Physical Survival

From: Bruce Kettler

Date:  July 2008

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During certain events of the tribulation, it will be helpful to understand certain principles shown on this page.

Before the LONDON BOMBINGS, Sept. 11, 2001, and other attacks, authorities were practicing for the same events.

                                                          Luke 21:36

"...pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that
shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."

In the event of a declaration of martial law, or a red alert, you want to know about this.

If you are hearing of a scenario of "taking to the streets" when things get really bad, please don't pay attention to it.  If the tyranny in the U.S.A. increases significantly, taking to the streets will probably get you machine-gunned to death.  Take to the mountains and other wilderness areas.  Protect yourself and your family, in whatever way you can.  This is not a plea to pacifism, but rather to reaching your best advantage.

Some "survival" written instructions advise people to prepare their homes in populated areas for nuclear protection, and to have them stocked with food and water.  There will be many hungry and thirsty people wandering around.  Depending upon your home for protection in a populated area is a recipe for disaster.  Your home is a target of looters -- you know who else -- and defense from within that home is not normally feasible.

Some people in outlying areas will have to leave their homes, and make shelters in the wilderness.  If you live in an area far from the nearest house, you will have to decide, with God's help, what to do, and when.  In some areas it will be advantageous to remain in your home, in others it will be best to live off the land in wilderness areas, and then construct homes there.

Events in many parts of the world, including the United States, are unfolding in a manner similar to what happened in Russia, and later China during the takeover of Communism.  THE AMAZING TESTIMONY OF BORIS SOROKOVSKY tells of how Christians in Russia followed the leading of the Holy Spirit before the oppression started in certain areas.  Be sure and download the information, print it, and read it.  It's very important for our time.

Martial Law, declared by "authorities," effective all over the U.S., will probably lead to restricted travel.  Whether this restriction will be in force immediately after a terrorist attack, or some hours/days afterward, is unknown.

To ensure survival and freedom, leave your home with your family, and carry survival equipment and supplies to a wilderness area.  An alternative plan, if you have only one area you will definately be going to, is to bury food and other supplies in that area beforehand, but carry other essentials for prolonged use in a backpack.  Be sure food that you bury is sealed so animals do not smell it and dig it up. Go to the wilderness area as soon as a terrorist attack is announced by the mainstream news.  Plan to meet your family at a certain location in your home area when an event occurs.  Do not depend upon cell phones.  Have portable two-way radios to use if phone service fails.  Always be aware that radio signals can be heard, and tracked to a specific location, with or without a "privacy" feature.  Most modern cell phones will reveal an nearly exact coordinate, accurate within a very short distance.  Others are traceable to the nearest cell tower.  They should be shut off when not absolutely necessary to use, the battery should be removed, and they should be wrapped multiple times with aluminum foil because the most modern phones will work without a battery.  Cell phones can be turned on by outside agencies, and all sounds near the phones can be heard, unless you take these precautions.

Food carried in back packs should be with the least bulk, and the least weight, possible.  Freeze dried is good for that.  Before you run out of stored food, you should have been planting traps to catch game, and gathering other types of food.  Consider cross-bows for silence, and to conserve firearms ammunition, when hunting game.

For portability, and high nutrition, I recommend sprouting with sprout bags.  You can hang the bags from your back-pack, and grow while on the move.  Sprout eating is wholesome, and will supply good protein.  To follow are 3 main web sites to obtain necessary organic seeds and other materials:

Sprout Man
MV seeds
Wheat Grass Kits
A good book to buy is Wheat Grass, Natures Finest Medicine, by Steve Meyerowitz, obtainable from "Sprout Man" above.  You will learn how to detoxify your body with wheat grass juice, and the nutritional, and medicinal, properties of wheat grass.

Some of your homes are located adjacent to wilderness areas.  Others are in small towns, so that walking will bring you to a relatively safe area.  If you live in a large city, it may automatically be locked down by authorities before you can leave.

You should obtain USGS (United States Geological Survey) maps for the areas you may be evacutating to.  If you live in a small town, and must walk to an adjacent wilderness area, or a rural area that is relatively safe, obtain maps that both include the town, and other areas.

This writing is not intended to completely teach survival, or tell you of everything you need to buy before an event.  Obtain THE OFFICIAL URBAN AND WILDERNESS AND EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUIDE by Robert W. Pelton from Powells Books for fast delivery.  Survival equipment you will need, and more information, is available through these links.  A portable short wave radio is useful, though probably not essential for survival.  Rechargeable batteries and a portable solar charger that will fit your backpack is available at Berkey Water.  There are 12 volt chargers available elsewhere which will work with the solar charger.

If you will need to travel with your own vehicle, keep it filled with gasoline at all times before an event occurs.  Keep more than enough gas in properly designated containers in a safe place (so they do not burn or explode) so you will be ready to travel to your intended destination.  Gasoline should be recycled periodically, or it will deteriorate.  Do not depend upon roadside gas stations.  Be ready to evacuate your vehicle and hike out of the area to your destination if necessary.  That requires regular walking and other exercise before an event occurs.

Be aware that much of the present food supply is tainted.  It may not kill you, but much of the food can cause sickness, and may contain very little nutrition.  This includes so-called "organic" foods, whether in cans, or supposedly fresh produce.  Be aware of this when gathering a food supply for future use.  Read and investigate the facts about food through information from sites on the links page.  Do not wait for an event to attempt to buy food or other supplies.  Terminator seeds are those that can be used only once.  Heirloom seeds are those that will grow food, that seeds may be obtained from repeatedly.  Depend on food you carry with you, or have hidden, before you start depending upon grown food.  It will be best not to start planinting until conditions stabilize, and you are fairly sure the area you are plainting in will remain safe for awhile.

If you are asking the question, "why should I, and my family, do this"? then you need to find out what is going on in the world through this page, and other links.  Do not depend upon mainstream news, or other sources, for truthful information.  Investigate the information you do obtain on the internet to be sure of its authenticity, from documents, and from archives of the news items cited.