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Huerfano Journal May 5, 2011

The headline in the Pueblo Chieftan May 2 reads "Bin Laden dead," and I said, (sarcastically) "really"? He's been dead for years. Reading the lying words of the article, I'm amazed at how far the government went this time with their propaganda, and I wonder if this is a sign of a staged terror attack to come.

The facts are clear, and proven. Bin Laden was a CIA asset, and was never wanted by the FBI for the 9-11 crime. He was tried and convicted by the media. No less than 1300 architects and engineers have affirmed that the official story of two buildings in NYC collapsing into their own foodprints because of airplane impact and/ or fuel fire, has been scientifically proven to be impossible. The story is a fraud.

I'm amazed as I hear gullible shoppers in stores commenting on this as if the fiction were true, and as if we still live in a free country with a free press.

Bruce Kettler
We Are Change

Huerfano World      December 11, 2009

In April, we began our alert to the people of Huerfano County about a dangerous flu. Now, reports of an extremely deadly flu in Ukraine are like a raging storm seen in the distance. Recently, in Iowa people had the same flu symptoms. Are the dark storm clouds headed in our direction?

Attempts to persuade Americans to submit to injections came via the media, and many disbelieve the propaganda. I don't buy it either.

Control-freak “leaders” started to forcefully vaccinate many Europeans, and that failed. In Massachusetts similar corrupt politicians planned the same, but it’s not been implemented. Legal papers are being wielded against tyrants in the U.S. and Europe to prevent force.

In our county, we the people are the change we seek. In other counties and states of the U.S.A. people have insisted upon their constitutional right of independence from the disease of tyrannical rule. You can help yourself by learning and implementing ways to gain sovereignty as an inoculation to prevent the manifestation of that infection. Learn the methods from the noted website, and linked sources.

Bruce Kettler       We Are Change

Huerfano World       September 4, 2009

We're living at a crucial point of history - a turning point.  Humanity is faced with slavery and mass death.  If more of the people understood, the threat would go away.  A world wide awakening is taking place, but it's not yet completely effective.  The puppet masters are nervous about the awakening, and it seems they are in the process of taking drastic action to maintain control.

If you look beyond the brainwashing media and conventional systems of "education," you will find that Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins indicated in the August 21 report from "Global Research" in Canada, that the vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu.  This is just one example of good people telling the truth.

The World Health Organization, by treaty, has the power to declare, and enforce, mandatory vaccinations in the US.  They can use the US military to be sure it is carried out.

The Government of Greece, to give one example, has declared that all the people there will be vaccinated, whether they like it or not.  (Reuters July 31, 2009)

Worldwide, millions died from the 1918 flu that came primarily from vaccinations.  In 1976, in the US, death and injury came from vaccinations.

In the US, complaints have been filed in court to prevent forced vaccinations.  One was filed in Florida and another in Washington State.  Others in the US are forthcoming.  Worldwide, other legal action against forced vaccinations is underway.

If enough of you investigate, so you know what harm is likely to come to you and your children, and you inform others who then make the right political moves, together you can prevent it.

BRUCE KETTLER        We Are Change

Please send us support for this website, so we may make improvements that will better serve you and many others. Information contained here can save your life. Any amount, from $10. up will help promote liberty and abundance on our planet.

Huerfano World

During the presidential "election" game season, TV and newspapers provide a circus, with clowns, elephants, and stage magicians.  The candidates act out their roles as in a fake wrestling match.  For those of us in the real world, the spectacle brings nausea.

In Huerfano county, "letters to the editor" are filled with endless Obama -McCain rhetoric dripping with naivety.  Neither puppet will bring America back to the great Constitutional Republic it once was.  Some ramble on as if the people are still free as before, imagining they have significant influence over Washington's District of Criminals.  One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.  It's tragic that ignorance could cause the sheep to not see the threat to life, health, property and liberty.

The majority of Americans at least suspect 9-11 was an inside job.  Many want a real investigation.  They ask for a closed border with Mexico, but illegal aliens pour in as part of the North American Union agenda.  Most want the invasion of Iraq to end, yet it goes on.

Much of the popular press is gagged and tied.  If they could tell you, more would know of recent efforts to try President Bush for murder.  People would understand why city, county and state governments are standing firm against attempts at federal dictatorship.

When more of Huerfano County finds the courage to accept the unpleasent reality, and change it with political action, the people will stop slipping into the danger that is falling like an avalanche over much of America.  For solutions, see the Save the County section of

Huerfano World

Is President Bush a murderer?  If so, what does that mean to the Police, Commissioners, and others in Huerfano County?

The accusation of murder, with evidence, was recently brought forth by a famous prosecutor in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.  Details are on my web site:  “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” were detailed in the congressional record.  Most of you didn’t hear of it, though it’s newsworthy.

Bush’s grandfather was a Nazi traitor.  Many who studied history never heard it, but it’s documented fact.

If Martial Law is fully implemented and the President of the United States or those he designates try to order the County Government, do Police and County Officials want to follow, after learning that Bush is probably a murderer?

The most important question is, are you ordinary law abiding citizens willing to convince local officials, so you are not ruled by murderers or ignorant followers?  Questions about FEMA’s connection to local government were brought up to the County Commissioners, but what are the answers?

Real News via Telephone

Huerfano World

Referring to Jim Modlish’s 8-29-08 comment about the Russia vs Georgia situation, he infers that Russia initiated aggression against Georgia.  Of course, Modlish is far from reality, as usual. The opposite is true. Georgia was the aggressor, and the hijacked U.S. government is leading the people to suffer nuclear war destruction through that, and other actions.  His prophetic interpretations are unreal also, as Ezekiel 38 does not indicate Russia will attack the corrupt state of Israel.

It was clearly prophesied that people like Modlish would mislead during the end time.  Jesus said, “If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matt. 15:14)  Learn more at

Huerfano Journal
Your May 22 issue included an article about Memorial day.  As any patriotic American should, I honor the people who died for our country.  I appreciate the intent of many who enlisted voluntarily for the Iraq war, but I also realize that many of them wish they had not done so.  Larry Patrick, your description of service in Iraq as an "important mission[s] on behalf of our country" is inaccurate.

Unfortunately, too many think that it's patriotic to support the war.  The opposite is true, when one understands that true patriotism is honoring the U.S. Constitution and the will, and welfare of the American People.  Most of the American people do not want the war to continue, yet it does.  It protects no one in America from anything, including "terrorism."

I'd like to point out two men of courage who truly serve their country.  One is Admiral Fallon who resigned, rather than slaughter Iranians.  The other is a prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, who wrote, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder [of U.S. servicemen].  He has an ironclad case.  The most important fact is that the main excuse for the war against Iraq, an imminent threat against the U.S., is documented as false. The man is risking his life, and he knows it.  He doesn't need the money.  He's successfully prosecuted infamous murderers, and has written books about it such as Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders.

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano Journal

The historical account you provided to us about the Ludlow Mine was intriguing, and certainly inspired great interest. However, one factor which affects us today was not included.

The globalists have, over approximately the past century, gained gradually increasing control over the political and financial systems of the planet, including that of the United States.  A prominent role of the globalist is played by the Rockefellers. This is documented in the video, ENDGAME, obtainable with an inter-library loan through the Huerfano County Libraries.

It's important to include the fact of the Rockefeller's partial ownership of the Ludlow Mine, because of what is happening in the world now.  The Rockefeller's say they had nothing to do with the massacre.  Considering their nefarious activities, and statements, along with the rest of the globalists, that is doubtful.

1913 was the year the globalists began to get their power in the U.S. with the Federal Reserve Act. 1914 was the year of the massacre.  It was a time that they could get some control over the National Guard, and the Army.  Today, it is the globalists who have nearly complete control over all the U.S. Armed Forces, and their target extends far beyond that of striking miners.

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano World

The Huerfano World's "The Word's Eye View" of March 20, 2008 presented a biblically correct statement that children do not belong to the state. However, that false notion extends beyond California's bold declaration that children supposedly do belong to the state. Without making it publicly known policy, the actual results of a hidden agenda have been as if the state owned the children in much of the U.S.

In the State of Florida, Greg Pound and his wife lost 4 of their children ( That is one example of many, in which innocent parents suffered the loss of their children to a corrupt system.

Parents in the U.S. have been led to believe they must allow vaccination of their children. I remember when only animals were required to be vaccinated. People have been reduced to that level by the New World Order so-called "Elite." What further degradation will they tolerate?

When I, and others, say "Save the County," we mean save it from state and federal authorities who would run our local government, police, and our private lives.

Also, we mean save Huerfano County from a possible future military rule under Martial Law. Election time is approaching. Right now, it's time to find out if there are arrangements between local authorities and outside government that would deprive the people of life and liberty because of a phony "terrorist" attack, or other excuse. Find out what you can do at

An author of a San Francisco Chronicle (SFC) 2-4-08 article warned of internment camps in the U.S., and said the U.S. Government bombed its own citizens on 9-11. Reference this at

The camps, and other facilities, are for law abiding citizens, not just for illegal aliens and other criminals. There is a need for the people of Huerfano County to inquire of our local officials, so we may know if an agreement has been made with the U.S. Government for cooperation in the event of Martial Law. “ ...the federal government has assumed the authority to institute martial law... [and] detain people without  legal or constitutional  recourse...” (SFC)  "What could the [U.S.] government be contemplating that leads it to make contingency plans to detain without recourse millions of its own citizens?" (SFC)

Martial Law could be announced based upon some phony "terrorist" attack, or other created emergency. Considering the fraud that 9-11 was, how can you trust the media or U.S. Government?

A recent documentary video received an Academy Award, and was acquired by HBO to premiere in September. The title is, "Taxi to the Dark Side." Documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney is telling the details of torture under U.S. Government jurisdiction.

Can innocent citizens expect humane treatment in FEMA facilities?  Is blind obedience to government expected by Yahweh (God), so that people do not know where their spouses, and children, are being taken? Can parents feel safe, now that child slavery, of a particularly evil sort, is going on in the U.S.?

Readers are invited to interact on an internet "blog" and see my past "letters to the editor" which show how to check the authenticity of my statements with documentation:  Also, see solutions to the problems of Huerfano County on the "Save The County" page.

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