Here's the first thing to do. It's the easiest. Make copies. Give them to friends. Give them out everywhere. There is an effective single page.  You can print copies, and give them away to strangers on the street. Be sure you tell them how to contact you, and get organized in your area.

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            Some ask, "what can I do about The New World Order"?

                                   Well, there's much that can be done.  It's not necessary to do all that is listed here. See what fits you,
                                    and give it all you've got.  Pick one or two items from the 11 listed below.  There are other methods
                                    not listed here.

At some point in time, it may be that political options are no longer practical to pursue.  This is not a plea to yield to fear.  We should never be overcome by fear, but if the political system we've known no longer
exists as we once knew it, there will then be no political options, but there are other options.

By "no political options," I mean:

...when there is no legitimate voting, and no possible recourse to correct it..

...when the courts are so corrupted that we are powerless before all of them.

...when the MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT is fully implemented with widespread arrests of innocent Americans, and HATE CRIME LAWS are passed and implemented through the entire U.S.

...when all demonstrations in the streets are illegal, and laws against them are always enforced..


If this web page (multiple printed pages) was printed for you, you can find it on-line and access the linked pages at...


For the latest documented and reliable news, go to   Other news can be obtained from sites at the links page.  Not every word on the Internet is true, however.

                     What can you do to prepare and attempt to
                     affect change while some freedom remains?


1.   Make copies of all the writing on this web page or another page, and add information about how people can contact you.

There is an effective single page.  You can print copies, and give them away to strangers on the street.
That same effective single
page.  referenced above
is printed on this site, with
links to sources
of documentation.
2.   Make copies of video documentaries you buy from and others.  Distribute.
Look at this page for exact details about how to make copies of videos.

Get copies of  this audio out to police and military.  Download the latest REAL PLAYER (a trademark name) if you have problems understanding the technicalities of making CD DISC copies.  Be sure you make "audio CD" copies, not MP3.  That way people can play on any CD player.

Place your written contact information with the video copies.  Give copies to your local Sheriff.


All Sheriffs should receive news updates, interesting information pertaining to their profession.  Along with that some will know things about their powers and responsibilities they never knew before.  They will know why serving tyrants does not pay, even for their own well being.

Make it interesting, and intriguing, and don't send to any one Sheriff too often.

Until you obtain your own website, tell them to go to the following website.


Above is the same as    click at  "to police and military"

Fax this information to all sheriffs, all over the U.S., starting in your county, and your State.

It's a lot easier than it first sounds..

First, pay $13.00 to METROFAX.  For that you send 1000 single page faxes.

No, 1000 faxes is very fast.  It seems time consuming.

I'll explain how.  No, you don't need a fax machine.  Just a computer that sends e-mail via the internet.

How do you get fax numbers of sheriffs?  Very simple.  Download them from here.

Ideas for newsletters?  You can copy this exactly, or change them, if you wish.

sample 1            PDF
sample 2            PDF

Okay, that's it.  Now, do you know how to copy and paste fax numbers into your e-mail?

No?  Find out.  Ask someone.  You can be sending out 1000 faxes in a matter of a few minutes.

3.   E-Mail Web addresses to everyone you know on the internet:


4.  Write letters to Congressmen and Senators

     A. It's important be more aware of the issues of freedom vs slavery,
          and care much less about party politics.  New legislation
          is constantly being introduced that contradicts the U.S. Constitution.
          It's important that people write letters to congress and the senate,
          protesting these actions before they are voted upon.  Records of
          these letters should be accumulated by a central agency, along
          with proofs that the letters were mailed, so these public servants
          will be held accountable for violating their oath of office, and
          ignoring the public will.

    B. Starting about February 2009, THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE is
         State and County Sovereignty.  That may change.  Find out more, and
         what you can do, on this page.

5.  Support Groups

 A.   Lone Lantern is a Truth Support Group.  Find and meet
      with like-minded people in your area.  Work with others, share
      information about your experiences, make suggestions, and
      organize video showings, distribute fliers together, etc.

 B.    We Are Change, based in New York City, has chapters all over the world.

6.   Get active in local politics.  Be a leader.  Run for office. Start a micro FM radio station.
      Write letters to the editor.  Place classified ads. Stop VOTE FRAUD.

      See this page for more information.

There actually was a worthy candidate for President of the
United States.  Because of media manipulation and vote
fraud, he didn't make it.  However, he did wake up many
to the truth, and Congressman Ron Paul is continuing with a
CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY.  Go to his web site.
Find out what you can do as an involved citizen in
this campaign.

Hear the interview with Greg Pound, who had 4 children stolen from him and his wife, on the Alex Jones radio show

Download the mp3 file referenced above.  Convert it to an audio disc.  Give a copy to every woman you see with small children.

7.   Fill out the petition at Volunteer your services.*****

      In my opinion, this is the most important issue. The Iraq war, and the Police State in the U.S. are
      considered excusable because of  9-11.   When, in a legal sense,  9-11 is proven
      to be a fraud, then all the other parts of the "house of cards" fall.

8.  Assemble with others who have awakened.  Exchange information
     about political events, and law breaking by those in "authority" in your area.

     Remember, left or right, democrat or republican, are not important these days.
     It's important be aware of the issues of freedom vs slavery.

     Show Videos, and get petitions signed inside the group.*****
     Start an Institute of the Constitution in your area.

     Discuss how to disseminate information, and get petitions signed
     by others outside your group.  Organize.

9.    Call Talk Show Hosts and get your voice on the air.  Call those who are inclined to agree, and those who are hostile to
       what you have to say.  Remember, many of them are "media whores" who sell themselves as mouthpieces to the highest
       bidder and don't care about the truth, or what is best for humanity.  If constantly interrupted,  so you can hardly finish a
       sentence, say ""  I was on a talk show, and the host said to the guest who believed that 9-11 was an inside job,
       that hardly anyone else believes 9-11 was an inside job.  The host berated him, made fun of him, and said
       he had to take his "meds."  He said only one other person, as far as he knew, believed it. (Was that Alex Jones?)
       After that, many callers disagreed with the host.  One criticized his treatment of the guest.  My turn came up and I
       told him he'd stuck his foot in his mouth because his own regular audience disagreed with him.  Others challenged
       him to put Alex Jones on as a guest, to which he showed himself as very much afraid.  You can beat the
       hostile hosts, and get your point across.  Have many hosts to call, so the rotation makes it so you are not
       calling any one show too often.  When screened, sometimes it's not best to reveal too much.  Use
       Guerilla tactics. Call when a certain talk show comes in a rotation, and dial *67 before the rest of the
       number once you become known.  That defeats their caller ID.  Remember, say  "" as
       often as feasible, and when the host says, "What's on that site isn't proof,"  say,  "The contents are
       referenced to verifiable documentation."  On the air, use only a site that does not require spelling
       it out, like ""

There is one problem that you can not overcome.  When talk shows have a 30 second delay,
they can wipe out anything you say.

10. Plan to evacuate to a wilderness area if it becomes necessary.  This can be if your area, or the entire country,
      is declared under martial law, or becomes so without official declaration.  If you are in the middle
      of a large city, it will be very difficult to leave on short notice without being stopped by "authorities."

     Bury food and other supplies in the wilderness areas you will be going to, but be sure food is sealed
     so animals do not smell it and dig it up.

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