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Get an overview of how the Globalists Eugenics Program is working today.

Go to, "The plagues they have brought to mankind."

You will be shocked to see how many methods are being used, today, to reduce the population of the planet.  These methods are utilized as "soft kill" because they do not want their program to become evident to too many people at this stage of their game.

Later they plan to kill off the Human Population rapidly, and will not be hiding anything.

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OPERATION: Arrest *Them


Latest Update This Page: January 28, 2010

From: Bruce Kettler e-mail link

Artist: David Dees - 

No, if you are an ordinary citizen, don't try a citizens arrest, and do not consider doing anything unlawful.

I am not advocating anything illegal.

We, here in the United States, still have somewhat of a justice system remaining.  It is up to us to use all legal remedies.

If it comes to forced vaccinations and martial law, we would then have no legal remedies, so the measures we legally employ should be immediate and effective.  For that reason, I say lawsuits are slow, but if one is engaged in that now, go ahead and work with it.  Any other methods are certainly worthwhile.  However, when considering priorities of what to do first, consider how long it takes.  If something takes 10 minutes on a word processor, and 5 minutes in a court house, then wouldn't you want to do that first?  When something takes longer, then I'd do what takes longer after what takes less time.  Look at "hand to any judge of any court" near the bottom of this page.
First of all, who are they as in *"them" above?  Here is a partial list.
1. In the US, those guilty of misprision of treason.  See references of "misprision" below.

2. In the US, people in public office who vote for bills that advocate eugenics.  Arrest them,
    Impeach them, and have a new election before the regular election day, and replace them.
    Saying, "I didn't read the bill" is no excuse.

3. In every country, the so-called "elite."  These people are mass murderers.

4. In the US, the most recent President of the United States, George W. Bush.  See details below.

5. Those people, at a high level, who fraudulently promoted what is now known as CLIMATEGATE

6. Barack Hussein Obama - for high treason - his position in the U.N.   Investigate his eligibility -
    to be president - was he born in the U.S.Click here for more info

7. Financial swindle by Henry Paulson, Timothy Geitner, and others now towards the end of January 2010
    being investigated by the U.S. Congress.

Who does this?  Who orders others to do it?  People who have authority.  Military of high rank.   Police of high rank.  After careful investigation, and building cases worthy of prosecution, arrest them.  People who are part of the judicial system, both on a FEDERAL LEVEL, and LOCAL JURISTICTIONS IN SOME INSTANCES CAN TAKE PART.

If you just get indictments going, you will put a monkey wrench in their system.  Even if a certain person has fled the country, and you don't know where he or she is, get the wheels turning.  Force this into the MAINSTREAM PRESS.  Best start with, and then it will move to the mainstream.

Click here here, and here for detailed history of what occurred before, and after the execution. Note that there were many warning signs, for the dictator, but with his blind arrogance, he pushed forward. He was a mass murderer.

Red Beckman, an icon of the U.S. Patriot Movement, at about the 27 minute mark of this audio recounted events during 1989, when the Communist leader of Romania, and his wife, were executed by military tribunal.  The audio referenced are his words archived in a broadcast of May 6, 2010 on the Alex Jones show.

The video below also on this web site, not just linked to another site as shown below. To see it on this site, click here.

See the events, in the following video:

Untitled from listah00169 on Vimeo.

Red Beckman, in the this audio, gave an account of how the military conducted a short tribunal, and then executed their former leaders.

EDITORIAL FROM BRUCE KETTLER: The "leaders" arrogance, and sense of perverted pride, overtook their better judgement.  The arrogance of the NWO "leaders" today is also overcoming their better judgement.  The United States, a once free country, is turning to tyranny.  Inside the military there is much discontent.  Could a replay of the above happen in the U.S.?  We shall see.

If you are a policeman, perhaps you can look at this like a detective, or if you are a lawyer, look at this situation like a prosecutor.  In the old days, in the US, when the justice system was more just, prosecutors would only prosecute a case if the evidence was good for a conviction.  Police would only arrest a murderer if the case was good.  The old adage was that it is better for some guilty to go free, than for one innocent person to be convicted.  So, let's look at all this like a good prosecutor, and a good detective, like one of the old time people who did their job correctly.

When a detective examines a suspect, or the family of a suspect in the instance of family inheritance of group criminal authority, he or she looks first, and mainly, at...

                                           1.   Method of Operation (MO)
                                           2.   Criminal History
                                           3.   Motive    (look at "motive and intent" in this writing)

After a crime is committed, and to prevent further harm, a suspect, or group of suspects, is held under surveilance and their histories are checked out.  Sometimes, the detective, in consultation with the prosecutor, works on the case and does not arrest anyone for a time, until sufficient evidence and testimony, is accumulated.

                         January 8, 2010      Geithner Could Face Criminal Charges Over AIG Coverup

Halliburton may pay $500 million to keep Cheney out of prison: report

click for video
The Bush Administration MUST be investigated, prosecuted and held accountable for their criminal activity. Find out the SIX major laws that the Bush administration violated in the newest YOURTRUTH exposé: The Bush Crime Syndicate (above video)



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For the statements of the "elite," look also to this page.     Link here to an August 27, 2009 article by Stephanie R. Pasco THE MOVE TO DEPOPULATE THE PLANET

If you look at the history of the "elite" and their statements, and what they have been doing that is not hidden, you must conclude that there is a good cause to arrest them all.  If given a fair trial, the statements they  have made, on record, along with their deeds, prove what murderers and thieves they are, and how much they have hurt the people.

More on the Rockefellers, look here. Look here also.  There is an article on this page about how Rockefeller activity relates to the death of miners in the area of Huerfano County.  Look to the Huerfano Journal article that was submitted but not published.

Also, because overt criminal action has not been completed, does not mean that a crime has not been committed.  CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT a crime is actionable, especially when it's been partially carried out.  This is August 2009.  Already indications are that the people of certain countries are going to be forced to be vaccinated.  Already, the vaccines have been manufactured.  Already, the vaccine has being shown to be harmful.

Now, look again to this article for:

                                          MURDER PLOT

                                                    1. Motive
                                                    2. Intent
                                                    3. Means
                                                    4. Opportunity

Then check out the referenced archived broadcast, mentioned in the above article, from August 23.  Here is part 1.  Here is part 2.  The archived audio tells of police training for forced vaccinations.  Doctor Carley is interviewed in the archived broadcast.

The 23 trillion they have stolen from the US treasury was obviously a heist, the biggest "bank job" in all recorded history.


When one talks, or writes, about arresting Presidents, Prime Ministers, Multi-Trillionaires who pull the puppet strings of Presidents and Prime Ministers, etc. people get nervous, and think, "How can anyone do that?  They are too powerful."  The days of saying "off with their head" by Kings and Queens who were immune to the law, are OVER!  No-one is above the law, especially in the US.  The people have come very close to having these criminals in high places arrested, or them having to fork over millions of dollars, or be compelled to cease unlawful practices.  This section will show just how close the people have come to accomplishing this.

Now, let's look at this matter.  It has to do with a famous prosecutor who says that the most recent President of the United States should be tried and convicted of murder, most likely by some prosecutor that is not on the federal level.  Other attorneys, in a law school, say Bush is guilty of war crimes.  Imagine that, a former president tried and convicted of murder.  Hard to imagine?  Start considering that, especially if you are a judge, or a prosecutor, even on a COUNTY level.

War Criminals: Arrest Warrants Requested -------FORMER PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT - BUSH, CHENEY, etc.!

International arrest warrants have been requested for George W. Bush, Richard (Dick) Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George
Tenet, Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales at the International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands. (continued)


Documents sent by attorneys to the FBI  - REGARDING FLU VACCINES

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Artist: David Dees -

CLIMATEGATE - named similar to "Watergate"

[Editorial Note: Yes, of course prosecute them - as the title of this section says, "ARREST THEM"


Lord Monckton: Shut Down The UN, Arrest Al Gore (editorial emphasis)

Saturday November 28, 2009 - Appearing on The Alex Jones Show yesterday, Lord Christopher Monckton went further than ever before in his vehement opposition to the elitists running the climate change scam, calling for the UN to be shut down and for fraudulent peddlers of global warming propaganda like Al Gore to be arrested and criminally prosecuted. (editorial emphasis)

Another Prominent Scientist Calls CRU Scientists "Criminals"

"...called for criminal prosecutions [ie: "Arrest Them"] to be brought against the UN affiliated scientists involved in what has been termed "ClimateGate".


Climategate: the scandal spreads, the plot thickens, the shame deepens…

Why 'climategate' won't stop greens

Climategate e-mails sweep America, may scuttle Barack Obama's Cap and Trade laws

TV Environmentalist Goes Nuts Over climategate

Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails

How to Forge a Consensus


"Scholar: Cheney confessed to war crime"

Look at the above.  It says, "Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley believes that not only did Vice President Dick Cheney “unambiguously” confess to a war crime during an ABC interview on Monday, but the US’ future as a nation may depend on taking action."


Career Army Officer Sues Cheney, Rumsfeld For 9/11 Complicity

How about more people sue them?   Read that again, an Army Officer sued the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES regarding the events of 9/11.



Above, American Free Press interviews District Attorney about INDICTMENT of VICE PRESIDENT, Dick Cheney.


Now, let's look at this headline of the August 15, 2005 issue of American Free Press.  It says, "PRESIDENT INDICTED - FEDERAL GRAND JURY DIGGING DEEP INTO BUSH CRIMES."   Some of you may think, "why wasn't this in the mainstream newspapers?"   Others would think, "well, I didn't see this on TV news."  Well, to either of those thoughts or comments, I can only answer, WAKE UP!   THE MAINSTREAM PRESS IS NOT A FREE PRESS ANYMORE!   Also, if more of you do not wake up quickly, we will not even have an alternative media.

Even amongst the other alternative media, there was controversy about whether it was true, or not.  Some argued that there was not enough documentation to prove it.

However, right now we can only speculate about the alleged "PRESIDENT INDICTED" item:

I was born in one of the most corrupt cities in the world: New York City.  Only Chicago, in my opinion, is more so.  So, I'm not at all naive about the power behind such corruption, whether it's a MAFIA, the CRIMINALS in government, or the CRIMINALS above those criminals who are not officially part of government.  This sort of corruption scares people.  It shouldn't.   So, from the point of view of someone who understands the power of corruption, I can only speculate that some people were either paid off, threatened, killed, or more than one of the three, to stop them from continuing with certain legal action, and stop them from exposing the murderers/robbers.

Now, many good people in government, and some not so good, are waking up to harsh realities.  The formerly corrupt ones are no longer willing to go along with this system, because now they know if it succeeds it means THE END OF AMERICA, and it means a probable GENOCIDE OF MILLIONS OF INNOCENT AMERICANS.  Many of the corrupted had not seen the whole plan.  Now they see it, and DO NOT LIKE IT!

So, because there is division within the system, there is far less to fear than there had been in previous years, when the ENTIRE WEIGHT OF THE MACHINE WAS AGAINST THOSE IN GOVERNMENT WHO WANTED TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

So, those of you in government, in law enforcement, in the military, in the alphabet FEDERAL agencies, in the judicial system both local and federal, you can probably seek and find protection from within the system.  After I wrote most of what is on this page, including the sentence just before this one. I listened to the last part of the September 1, 2009 broadcast of THE ALEX JONES SHOW.  For some uncanny reason (nothing is without purpose) his audience received fantastic insight about what is going on inside the US power structure, FROM SOME OF THOSE INSIDE OF IT!  The September 1, 2009 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show shows a  recent training video has been shown to law enforcement, and other authorities in the US.  You can see this video, now.   In this video, an imaginary scenario is depicted in which people are stopped while driving on the highway.  Then, certain data comes up about the persons, and is relayed to the police officer.  The data has nothing to do with being wanted for crimes.  It has to do with BEING ON A *LIST.   The person stopping the automobile is instructed on the radio what to ask, and what to do.  He's not told to arrest anyone, because none of these people are WANTED FOR CRIMES.  Someone called in to the Alex Jones Show, saying the he'd seen the video.  Another told of police who are HANDING OUT VIDEOS THAT EXPOSE The New World Order!

If many of you get out there and expose them, there will not be enough of the "bad guys" to even watch you, let alone harm you.

Once you are exposed to publicity, it's hurtful to the "bad guys" to harm the whistleblowers, because it calls public attention to their operations.  When you come out against the establishment, get on The Alex Jones show.  There are millions of listeners.

It may not be necessary to seek protection from within the system after you expose them publicly.  That's your decision.  If you do, be careful as you do the seeking of protection from within the system! Nothing is without risk.  The people who fought and died starting in 1775 took risks.  Those who signed their names to the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE put their lives on the line.  People, today, are being murdered, and many of us still risk our lives.  What freedom we still have in the US is because of those who started fighting for this country in 1775.  If you people do not act QUICKLY, we will lose what freedom they fought and died for, and what I and other patriots are fighting for in the INFORMATION WAR.  So, now it's your turn.

*LIST:  Be seen by the wrong people talking to people like me, and I'd guess you would be placed on a LIST!  I am no threat to the American People.  I just want our Country back.  I want the US Constitution obeyed.  That's not a threat.  I'm not violent.  I just want LIBERTY!  I am exercizing my first amendment right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.   This is still FREE AMERICA!    Isn't it?

                        Now, look to the matter of MISPRISION OF TREASON in the following 2 places:

                               Hand to any judge of any court       It takes 10 minutes, and the cost is only paper and ink.
                                                                                            (see copy of the law regarding MISPRISION)

                                       Look at the serving of papers to people in Congress, and mention of MISPRISION OF TREASON

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