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A message from Dan Kettler

update:   Feb. 13,  2001

Methods of defense shown here

Why is this Intelligent Life on the Net, and Sense Honesty Civility  being shown on the World Wide Web in its entirety, and sections at a time on USENET?

The pages were placed for the a number of purposes.


The lack of "intelligence" referred to in this writing  is not necessarily permanent, so people can change when they are shown what is rational, and what brings about productive and enjoyable communication.  So, this is an educational process both for the readers who are about to post, and those who have posted without sense, honesty, or civility in the past.  By seeing the examples of a lack of these attributes, and other examples of posts with them, they can receive some direction, and be helped to change their writing habits.

Many who write without sense, honesty, or civility, live their lives that way.  This educational process will be beneficial to the readers on the INTERNET, as well as to the nonsensical, dishonest, and uncivil writers both on and off the INTERNET.  Self-image improvement, as well as other psychological benefits will come about for those who had behaved without sense, honesty, or civility.



Some who post habitual conflict, lies, and nonsense, seeing their own names mentioned periodically on USENET and permanently on the World Wide Web will be induced to change their posting habits, and thus avoid this exposure from myself, or from others who will take it upon themselves to use this same deterrent.  It is for protection of NEWSGROUPS, and protection from POLLUTION of the WEB.  I did, in the past, write that I would accept petitions for removal from the pages and periodic postings.  I will no longer do so, since I've considered the long-range effect of that.

Others who pollute the INTERNET, and have not become infamous from these pages, will be induced to prevent their own repeated exposure.

An example of posting repeatedly as a deterrence is shown on this page.

Read the page about flaming, and how to do this in such a way that you do not help others with their destruction of newsgroups.


This deterrence is effective.  People who's obviously obsessive, defamatory, writing appears on my web pages have asked me, in the newsgroups, and in private e-mail, to remove the pages.   Asking me to do so, publicly, shows that the pages are effective in exposing these people.  They do not want their habits and tendencies exposed to the light of day.  Often enough, at the beginning when the web pages are first placed, people write as if my web pages are of no effect, and then later on, especially years later, they begin to feel the effects much more profoundly.  Search engines bring people to the pages requiring only the entering of the person's name.

One of the problems encountered by some obsessive people, is that long after they began their trouble-making in other newsgroups, the web pages that expose them became known, and other people in those newsgroups have pointed out the web page URLs, thus exposing the history of these fanatics.  I've received e-mail from people who became aware of my writing about people causing problems in their newsgroups, asking my advice after reading the web pages that tell of obsessive people's activities.  They were invited, by me, to cite the URL address of these people in their own newsgroups.


This material presents a deterrent to those who would write inflammatory material on THE WORLD WIDE WEB, and USENET.  They are a personal method of protection for anyone with an INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER account that provides WEB SPACE.

When posting periodically, be careful not to lose your account for "sparring."  It is possible to lose your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP) account even when you are not sparring, and are accused of such by many people who write e-mail to your ISP.  Check with your ISP before posting periodically.  Read "spam" information FAQ.  Check with the older FAQ for alt.paranormal  for references regarding "spam."  Check also this URL page about what spam is.


Usenet contains a history, in the DEJA archives.  It also contains your counter-attacks against defamatory writing.  If your counter-attack contained reference to a URL exposing a person, then that URL should be intact years later, to serve as a deterrence to those reading who might attack you with false accusations in the future, and to serve as a defense for those reading the defamatory writing about you years later.  This is especially important when others refuse to allow their posts to be archived.  There are some URL addresses you can use which are free, and which you can probably depend upon to remain intact years later.  Check out the search engines like YAHOO.  Then, I've seen your own domain advertised for $6.95 per month.  I charge as little as $5.00 per month, and there is a start-up fee.  That certainly keeps your URL permanent.  Loss of a URL address because of changing INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS, or a lost URL because of some company change can never come about if you have your own domain name, because you can move it to any server, or set up your own server (your own server is economically feasible only if you are doing business as a provider).

It is because of this protection for yourself, recognizing USENET as a historical archive, and because it serves as a deterrent, that I recommend that web pages exposing your attackers never be removed, so long as each statement of fact is correct, and written opinions of yours are obviously just unprofessional opinions.  Considering the fact that web space and domain names are so inexpensive, and will become even less expensive to maintain, I recommend that, (especially if your estate is sufficient and it produces income for those who inherit from you) include the obligation to maintain your web space after you pass from this physical existence.


Often enough, new people on the NET are not inclined to write without sense, honesty, or civility.  They are so shocked by the stupidity, the lies, and the hostility that they are discouraged from searching for postings and WEB material that is palatable.

It is helpful to know which material should be avoided, which writers, and what companies produce the garbage on the INTERNET.  It saves time, and helps to avoid "newbie burn-out" on USENET.  It saves people from the chore of finding out, and listing which people should be avoided.  It keeps people from quiting USENET and the WEB in disgust at the huge numbers of nonsensical posts..

Much of the newsreader software has "killfile" capability, so that certain writers can be eliminated from one's reading.  Even without such a feature, one can ignore posts from certain people. Forte Agent is excellent.  One can eliminate a designated subject, or a certain author even before the posting is taken into a person's computer.  On-line time is saved because posts are loaded onto the computer for reading and replying to.  With this software, one can designate the person's writing  to read, and leave all other postings out.  See the YAHOO search engine with your WEB BROWSER to find Forte Agent.

Functions of Forte Agent are explained in further detail in the SENSE HONESTY CIVILITY and INTELLIGENT LIFE ON THE NET pages.

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