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A one hour video about this conspiracy, from Max Igan, is available by clicking here.  It's free.

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There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an elite group of genetically related individuals which include many of the very wealthy, politically powerful, and corporate elite of the world, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility [nothing to do with the color of one's skin] of Europe whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda.  Events are moving at a frightening pace toward the total implementation of that agenda which includes utilizing mass Mind Control of an unprecendended scale and scope. You need to inform yourself of this diabolical scheme and take steps to thwart their agenda. Their intention is to affect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world's population by 5.5 Billion people.
These people call themselves rulers of some imaginary "New World Order."  They are in the process of attempting to bring it about.  However, their success depends upon them succeeding to get many of the people to conflict with one another, ie: soldiers, police, and judicial system against innocent citizens.  They cannot get enough to cooperate, and the establishment they produced will turn on them soon.

The link above shows a copy of the text beginning at this site.  We do not expect you to believe what you read there, just because someone wrote it.  Stated facts can be researched, to be sure they are true.  If you do not know how to do research, ask a competent librarian.  Books quoted from can be inter-library loaned, or text of certain books can be found online through your library subscribed services.   Newspaper, and other media, archives can be accessed.  Google and Yahoo are two search engines you can make use of.

Click here for information about the North American Union

More about the New World Order, from a biblical perspective, at this site.

Link here to an August 27, 2009 article by Stephanie R. Pasco THE MOVE TO DEPOPULATE THE PLANET

More Information About the NWO at this site. It is the site of WE ARE CHANGE HUERFANO COUNTY COLORADO.

The first thing you should do, if you are new to information about the New World Order, and especially if you are in the United States of America, is to view this video now online, for free.  It was produced by a prominent Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo.  It's America - freedom to fascism.  It is well documented, and you can check on the sources of information shown in the video.  It will tell you how the United States was gradually overtaken, by what method, and who the principal players in this takeover are.  The video shows the major events from the year 1913, and then following.

See this YOU TUBE VIDEO free now, online, "America from Freedom to Fascism"

See this YOU TUBE VIDEO free now, online, Iron Mountain - Blueprint for Tyranny

The IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT was leaked to the press in 1967.

This report looks deep into the soul of the New World Order.

Real News via Telephone


Get an overview of how the Globalists Eugenics Program is working today.

Look at "The Plagues brought to Mankind."

You will be shocked to see how many methods are being used, today, to reduce the population of the planet.  These methods are utilized as "soft kill" because they do not want their program to become evident to too many people at this stage of their game.

Later they plan to kill off the Human Population rapidly, and will not be hiding anything.

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The New World Order is definately a conspiracy.  This chronology shows a major portion of the development of the NWO.

Here is an audio of an interview with New World Order expert Alan Watt August 2, 2007.  In this audio, conversation was about how minds are manipulated through the media, and by other means.  In this shorter audio, much is said by Alan Watt about the youth, and how they are manipulated.

Alex Jones spoke at the NWO Bilderberg Conference June 10, 2006.

Skull and Bones - The Bush, Hitler, Illuminatti, and Brotherhood of Death, connection

This section is written for a world-wide audience because the design of NWO leaders is manifesting all over the World.  As one example, the Anti-Christ spirit, with government persecution of faithful followers of the Messiah, (aka "Jesus") has recently shown itself in the governments of the UK, the US, Australia, and elsewhere -- in areas that had never before singled out Christians for persecution.

The New World Order is soaked in spiritual evil. Their design for most of humanity is slavery and death. Through a variety of secret societies, many of them worship Satan ("The Devil" "Lucifer")  Adolph Hitler was a member of a secret society that is closely akin to the one's that NWO leaders, today, are part of.  Death and slavery for the vast majority of people is what they strive for and proudly proclaim.  It's "THE ORDER OF DEATH."  To them, the world is overpopulated.

In this and the next three paragraphs we primarily address United States Citizens.  Further on, you'll read information that applies to the world wide audience.

Since 1933 Americans have been pledged for the debt of the UNITED STATES owed to international bankers, most of whom are foreign to their country. This is legal until they take back implied consent by a special, lawful, process.  "...[Most] are unknowingly volunteering to be chattel."  See this link for more detail.

In the U.S. elections are rigged.  The courts are corrupted.  Police and military are illegally merging, and they are brutalizing the population more than they ever have before.

The U.S.-Mexican border is wide open -- by design of NWO leaders.  U.S. trained troops of Mexican origin are invading the U.S, killing, and raping large numbers of people in the U.S.  The government controlled national media in the U.S. ignores this.  People who own property in the southern region of the U.S. are fleeing for their lives and abandoning their homes.  That's just one of many examples of the NEW WORLD ORDER CULT OF DEATH at work.

The countries that cannot be overtaken by treason from within are brought under the rulership of the New World Order through military power. As one example, US Federal government forces, under the New World Order, are capturing territory.

World wars I and II were engineered by the New World Order. Then came the United Nations -- supposedly to save the world from war.  World war III was planned long before the first 2 world wars came about.  The plan, as prophesied, is to create a need in the minds of many for a person -- the "Anti Christ" -- to sustain peace and plenty. Many will believe he is the returning Messiah. They will worship him because they are deceived.

If one serves the NWO as a soldier or policeperson, they are expendable to the NWO leaders.  NWO leaders do not value human life.  Many NWO controlled soldiers are dying of radiation poisoning induced from their own side. The mainstream media ignores it.

The freedoms once guaranteed for citizens of certain countries are now being denied. The tyranny is increasing.  Governments point to "terrorist attacks" as an excuse for brutalizing their populations. The governments, themselves, are often enough the real terrorists who create the attacks.

Collectively, the people of the Earth have brought all of this upon themselves by getting lazy and decadent, and denying the facts that were right in front of them.

There are a variety of links that will provide you with more, in-depth, information and documented evidence about the New World Order.  We've only scratched the surface of this subject.