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CLIMATEGATE: the SWINDLE ABOUT MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE, and the INDOCTRINATION LIE that there are too many people on the earth, and that alleged condition supposedly threatens the life of the vegetation and animals.
The following You Tube video is only one part of 3. To see the 3 parts all together on this site, click here.

                                                      November 19, 2010

                                                            July 28, 2011

                                    First, let us look, carefully, at the LIE about supposed overpopulation.  Click here.

                                    Now, look at this careful study of the situation from Nick Eberstadt, of the Harvard Centre for Population Studies

                                    Read this about Julian L. Simon    Be sure to check out the links.

                                    Read this article about a couple that tried to shoot their child, and
                                    killed themselves, because they thought there was too many people on the Earth

                                    Read this article More about the overpopulation myth from Prisonplanet

                                    Read this article Humans will stop replacing themselves by 2020 - from Prisonplanet

                                    Read this WIRED MAGAZINE interview with Julian L. Simon

                                    Next, look at a compilation of articles about CLIMATE GATE here.

Regarding the CLIMATEGATE scandal, in which falsified records,
and other data, was uncovered, learn more here.

                                    Now, look at this video.  In the video, you will find there are highly qualified scientists
                                    who prove man made catostrophic CLIMATE CHANGE, and man made catastrophic
                                    GLOBAL WARMING are nothing but JUNK SCIENCECheck the credentials
                                    of the scientists, and check out the data.

                                    Now, there is a video is from former Governor Jesse Ventura, exposing the scam. That video has been replaced on this site. It had been taken down from Eclipp TV. Click here, to see it.

                                  Maurice Strong has a connection with Baca County Colorado. He has
                                    been a major player in the scam, as pointed out by Jesse Ventura.

                                    Click at the ENGAME banner above, and learn why they want you to believe too
                                    many of you are bad for the earth. Too many people are a threat to THEM!