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> From: (Phil Harrison)
> Subject: Re: Net Censorship and Terrorism
> Date: 25 Sep 1999 00:00:00 GMT
> Message-ID: <>

>  Dan Kettler wrote

> >Net Terrorism --- another form of censorship

Details of Net Terrorism and Net Censorship at...


> >          1.  Blackmail
> >
> >              These are threats to, and/or actually exposing
> >              a person's past if/when they do not change
> >              Internet activity.  This may include a
> >              person's criminal, motor vehicle,
> >              or financial history including bankruptcy.

PH:  In the following example, the poster threatens to post private
PH: correspondence unless the victim (a former lover) stops posting.


BK: What is the person posting?  If I utilize a threat in order to protect
myself, it's not the same as one utilizing a threat in order to attack
for the purpose of controlling a newsgroup, promoting censorship,
expressing bigotry and hatred, or whatever.

The threats I write of, as under the heading of "net terrorism" are
for unwholesome, and unlawful purposes.  Defense is not unlawful or

Any type of threat can be either a justifiable defense, or terrorism.


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