The Usenet "newsgroup" environment, UFO research,
astrology, psychic phenomena and New Age Philosophy.

"Skeptics" - their activities on and off the NET

By Bruce Kettler (note that there have been impersonations of Dan Kettler on usenet)

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Certain factions have made it nearly impossible to use the newsgroups for
discussion of the paranormal, UFO research, astrology, mysticism and New Age Ideas

For postings found on linked pages which are noted as having DEJA links, go to  and enter the "From:" address in the space designated author.   Also, enter one of the newsgroups shown in the message header.  Then, look for the correct message.  has refined their search procedure to include "message ID's."

acquired the archives of  DEJA, and have restored user access to the archives for quite a few years.  For more information, click here.


What is     Net Censorship and Terrorism?
How to Reclaim Newsgroups
So-called "Skeptics" What they do and Why
FAQ about Chaos in Newsgroups

The Art of flaming Who's Who in alt.paranormal?
Heaven's Gate -- mirror of their site
Is there Intelligent Life on the Net?
  What's a fanatic? "Skepticult"organization 
The Frequently Asked Questions of the alt.paranormal newsgroup
alt so-called "fan" artbell Newsgroup--

Freedom of Speech on the Net?  What is spam?
Do hate cults permeate the Net? 


Edmond H. Wollmann, helps expose fanatics. Others liberating newsgroups have been Steve Reiser founder of alt.paranormal, Flagship1, and the late Earl Gordon Curley. Brian Zeiler contributed for UFO Research. 


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AFA Astrologer Edmond H. Wollmann had pages about propaganda on the Internet -- censoring, ISP letters, information on offenders, and legal tactics


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The Evidence for the existence of PSI is well documented
Replies to deceptive propaganda in alt.paranormal
The tits page
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