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Real News via Telephone

Obama? See video below by clicking twice at the center knob at the bottom left.


End Time Prophecy Information as it relates to recent news

David J. Smith -- Newswatch Magazine

End Time Prophecies

True News

The Power of Prophecy

Overcomer Ministry

True News Today

South West Radio Church Ministries

Prophecy News

Jerusalem Temple Mount

Watch America

Christian Media Network

America's Last Days -- David Eells

Raiders News Update

USA Prophet

The Prophetic Watch

Basic Christian Teaching/Preaching Ministries

Pastor Peter J. Peters

Zeph Daniel

Family Radio

Beit Shalom Ministries

News of Church Activity - mostly bad news

News of Church Activity - mostly bad news

Michael Rood examines something quite unusual in Solomon's Temple

Trumpet Ministries

Spiral of Life

How to break your church free of U.S. Government

Deliverance Ministry - from Satan's Power

World Ministries

Be free of Ritual Abuse

Lunar Sabbath

Lunar Sabbath

Fundamental Broadcasting Network

Yahweh Center

Sermon and Song

World Ministries

Words of Hope

Word for the World

World Harvest Radio

Sword of the Lord

Thomas Robb Ministries

For those who think the Bible is unscientific

Truth House

Walking in Power

Learn about Biblical Creation, and what proves it true

The Berean Call

Apostacy Alert

Calvary Baptist Church NYC

The Berean Chronicles

Shatter the Darkness -- get rid of satanic influence

Kingdom Identity Ministries

Repent America

Order hymnal and CD piano music to match

Noah's Ark - Today's Evidence

K House

Are these the original Manuscript of the Gospels?

Bible Flow Chart

Is this genetic tracing of New World Order players valid?

Call to Decision

Tony Alamo

Gene Scott

Chuck Baldwin

Way of Truth

With One Accord

Do You Love Jesus?

Artisian Publishers

Way of Truth

Pacific Garden Missions

Remnant of Yahweh

Robbie Zacharias International Ministries

God's Kingdom Ministries

These people in N.Y. have SOLD OUT FOR JESUS!

Preparation with Stored Food, portable water filters, guns, portable powered radios, seeds, portable solar panels, first aid kits, backpacks, tents, best priced sleeping bags, etc.


The Official Urban and Wilderness Survival Guide by Robert Pelton


Sprout Man

MV Seeds

Hemp for food

Wheat Grass Kits

Energy Food to mix with juice or water

Gun Kits - no paper trail

Sportsmans Guide

Ready Reserve Foods

Freeze Dried Foods

Meals Ready to Eat Wholesalers

E Foods Direct

Frontline Flu Defense Kit

Doctor Lorainne Day

Food Supplies in Nitrogen packed tins


Berkey Water

Grow Your Own food

Excellent Nutrition, grow indoors

Ready Made Resources

Steve Quayle

Free Information to download about nuclear fallout shelters


Edwin Black

War Against the Weak

Race Specific Bio Weapons

Mind Control

Dr. Nick Begitch

Mind Control In America -- TV, Radio, Music

Mind Justice

Brain Washed America

Educate Yourself

Income Tax Related Information

William Conklin

Peymon Mottadedeh

Lost Horizons

Steve Hempfling

Joe Bannister

Tommy Cryer

Legal Information

Citizens Committee for the right to keep and bear arms

Oregon group - they eliminate fraudulent tax liens

Save Your County From Tyranny

Juris Informatics

Public Vehicular Travel

"Justice" ? My Ass!

America In Distress

Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Institute For The Constitution

Irwin Schiff says "PAY NO INCOME TAXES".

Law in progress in N.H. to make it a felony for officials to confiscate guns

Paragon Foundation

"Sustainable Development" infringement on Land Owner Rights

Secret codes on military DD-214 form

Juris Dictionary - pleading proof and procedure information

Juris Imprudence

Legislators Against Real ID

Redress of Grievances

Citizens of the American Constitution

New Hampshire gets rid of ID

Fully Informed Jury Association

Fight Child "protective" Services


Bill Of Rights Defense Committee

Citizens of the American Constitution

Take Back our Rights

People's Rights Association

Pat Kiley financial information

Armed and Secure

Repeal the Patriot Act

Do you want your animals forcefully chipped?

Farmers Advocates Liberty Ark

Book: The Farmers Field Guide to NAIS

Farm And Ranch Freedom -- against NAIS

Judges Above the Law

Long House Coalition -- trouble becoming write-in candidate?

Treachery and Treason by the U.S. Government -- U.S.S. Liberty

Excellent Legal Advice

Stop Excess Control of Children by the State

Weapons of Mass Destruction

High Ranking U.S. Military fighting for freedom from U.S. Govt. tyranny -- and dying for it

Fighting for the right to have vitamins and other health related items

Freedom Radio

American Border Patrol

So, you thought voting always counted. Guess again. Many elections are fixed.

Black Box Voting ORG

Hacked Elections

List showing where vote fixed

People who worked with Ron Paul vote, with affidavits to prove vote

Vote Rescue

Gun Owners of America

Reverend Pike reveals "hate crime" laws

Petition For Peace

Spy Chips and the implantable microchip

Patriot Network

Freedom Law School

Forced drugging of children by Government "authorities"

Is Vermont Freeing itself from NWO Control?

Military mistreatment of U.S. troops

Sheriffs, you have legal sovereignty and power. Exercise it.

Police and Military Against the New World Order - Video

Constitution Party

West Point Graduates -- war in Iraq is illegal

North Carolina Republic

Alfred Adask

Farmers Branch Texas taking action against ILLEGAL ALIENS

Liberty Dollar

Joe Bannister former IRS agent beat the IRS in court


New World Order (NWO) and other related information / News

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Synthetic Terror

"Global Research" in Canada

USA Tomorrow

Global Warming

Global Warming

Global Warming

Junk Science

Fire Congress

Amercian Free Press

Barry Chamish, Jewish man living in Israel, knows all about the NWO

Radio Liberty

Jack Blood

Cutting Through The Matrix

First Amendment Radio


Benjamin Fulford

Minuteman Project

Richard C Cook

Project Censored

World Affairs Brief

Messianic Believer living in Israel

What's happening with the Temple Mount in Israel?

American in Distress

False Flag News - practice drills

Free Press Net

The Power Hour

Nick Begich's research on Mind Control

Idaho Observer

John Kaminski

The International Forecaster

Arctic Beacon

American Expose

Tom Flocco

John Moore - The Liberty Man

News With Views

Alan Watt NWO info

No More Fake News

Downsize DC -- info on tyrannical legislation

What Really Happened

Free American

Cutting Edge




Lone Lantern - meet other patriots in your area

Toronto Real Estate

V For Vendetta -- movie -- activism

Got Cancer?

Videotape Police committing crimes

Northern Voice Bookstore

What a Cruel Hoax against men and women - feminism

Prosecute George Bush

Patriot Music

War Crime charges against Bush

Revisionism Discovered

William Engdahl

Mark Koernke

Right to Redress

Spiral of Life

Heaven Scent Oils

Drug Awareness

Taking pills to feel better

People kill themselves when doctors give certain drugs

Reverse Speech examination of Political Figures

Magnetic Therapy and others

Bob Bowman on tour

Got Cancer?

Ron Paul for President of the United States of America

Anti New World Order Music

Book about prisoners taken out of U.S.

Children being taken by the State

Children being taken by the State

Ted Gundersen knows how sex slaves were controlled

What a REAL farm is supposed to be

Genetically Modified Food Dangers

Raiders News Network

New Book on Genetically Modified Foods - well documented

Research Herbs

Documented book about transporting U.S. Citizens out of country for torture

Stop the North American Union

Ted Gunderson

Dr. Breeding wants to end shock punisment of children in the U.S.

Eat Safe - Eat Smart -- buy good foods online

MOVIE: Freedom to Fascism

MOVIE: One Nation Under Siege

People picked up - taken away - no good reason

The Resistance Manifesto

Mark Koernke

Mass Resistance

Take Back Washington

When curing becomes a crime -- HOXIE CANCER CURE

Military Families Speak Out

The Persecution of Revisionists

Dumbing down people with "education"

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Children

Dr. Nick Begich on Mind Control

What "BRAIN FOG" is and how to avoid it

Fluoride Alert

All Jacked Up - MOVIE

NSA Whistleblower

Child Sex Slavery

Get Honest Voting

Revere Radio

Al Cuppet

Dennis Kyne

Crops Grow Faster with Music

Find Organic fruits and vegetables in your area

Scholars for 911 Truth -- sign petition

Journal of 9-11 Studies - Professor Stephen E. Jones

Documentary motion picture - 9-11 mysteries

Reopen Inquiry Into 9-11 Volunteer your services

Colorado 9-11 organization

911 truth organization

NY 911 organization

NY 911 organization

"Loose Change" video on 911

Rico Suit regarding 9-11

911 Eyewitness movie from Hoboken NJ

911 Truth

Architects and Enginners for 911 truth

Debunking the debunker Popular Mechanics

Comprehensive Vaccination info - protect your family

News Archive about Vaccines - latest info

Childhood Shots

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Vaccinations? Are you sure you want one? They are often dangerous!

Vaccination information

Chemical trails in the sky -- "chemtrails"

Do You Have Cancer?

How to be an activist -- from Carol Berlet

Bob Bowman -- ran for congress in Fla.

Focus On Israel

Dr. Breggin is against psychotic drugs overuse

Forced Drugging of Children

RFID Developer

Cell Phone Danger

A method of sterilization, slow genocide, and reduction of IQ

Working Hard, since 1988, to save the remnant

How many illegal aliens in the U.S.?

With One Accord

Kick them all out!

Got Cancer?

Expendable Elite

Rifle Warrior

Uranium Medical Research Center -- Vets, if you are sick look into this

Jews Against Zionism

Stay up-to-date on expanding flu pandemic

Genetically Modified Foods Information

Alternative Power Video

Earthquake and other Information

Doctor Willliam Deagel, MD - flu information and predictions

Powder Burns

Rebroadcast on FM


Radio Free Austin

Free Radio

Ramsey Electronics

Rocky Mountain Radio

Quasar Electronics

Making Waves Video

Radio For All

Radio Indy Media

N R G Kits

Weather Control

Weather Control, etc.-- Richard Hoagland

Weather Control - Scientist James Mccanney

Weather Control - Crown Weather

Weather Control - Weather Wars

Weather Control - Jerry E. Smith

Click here for much Information about The New World Order (NWO) and their MIND CONTROL methods.
"There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an elite group of genetically related individuals which include many of the very wealthy, politically powerful, and corporate elite of the world, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Events are moving at a frightening pace toward the total implementation of that agenda which includes utilizing mass Mind Control of an unprecendended scale and scope.You need to inform yourself of this diabolical scheme and take steps to thwart their agenda. Their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world's population by 5.5 Billion people."
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