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Earl Gordon Curley is deceased. More information about him, and the dead links on this Earl Curley site, click here.

EARL GORDON CURLEY is well known as one of the most accurate intuitives and psychics world-wide. In 1978, Curley was credited with locating the first debris of the Soviet Cosmos 954 satellite which crashed in Canada's North-west Territories and he didn't even leave his office in Ottawa, Canada. As a frequent guest on many radio (CFRB 1010AM, Toronto, Canada) and television talk programs on , (CityTV, Toronto, Canada), and he is recognized as an expert "psychically reading" people on air and in person. One of Canada's most prestigious business magazines, Canadian Business, recently wrote an article (April 1996 edition, Page 17) describing his talents remote viewing corporations. He operates a counseling practice for the public, runs a corporate consulting business, an Internet web page design and service provider company, frequently consults to major international government agencies, has authored three books and has developed a unique and simple exercise for decision making purposes. (See "The 21 Emotions Exercise" below)

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From 1981 to 1987, a highly covert publication was distributed amongst senior members of government and international corporate executives. It was entitled "The Ken-Cur Report" which would later be renamed "The International Remote Intelligence Sensing Chronicles" or The I.R.I.S. Chronicles. Although the public was not privy to the contents of the "Chronicles" they were used to implement government and corporate policy. These "Chronicles" consisted of detailed "projections" of international world events; economic forecasts; stock-market projections; international climatic changes; and, military and intelligence information which helped thwart many precarious events world-wide.

For your viewing pleasure the World-Wide Predictions for 1998 are now online. Read the future news and gain some insight as to what the probabilities have in store for the world. The 1997 Predictions out performed every other major prediction newsletter and is recognized as one of the best sources for future events and was accessed by many of the major news agencies world-wide.

After years of trials and tribulations and 25 years practicing as a professional psychic, Earl Curley discovered the secret to enhancing intuition and developed a technique to heighten intuitive and psychic awareness. Therefore, The 21 Emotions Exercise was born. If you have a difficult time making decisions then it's a must to read the whole book here and discover for yourself the secrets of decision making capabilities and enhance your own intuitive strengths. Over 100,000 people have accessed this material. Reduce stress. Create a strong self-image. Understand why decisions are sometimes quite difficult to make. Enhance your own psychic/intuitive capabilities and control your own existence.


"THE 21 EMOTIONS EXERCISE" (the actual exercise)



For all those who demanded that the exercises be made available to the public online, both the above exercise are now accessible via the links provided above. As well as quickly finding out what your emotional statistics are at this moment in time, there is a complete printout that will explain those emotions and what you can do to take control. THE 21 EMOTIONS EXERCISE (duly explained within the this book) should be used whenever a decision has to be made. It's accuracy to guide someone to a positive end result is unchallenged. THE CYCLICAL EMOTIONS PERSONALITY TRAIT EXERCISE is an indepth personal synopsis that is explained in the book under "Genetic Personality Traits". This exercise takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

CNN NEWS stated: CIA confirms U.S. used "Psychic' Spies"
November 28, 1995

After twenty years, the US government intelligence and security agencies have finally admitted to using "psychic spies" to; decipher information; remote-view military establishments world-wide; interact with police and protection agencies; and to establish probable threat scenarios. Below, you'll find the most factual data supporting their endeavors.

Many have asked me over the years exactly how I started being a professional psychic and many times I had to think how everything all came about. But, when I looked at my past history, I recognized that my experiences were responsible for my attributes. I've been involved with government agencies, international police forces, terrorist agencies, corporate structures, the media and the public. Each have given me a lift into the area of anomalous phenomena. If you truly wish to learn how it all came about, you must read The Psychic Mind Stalkers.

"Psychic Discoveries Behind The Canadian Curtain" is dedicated to carrying as many reputable research documents pertaining to Anomalous Phenomena that specifically relate to; psychic capabilities; intuition and mind development; and, information on new scientific technologies to help in these research projects.

I would like to encourage any serious researcher in the above mentioned areas to submit their papers for perusal by the many people who access this site. The objective is to enlighten and educate all those who have an interest in psychic phenomena and the ultimate goal is to establish a library of exceptional and validated reviews, reports and new discoveries.

Included in this section are web sites for major conferences and colleges dedicated to psychic and spiritual growth.

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