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Update May 2000      --- includes info about "rebirthing" therapy and death
                                       of a 10 year old girl

Internet Service Providers...

Do you see how these fanatics have been using Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as pawns in their game of control on Usenet?

Read about phony Charters for newsgroups.


Why is "who's who" so important?



DENVER (Reuters) - Police Thursday arrested three people for conducting a
controversial "rebirthing" therapy on a 10-year-old girl who died after being
wrapped in a blanket despite telling them she could not breathe and was going to die.
Del Robert Mulroy, proven habitual liar wrote this comment in the alt.paranormal newsgroup:
When I am asked why the skeptics are so vile in their attempts to show
people of new age, psychic, or paranormal phenomena
that the subjects are flawed, I simply point to stories like this.
This isolated incident, a death caused by the misguided fanaticsm of believers in the paranormal and New Age ideas supposedly
justifies the control-freak behavior, censorship and terrorism of PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (PSF).  I find that assertion
ridiculous.  When you read the pages of proven lies, and exposure of this Mulroy character, you will see how such distortion can
come from a mind that is so filled with delusion.

The simple, and obvious, fact is that the newspapers, TV, and other media did an adequate job of exposing the fanaticsm of
the rebirthers without help from PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS.  It's also quite obvious that law enforcement will be
vigilant, due to this incident, so they may prevent other deaths.  PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS contribute very little to
avoid problems with believers in the paranormal who are cultists, their suicides, and other problems from such fanatics or
actual charlatans/frauds.  The PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS, because of their distorted view of reality, treat all
paranormalists/astrologers (who earn money from such a profession) as if they were frauds.

The PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS, (PSF) in their misguided zeal just use these unfortunate incidents of misguided
paranormal fanaticism as excuses for their own sick fanatical behavior.

The harm from such a death is, indeed, a tragedy.  However, it is isolated.  It is not every day that people physically die
due to some fanatical act of a believer in New Age ideas.  While it is true that some New Age ideas, when distorted,
cause psychological harm to certain individuals,  the high majority of PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATIC cause more harm
through their FANATICSM AND DECEIT, than an equal proportion of New Agers do.  Most New Agers are helpful,
and only a few hurt people psychologically.  The newspapers, obviously, do not make such a big issue about what help
New Age ideas, holisitic medicine, etc. are.

There are many, many more New Agers on this earth than PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (PSF).  Skeptical
people are not counted in this equation.  Skepticism, without the fanaticism and dogma, is just a point of

On the INTERNET, each PSF ( because of extreme fanaticsm) spends enormous numbers of hours publicly degrading
proponents of the paranormal, Astrology, New Age ideas, and UFO research.  There are no initiated attacks on so-called
"skeptics" from those they attack.  Most attacks I see is a defense for the free use of the newsgroups, and to defend
themselves from the PSF lies and other verbal attacks.

It is the same in the TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers, and other media.  The PSF fanatics go to extremes attacking
proponents, while few remarks from the other side are for anything other than defense.

In this comment on an event, the focus is placed upon physcial death.  What about the death of the living?  What about
death of the spirit?  The free soul is freed at physical death.  The physically alive but spiritually dead soul, bound to this
physical life, is bound in chains.  What about people who's once free minds have been put to death because of false
indoctrination, brainwashing, or intimidation at an early age so that they cannot think for themselves?  This is what

The fanaticsm, control, and deceit of PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS is not isolated, or seldom.  It is constant.


What is a Pseudo-Skeptic Fanatic?

What is it about them that causes me to use the word, "fanatic"?

Where does "pseudo" fit in?

A fanatic is, to me, anyone who goes outside their own, normal, sphere of interests into that of others, and expresses fanatical (verbal or other) opposition to the harmless activities of those others.

As one example, the extremely religious who think that those who do not believe as they do are somehow "wrong."  So, they go door-to-door to find these "unbelievers" and convince them of the supposed "error" of their ways.

Then there are those who fanatically oppose the activity of normal discussion of Astrology and other aspects of the Paranormal  in newsgroups of those designations.  They do not, as a habit, publicly disagree with whether the subjects are valid, but prefer to focus on the persons who do advocate them as valid.

When prominent advocates are posting, such as myself, Edmond Wollmann, and Raymond Karczewski, they focus on us.  When we are not posting, they focus more on others posting as advocates.

This took place long before Edmond Wollmann and I started activity on the net.  Before we were on the net, advocates like Brian Zeiler, Earl Curley, and Steve Reiser (founder of alt.paranormal) were exposing them.

Examples of the descriptions of this fanaticism, by advocates of the paranormal, are here...


"Pseudo" is simply a term for people who call themselves "skeptics."  A skeptic questions the beliefs of others.  Normally, pseudo-skeptics do not question, but rather FANATICALLY CONDEMN, the idea that such things as the PARANORMAL exist or that ASTROLOGY is valid, and they FANATICALY CONDEMN the advocates, themselves, with lies.

This is what they do, both ON AND OFF THE NET.

Censorship, and attempted censorship, is part of their agenda, and I have PROVEN that fact, quoting their many statements.

        CENSORSHIP IS THEIR GAME off the Net!


        CENSORSHIP on the Net -- Usenet...


This fanatical activity takes place both ON AND OFF THE NET.  If you look to the takstock.html URL reference, and the links from it, you may note the activities of a group called "CSICOP."  At that URL, I have a link to a CSICOP site, in which I quote the following...

     ...marketing of fringe science and pseudo
     science, CSICOP is asking friends and
     supporters to help it acquire common stock
     in media conglomerate companies.

They don't like paranormal documentaries on TV.

I also quoted Brian Zeiler's exposing of CSICOP's SKEPTICAL INQUIRER Magazine writing something about believers having a supposed "thought disorder."

This is public writing, and it is obvious FANATICISM.  Link to the above and you will see "award" examples, such as the one given to Art Bell, famous paranormal talk show host. Note the similarity between that award and the BOGUS "kotm," or "kook of the month" for USENET.

It's all defamation, and that is one of the deceitful methods of propaganda that these people use.

If you look at the activites on the net, you may not always see reference to CSICOP, but you will see censorship activities and examples are given here...


If you want to see an overview of this censorship activity, on the net look to...

        FAQ OF NEWSGROUP CHAOS at http://www.psicounsel.com/faqchaos.html


         NET CENSORSHIP AND TERRORISM at http://www.psicounsel.com/discsens.html

At one time, their biggest push was attempted prevention of REPOSTING OF ARTICLES THAT ARE ON-TOPIC.  They will go to
many extremes to accomplish this.  They attempt to publicly convey the false idea that I have lost many accounts because of reposting,
and thus they hope to intimidate others reading their posts.  Their false propaganda is that REPOSTING, itself, is supposedly against
USENET and Internet Service Providers rules.

Through writing to my ISP and DEJANEWS, (as well as in "net abuse" newsgroups) they have revealed themselves as liars, citing
phony "spam" counts, bogus methods of calculating "spam," etc.  My ISP commented to me that the accusation of my supposed
"spam" was not of "spam," at all.  A complete report of this activity, with documented evidence, is on or linked from this page.

They have been attempting to intimidate the readers, so they do not repost.

There are the phony "CHARTERS," such as for alt.astrology.metapsych, which they attempt to convince INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS are the real CHARTERS.

See the following for the truth of what they do, in their attempted CONTROL TACTICS, with "charters" and FAQS...


For INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS, see this about phony charters...


In the above, I pose this question for ISPs...

    Suppose two factions are posting in a newsgroup.
    One complains about the activities of the other
    group to Internet Service Providers (ISPs),
    stating that the charter and FAQ forbid certain
    activity.  The other claims their FAQ and Charter
    are the correct one's.

While giving an example of attempted control of a newsgroup through a phony "charter," I show plausable
answers to the above dilemma of Internet Service Providers at the above referenced URL page.


        All about the newsgroups, and how they pertain
        to UFO research, discussion about astrology,
        the paranormal, and New Age Spirituality, at...