a person's character.(click here)


Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.paranormal,alt.conspiracy,

Subject: BEWARE: Commercial Advertising in Usenet Postings

Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 11:09:27 +0000

Sender: Polydectes 

Some people may have noticed this published by Kettler:
then select
Scientific Study of Psychic Phenomena

This is an advertisement to lure you to a web site where you will be "invited" to part with $35 in order to have a "psychic reading". You will need to give your credit card number or to pay an extra 28.5% ($10) [US FUNDS - bdk] /snip\ to be billed via your telephone bill.


The above, about an extra "28.5%" is incorrect. There never has been any requirement to pay more without a credit card.

This widely distributed "BEWARE," and accusation of commercial advertising in the particular USENET postings shown, is false. It cannot be commercial advertising without some mention of a product or service for sale in the ad. I have commercial services at the site, but they are not mentioned in the USENET postings this person referred to.



Read Kettler's ravings in these newsgroups and make up your own mind as to whether or not you wish to let him have your credit card details.

The above writing of Polydectes is another example of this SKEP-TI-CULT'S usual habit of character assassination, implying dishonesty or irresponsibility. In fact, the statement has no basis of fact, as FIRST VIRTUAL (tm) does not require that the merchant obtain a credit card number, and that is apparent in the details placed at this World Wide Web Site.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ --

Mr. Wollmann, in an earlier writing, had something to say about people of this group, and it had to do with esteem. His writing contains much about the so-called "skeptic's" lack of self worth, or esteem.

Mr. Wollman's reference to an attempt at "hacking away" at the esteem of others seems, to me, to be shown by the writing above.

The True Believer, a book from the 1950's by Eric Hoffer, has much useful information about fanatics.
the writing of Eric Hoffer,  The True Believer, Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

In the chapter, "Factors Promoting Self Sacrifice," we read the following:

The fanatic is perpetually incomplete and insecure. He cannot generate self-assurance out of his individual resources -- out of his rejected self -- but finds it only by clinging passionately to whatever support he happens to embrace.
In the chapter, "Unifying Agents":
Whence come these unreasonable hatreds, and why their unifying effect? They are an expression of desperate effort to suppress an awareness of our inadequacy, worthlessness, guilt and other shortcomings of the self. Self-contempt is here transmuted into hatred of others -- and there is a most determined and persistent effort to mask this switch. Obviously, the most effective way of doing this is to find others, as many as possible, who hate as we do. Here, more than anywhere else we need general consent, and much of our proselytizing consists perhaps in infecting others not with our brand of faith but with our particular brand of unreasonable hatred.

I don't believe that all the material in the USENET archives for investigation into this "SKEP-TI-CULT," cult mentality, could be covered in the lifetime of one person (as far as lifetimes generally extend these days).


"Skeptics" What they do and why


To the so-called "skeptics," who have given me so much material to write about, that it's now becoming book length. With each royalty check, I will give my thanks to you all.

To those interested in so-called "paranormal" (It's really normal.) phenomena, your continued discussions in newsgroups has provided much valuable insight and information.


...successful, with widespread dissemination of the information through both electronic and printed media, so people will gain insight to effectively deal with people of the "skeptic" mentality without so much trial and error

...inspiring, eye opening, and an experience of freedom from the cage that minds of the so-called "skeptic," "true believer" mentality, are kept in

THE TRUE BELIEVER by Eric Hoffer, published 1951, Harper and Row.

Bruce Kettler (aka Bruce Daniel Kettler)

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