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UPDATE: May 2005

By Bruce Daniel Kettler

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From: sir@srv.net (Steven Reiser)
Newsgroups: alt.paranormal
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 22:36:53 -0700
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I founded this newsgroup in the early 1990s and this charter is the
original intent of the newsgroup.  I quit posting here over the past few
years as I have no interest in discussion of proof with belong in the "sci"
newsgroups.  The intent of this newsgroup was to share experiences and
extrapolations of supporting beliefs and ideas, sharing and brainstorming.

If a newsgroup becomes a free-for-all, it loses it's focus just as if one
showed up in a school classroom where no one knows what the subject is.
The focus here is sharing and comparing experiences to learn what common
threads they have with an open mind.

Please take discussions of proof to sci.skeptic without crossposts to

Also, Ifind defending positions with skeptics is not an interesting
expenditure of my time and energy and is a primary reason I quit posting to
this newsgroup.


Charter for alt.paranormal

1. Regular posters who have an interest in, and find value in the
paranormal, for the most part, do not feel obligated to justify their
interests in,  or their activities with, the paranormal, whether they are
engaged in it only for personal interest, or for material gain as well.

2.   alt.paranormal is not  intended as a forum for disbelievers to harass,
or voice their contempt for, paranormalists.  This charter strictly forbids
such activity.

3.   alt.paranormal is not for people to harass paranormalists about their
beliefs and  demand of them scientific proof. Groups discussing the
scientific validity of theories are either prefixed with "sci" or they have
some other designation.

      The alt.paranormal newsgroup:

           1. is to exchange information about experiences
              amongst those interested in the paranormal.

           2. is to exchange opinions and ideas about the
              paranormal amongst those who find value it it.

           3. is to provide spiritual guidance and other advice
              or psychically perceived data to those who
              seek it publicly, or privately if they
              express that desire, with no legal responsibility
              for how the person uses or misues that

           4. is to provide text information and references to
              WEB SITES, as well as books, which contain
              information about the paranormal, or about
              scientific research with the paranormal.

           5. is to provide references for those who doubt
              that there is such a thing as the paranormal,
              so they may investigate for themselves, and
              perhaps debate the research findings in other
              appropriate newsgroups.

           6. is to provide a forum to announce debates in
              other appropriate newsgroups, so people may
              discuss issues of whether there is such a
              thing as the paranormal, or whether it is
              necessarily satanic in origin, in those other


Link to other writing, and data, about Steve Reiser.

A number of FAQs have been placed for the newsgroup, alt.paranormal.

This is the text of the FAQ of alt.paranormal revised in 2001.  There may be another FAQ for alt.paranormal produced by the group of regular proponents of the paranormal whom I've listed , or other members.  In 1998,  the group's plan was in progress to have alt.paranormal moderated, so that postings would be examined before placement.  That would necessitate a change in the wording of the FAQ.  Other changes may bring about a new FAQ from the group who's names appear, or other unnamed members.

To locate the FAQ, authored by myself after extensive discussion in alt.paranormal, use DEJANEWS, and look for the posting of May 23, 1998 in the newsgroup news.answers.

Using the search function, find this under "subject":


For a revision of the above, see the May 24, 1998 posting in alt.paranormal in 6 parts:

                                              FAQ CHARTER alt.paranormal

For a revision of part 12, see the May 31, 1998 posting titled:

                                              FAQ CHARTER revised section 12

For discussion of the FAQ, search for the word " FAQ " in the subject area.

To date, May 31, 1998, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only proponent of the paranormal who has posted a FAQ and CHARTER for alt.paranormal.

After the above date, you may find other such documents placed for the newsgroup, by  proponents of the paranormal.  This page will probably not be updated about what FAQs have been placed.

Other FAQs, and supposed "charters" have been placed by pseudo-skeptics.

What is a pseudo-skeptic?

See this page, or access it in the future by typing "skeptics what they do and why"
in YAHOO to find out what a "pseudo-skeptic" is.

How to Access FAQs and Charters

To access FAQs, and written charters of newsgroups, access DEJANEWS.
In "subject" place "faq" or "faqs" (without quotes).
In the "forum" area place the newsgroup name, ie "alt.paranormal"

You will also find discussion about the wording of these documents through DEJA.

Another source is here.

You will find FAQs in the newsgroup news.answers.

You will find FAQs by accessing the "Search Engines" such as Yahoo and Infoseek.

Charters are found in the writing, placed at the inception of a newsgroup in the newsgroup alt.config, though they are not confined to that method, or timing, by any ruling.

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