Maurice Strong
Maurice Strong is a major player in the manmade global warming, population explosion, myth.  In former Governor Jesse Ventura's TRU-TV series, last year, he exposed Strong as the core of the movement.  There is a great deal of activity of Strong's making in Baca County Colorado, just east of Huerfano County where the webmaster of this web site lives.  Strong created the Manitou Foundation, a New Age institution located at the Baca ranch, in Baca County Colorado.

Maurice Strong has declared his desire to empower the U.N. as the global authority to manage a new era of global governance.

Spreading the - proven absolutely to be false - idea of a supposed too many people on the earth (that makes it dangerous to life) is part of the NWO agenda, and it aids them in reducing the world's population.  Ultimately, their plan is to have no more than 20 percent of the world's population remaining.