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Using VCR's to make tape copies for non-copyguarded material

CAUTION: To prevent electrical shock, do not make any connections with power cord in socket, and do not take the protective covers off of the equipment.
There are other methods to make copies, from DVD to DVD, from DVD to tape, to CD's to view on computer, etc.  This is best for "newbies."

I suggest Road to Tyranny and Terrorstormand Endgame from Alex Jones: 888-253-3139.

A good idea for audio disks, is to convert this audio MP3 file to an audio disk that can be played on any CD player, using Windows Media Player. Then make copies of the disk, and give a copy to every woman you see with small children.

You need at least two VCR's.  If you do not have 2 VCR's, then borrow an extra one, or buy an inexpensive one for about $50.00

If you do not have 2 cords with 2 connectors on each end for each cord, buy them at Radio Shack, or a different store.  You will have 4 connectors total on each end - both ends total 8.  Show the diagram to the sales clerk to obtain proper merchandise.

In this diagram, there are 8 connectors to use.  You will put the recorded tape in VCR 1, and a blank in VCR 2.   The blanks have "120" (for minutes) written on them, but they record 6 hours in "EP" or "SLP" mode.

Connect "audio out" of VCR 1 to "audio in" of VCR 2.  Connect "video out" of VCR 1 to "Video in" of VCR 2.  You can connect the "outs" of VCR 2 to the TV to see the video, and hear the audio, while copies are made.

Set your tape speed to "EP" or "SLP" on each VCR to record two videos on each 6 hour tape.  Most modern VCRs require a TV to be connected to see the speed setting.   You will then adjust channels on each VCR to enable the copying process.  You will need the TV connected to see and hear it, and know that copying has started.  After it starts, you can shut the TV off and remove it if you wish.

If you have fairly modern TV and VCRs, set the TV to show the audio and video inputs, rather than channel numbers.  "TV/AV" may be the indicator on your TV remote.  Then set VCR 2 to "L1" or "L2" channel numbers.  This designation is on most VCRs, and it's usually viewable on screen.  It may be "Video 1" or "Video 2".  Then set VCR 1 in the same way.

Command VCR 2 to "record" first, then 1 second later VCR 1 to "play."

With both tapes running, you may have to switch channels on both VCRs until you see and hear the video recording.  After the setup is working properly, rewind the tapes to the beginning on both VCRs, and start again, overwriting the tape.

When recording 2 videos on each tape, stop both tapes after completion of first video, take out the tape from VCR 1 and replace it with the second recorded tape.  Then set VCR 2 to "record" and VCR 1 to "play."  You will have to rewind to the proper spot if you allowed VCR 2 to record too far.  You can find the proper spot by rewinding a distance, playing to see if you are at the right spot, and then going either fast forward, or fast backward, as appropriate.

When about 5 or 6 hours are recorded, remove the tabs of your former blanks so they will not accidently record over the material, write video titles on labels and paste them on.  View part of the recorded tape to be sure it works properly.  Always rewind to the beginning before storing and giving the tape away.

You do not have to be attending the taping during the entire process.  You can allow the tapes to come to the end, and stop automatically.  You can go to sleep, leave the house, or whatever.  If the tape goes beyond what you wanted, rewind later to the proper spot.

Tapes copied from Alex Jones materials are for non-profit purposes only.

There is an alternative method, ususally best with older equipment.  Connect an RF cord from "out" of VCR 1 to "in" of VCR 2, and another cable from "out" of VCR 2 to the TV.  It's a coax cable with "F" connectors that transfer both audio and video in one coax cable.  With this method, you adjust VCR 2 to either channel 2, 3, or 4, and the TV (with the channel switch on the front) to either 2, 3, or 4.  VCR 2 and the TV must be on the same channel.  There's usually a small switch on the back of the VCR for channel 2, 3, or 4.   Some VCRs have no channel designation written near the connector.  Find out what channel is coming out by connecting the TV and switching the TV through channels 2, 3, and 4 with the VCR set to play, and a recorded tape inside.  The coax connection from VCR 1 to VCR 2 should use a different channel (either 2, 3, or 4) than VCR 2 and the TV.  You can run the patch cords described in the above paragraphs from VCR 1 to VCR 2, and then an RF coax cable from VCR 2 to an older TV that requires that type of connection.

You can connect more than 2 VCRs and copy multiple tapes every 6 hours.  It's "out" of VCR 1 to "in" of VCR 2, "out" of VCR 2 to "in" of VCR 3, "out" of VCR 3 to "in" of VCR 4, etc.

Other Methods

Contact DISC MAKERS -- 800-237-6666   They have a $259. unit that you can make about 8 DVD copies, from a DVD, each hour with. There is an interface to your computer at no extra charge.  This unit works without a computer.  For approximately $500 they have a different unit that also requires no connection to a computer, and makes more copies per hour.

DVD blanks are approximately 15 cents each for a quantity of 100.  Contact Meritline, Run Tech Media, or CD ROM  2 GO, for blank CD's, DVD's and disk envelopes.   CD ROM 2 GO has disk labels you can print on with most computer printers.  Some disks, when purchased new, even though they are not copyrighted or copyguarded, will not copy to the 4.7 GB 15 cent disks with good clear, quality, video.  For clear quality, it will be necessary to remake a master copy that will work on the shorter capacity disk, or pay about 4 times as much for high capacity 8.5 GB disks. You can shorten the length of the video with a computer with *movie making capability, or with other equipment that can be purchased in a **department store.  The parts of the video you will most likely want to edit out will be the "extras."  There is an option, available with some equipment, and some computer programs, so that you may copy the entire video onto a 25 cent 4.7 GB disk, but with much less clarity in the video.

*Movie making/editing, with your computer, can be accomplished with the DVD EzMaker PCI Gold hardware and software combination.  Contact Tiger Direct
and order A46-4098.  If unavailable, check GOOGLE for product availability elsewhere.

Most of the newest computers are capable of duplicating DVD's without extra equipment.  However, they may require repair after making fewer copies than something like the above from DISC MAKERS.

Making DVD's from YOU TUBE and GOOGLE VIDEO on the Internet is especially easy using the latest REAL PLAYER.  Download it free from the Internet.  You can find Endgame on GOOGLE VIDEO, and The Obama Deception on YOU TUBE.

**Department stores sell DVD making machines, some for about $100.  One can only make a copy at the speed of a VCR playing the tape, or a DVD player - one copy each approximately 2 hours.


Written mass communications

Print this flier      It's one page.      Notice it's in color, and you'll see why in the following text.

Do not distribute on private property without permission of those in authority.  Distribute on public sidewalks, and other public areas.
Some municipalities have laws regarding solicitation.  They are usually about distribution for profit, for sales.  Be sure you are not selling anything, and find out what nearly relevant laws do exist, if any.

Here is how to distribute as cheaply as possible:

Use a printer that you can refill the ink in.  In my experience, the black ink jams the printer, so I change black with a new regular cartridge every time.  However, I put color ink in the same cartridge over and over.  I cannot guarantee that it will work the way I say in every printer.  I use a reconditioned Brother MFC-210C.  Other printers can foul up, jam up, or not work properly no matter what type of refilling you do.

Try to get a reconditioned MFC-210C at Tiger Direct.  I purchased mine for about $50.00 including shipping.  Get ink at Meritline or Ink Refilling. - 310-531-7393

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