PSI Counsel
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This is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet: PSI.

PSI     is    an    acronym    for    the    words    psyche,    psychic    or parapsychological   and,   therefore,   it   stands   for   the   study   of the psychic powers or abilities. Counsel      and     training     is     offered     in     regard     to     the parapsychological,   to   enable   people   to   become   proficient in   their   psychic   power,   and   to   receive   education   of   the   non physical,   and   deeper   aspects   of   their   consciousness. Thus PSI   Counsel    has   been   used   for   the   purpose   of   education about    enhanced    spiritual    awareness.    It    is    a    school    for people   to   experience   deeper   love   of   themselves   and   all conscous beings. Every   person,   and   non-human,   is   psychic.   That   is,   they perceive   thoughts,   feelings,   and   the   intent   of   others.   For many,    their    psychic    ability    is    not    working    at    its    fullest potential.     For     that,     we     offer     DEVELOPMENT     OF PSYCHIC ABILITIES . Psychic   ability   can   also   be   utilized   to   ascertain   probable future   scenarios   in   our   personal   lives,   and   in   the   future   of our   world.   It   is   to   not   only   to   see   probable   futures,   but   also to create the actual events. The   full   enablement   of   psychic   function   is   to   create,   and   to influence.   Misuse   of   such   abilities   to   the   extent   of   coercion is   unnatural,   and   brings   upon   the   perpetrator   much   misery and misfortune. Psychic    function    is    useful    for    physical    and    emotional healing of oneself, and others. Bruce   Kettler   started   this   website   in   1996.   He   was   an overseer of the alt.paranormal  discussion group. Paranormal    phenomena    has    been    both    part    of    US government activities , and scientific investigation .