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This part of the page is about the "shameful truth." I will not tell you what it is, but "about" it, and that means it was a question that Del Mulroy would not answer publicly, though asked repeatedly to in the newsgroups.  See the DEJA archives, along with other pages in this series, and investigate for yourselves.

He had told so many intimate secrets: his arrest, his being beaten, his finding friends on the INTERNET because he could not find any in the town he lived in, and his suicide attempts.

However, he would not answer this question about what the charges were in connection for the arrest he wrote so much of, how he'd been beaten while in custody, and had 2 weeks endured a lack of medical attention.

What of the alleged "shameful lie" that Del Robert Mulroy calls it?      More about the "lie" on this page.

The following is an edited Dec. 2000 statement from Mulroy, with comments from Amos Keppler and myself:

From:  Dan Kettler <>
Newsgroups:   alt.astrology, alt.paranormal,, alt.magick
Subject:   REPLACING CANCELLED POST The TRUTH about activities on USENET
               vs lies <was> Re: Teen Gets Suspended From School For Casting Spell On Teacher
Date:  Mon, 11 Dec 2000 21:21:10 GMT
Message-ID: <913gfv$v9b$>

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Neykomi Lee

        aka   Del Robert Mulroy



DK: I am responding to this falsehood for one reason.  Usenet
DK: is a public forum, in which liars are writing lies, and
DK: for the public interest I am telling the VERIFIABLE truth.

DK: Consider this a public service message.

> X-No-Archive: Yes

> Amos Keppler wrote:

> > Three years ago this was a real interesting discussion
> > forum. We were discussing the paranormal. Even though
> > there was some who didn't believe in it, they weren't
> > cock sure of themselves and abusive.  In other words,
> > real discussion was taking place.


             It's okay, with Amos, for others to be
             skeptical in alt.paranormal.

The deceptive spin of MULROY:

          In the alt. format, anything goes and
          that means skeptics are on topic as well.

DK:  However, I never wrote anything different, nor did Amos, but you
         like to rewrite what others write, all the time.  See /mulroy.html

DRM:  I have been here since December 06, 1994 and
           I have witnessed this place every single day since.

DK:   That might be so, but you have been without
          posting for long periods.

DRM:    Skeptics are blamed religiously by those who are defending the
             forum with their lives screaming and ranting one flame war at
             a time and that has always been the case since about
             February 1995.

DK:     There is a vast difference between a skeptic
           and a pseudo-skeptic-fanatic.

        PSF pseudo-skeptic-fanatic =


DK:     Fact is, paranormalists and astrologers DEFEND
            themselves against FREAKS!

           brought about by PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (PSF)


The following is pure BS from MULROY:

          ...the numbers of those involved in the flame wars have
          increased over the years with them provoking the skeptics
          and insist on the flame wars.

DK:       Your writing, as usual, is nonsense.  Paranormalists
             don't "provoke." For the most part, the PSF
             initiate hostility.

MULROY:   ...your mysterious absence following a mugging from the
                    resident people here.

DK:      Amos leaves all the time.  It has nothing to do with "mugging."

MULROY:    There are just a few believers in the paranormal left.

DK:        And, that is evidently because of the activities of
              PSF. It's not because of me.  It's not because of
              Flagship. It's not because of Amos. It's not because
              of EHW.

DK:        We all stop posting for months at a time, and this nonsense
               goes on, from PSF, discouraging believers from posting.


MULROY:    Haunter having joined the group has been a
                     very good asset to the team here of regulars.

DK:        Haunter is a denigrating liar, like you Mulroy.

DK:        See DEJA for past posts to and from Haunter...


DK:        Much like you, he has little confidence in the natural
           spiritual order of things, and his spiritual outlook,
           according to his posts, are rather pessimistic.

AMOS:   The "sceptics" are ruling the ground virtually unopposed.

DK:     The statement below is really getting the stink, in here,
            rather deep.  You are so full of sh*t your eyes are brown.

MULROY: is unfortunate that these people feel they have
           to try and drive skeptics from the forum.

DK:        Where, when, how?  We don't even try to drive
           PSF from any forum.

DK:        The facts, as contrasted to the lies are here...


MULROY:   I have no problem talking with any skeptics at all.

DK:       You lie about and denigrate all those who expose them.

MULROY:   ...those who oppose the skeptics use tactics [proven to fail]
                    and [they] have done nothing but disrupt this place over
                   the years.

DK:      This is all garbage from a garbage mind.

DK:       The disruption comes from deranged fanatics.  You help
             them. When you help them, of course you have no "problem"
            with them.

AMOS:     Through henhouse tactics and various intimidation-techniques
                 they've pushed away almost any opponent to their rule. Only
                those with the thickest of hides among the paranomal contigent

DK:       Exactly.  See NCAT url reference above.

> >  The name alt.paranormal has long since become redundant.
> >  alt.pseudo-sceptic-fanatics fits a lot better.
> >  Amos the Great

DK:  Exactly.  However, if one abandons the newsgroup to them, they
     go on to other newsgroups occupied by believers.  Here's one
     example of a proven DOCUMENTED history of that...

MULROY:   ...They [skeptics] are interested in the paranormal and they
                    are interested in discussing issues.

DK:       The overwhelming majority of those posting _as_
          "skeptics" in a.a. and a.p. are not interested in
          discussing issues.  They wish to CONTROL THESE
          NEWSGROUPS, and they do so with intimidation
          tactics and censorship.

DK:       They do all that NEWS ADMIN forbids, like FLOODING NEWSGROUPS.

DK:       See DEJA for past posts from me regarding NEWSGROUP FLOODING.

DRM: > They will not tolerate lies and insults for very long
DRM: > which a few here insist on doing as the only way of
DRM: > communicating with those big bad old evil skeptics
DRM: > who won't leave alt.paranormal.

Mulroy, you know the lies and insults come FROM PSF.  I don't
"lie" about them. I tell the DOCUMENTED, and PROVEN TRUTH about
them, both ON and OFF the net.

           ON THE NET

           OFF THE NET

Sure, we insult them, but that's usually in the form of rebuttal.
It's usually a denigrating lie from them, met with the truth about
them from us.


    Psychics, Astrologers, UFOs,
    Mysticism and the Newsgroups
          What's happening?

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