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We Are Change Los Angeles

We put a cover letter on a package of facts and scientific analyses regarding the controlled demolition of the WTC

complex on September 11, 2001. The letter is here as follows, as well as the links to the scientific papers.

Nano Thermite
Top Ten Connections
WTC High Temperature

Plus: a brochure from ae911truth.org

Dear Honorable Congress Person,

We the People, in order to restore rule of law and accountability to our Republic, respectfully insist that you, as an

elected representative, squarely face the facts concerning the events of September 11, 2001 and the implications thereof.

It is our moral and civic duty to entrust to you facts and scientific analyses in the form of peer-reviewed, published

scientific papers that clearly and conclusively prove thousands of our fellow human beings and citizens were murdered in

controlled and criminal demolitions on September 11, 2001.

Plausible deniability of these facts and evidence is no longer possible.

If you fail to acknowledge and act immediately and decisively on this evidence, then your inaction will constitute

misprision of treason in the least, outright treason at worst. The time is now to fulfill your oath to the Constitution

and stand tall in the face of the corruption of our Republic. We the People stand with you.

Pursuant to U.S. Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115

§ 2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and

comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not

less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office

under the United States.

And § 2382. Misprision of Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them,

conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United

States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall

be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.


Sign at Mexican Demonstration in the U.S. says they will shoot more police in Arizona until they get "free."


[Bruce Kettler editorial:  This violence, and these threats, are engineered by the "elite" who control the U.S. Government.  "Divide and Conquer" is their methodology.  They want to bankrupt the U.S. completely, make 2 classes of people in the U.S., (extremely rich and extremely poor) and eliminate the middle class entirely.  They want to merge all three countries, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and make them one.  They do not care about the U.S. Military and police.  They use people, and throw them away when they are done with them.]

Core Of Corruption Video         In The Shadows

               Climate Change Video

Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" TV Show - Secret Societies - They want to kill you!


The Science of Miracles              Gregg Braden

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We are all in this together

WeAreChangeLA’s lead organizer Bruno Bruhwiler is being targeted as a terrorist threat. It all began when Bruno was sitting in the audience at a civil hearing for another WACLA member. The Judge literally did not like Bruno’s involuntary facial expressions, and ordered him out of the courtroom.

 He was detained in the hall after asking to see the officers’ ID cards before he left the building. They are required according to their own manual to provide ID upon request, but apparently don’t like to be asked for it. When the supervising officer ordered Bruno to turn around and put his hands behind his back, Bruno instantly turned around and put his hands behind his back with absolutely no resistance.

 At first he was supposedly being detained for trespassing (which is a misdemeanor) but of course, you can’t trespass on public property so then they dropped trespassing and told him he was being detained for a public disturbance. About an hour later, when the supervisor actually placed Bruno under arrest, the original charge was changed to misdemeanor contempt of court. None of the witnesses present heard the judge mention anything about contempt when asking him to leave.

 Two felony resisting arrest charges were then tacked on, which means Bruno is charged with physically resisting the officers – twice? - though witnesses observed that Bruno did not ever resist the officers. The arresting supervising officer claimed that Bruno threatened to assassinate him, then the same officer ordered an underling to back up his claim as a false witness and charged Bruno with making a “terrorist” threat.  After 911, legislation was passed making it very easy to charge ordinary citizens as “terrorists” for almost any reason.

 They are calling him a potential cop killer. We are talking about Bruno, a man who raises money for 9/11 First Responders and the Fealgood Foundation. He’s also a member of So Cal Oath Keepers and the initiator of “Talk to a cop Wednesdays,” an outreach effort to befriend and educate law enforcement throughout Los Angeles. We are talking about a man committed to non-violent change, peace and social justice. Yes THAT Bruno.

 While in custody, at another location for incarceration, Bruno was asked by an officer if he was the lead organizer of WeAreChangeLA, and the officer asked with a snide tone if Bruno had a website, with other officers looking on. Either they did some quick research on him or they recognized Bruno from some other way, but they knew he was the lead organizer of WeAreChangeLA. The mention of WeAreChangeLA made it abundantly clear that Bruno is being targeted for who he is.

 This is about all of us. This is about freedom. The struggle for Bruno’s freedom is a microcosm of what is happening all across the United States. We cannot allow WeAreChange leaders to be labeled and targeted as terrorists. It can easily be ascertained that Bruno is being railroaded through procedures.

 Friends of Bruno and the WeAreChange family are literally spending their life savings fighting in Bruno’s defense. We know this is a total inconvenience for all of us, but Bruno and WeAreChangeLA are out there in the streets in a big way every chance they can to help make people aware of all the lies and injustices that are being used to steal our rights, our freedoms, and our future, including the biggest lie of them all, the official story of 9-11. We don’t intend to ever stop reaching out, so please help us defend liberty and freedom by donating ANY amount you can spare. It’s easy, just go to wacla.org and click “CHIP-IN” at the top of the page. Our site has also recently been hacked multiple times but the “CHIP-IN” is still functional. Luckily we have devoted 9-11 Truth web experts working diligently to keep the website clean and up and running. Please step up. This is a very serious, and we need your help!  We have strength in numbers. Let’s make our presence known. Thank you so much and love to you all.

              VIDEO          Jesse Ventura and the global climate change scam

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

PArt 6:
http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=8985 Find this video here. Eclipp TV no longer has it.

Bob Chapman reports of financial events after Jan. 1, 2010

Jon Michael Turner

for more on this subject click here

  Unfortunately, above video was removed from YOU TUBE.
  Fortunately, however, it's been replaced below by PSICOUNSEL - WE ARE CHANGE HUERFANO - SEE BELOW

Warrior tells it all

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                                             ATTACK ON FREE SPEECH

FEDERALJACK Members Threatened with arrest for Trying to give out Oath Keepers DVDs & Vaccine Info DVDs




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On November 11th 2009 the Miami Health Dept started to give out swine flu vaccines at a few locations in Miami.
They made such an event out of it that they closed schools in Miami Dade county for the day so parents could bring their
children and made sure to call them a day before to notify them. We set out as a group of three (3), just to give out a
DVD compilation and some flyers about the swine flu, we did not intend to have a confrontation with the police. But giving
out truth and knowledge in this day and age is akin to terrorism, and apparently in Miami its ok for the police to violate
citizens constitutional rights. As an Oath Keeper I am discusted by their blatant disregard for the Constitution and their
oath. Watch the three videos below to see the entire thing play out. We were able to educate a lot of people and many
turned and went home to educate themselves before they vaccinated their kids or themselves. I feel good knowing that the
Health Dept is so scared of the truth that they called the cops on us, it shows their true colors better than I ever could
have. That fact alone caused people to come ask why the police wouldn't let us stand on a public sidewalk and hand out
free information.

This is an unconfirmed report.  Source is unknown, reported to have come by telephone conversation from Albuquerque, NM

The entire nation of Ukraine is under quarantine by the World Health Organization and by their own Ukrainian government.

No one is allowed to enter the nation, and no one is allowed to leave. All transportation in or out has been grounded. All

border crossings are closed and heavily guarded. All schools in the country are closed. Most businesses are shut down. No

large gatherings of people are permitted. Only medically necessary and government vehicles are permitted on the streets.

People are generally confined to their homes. Not a word of what is happening is being printed or reported on by the news

media. There is a complete news blackout. And people are dying by the hundreds every day. A few bodies are being buried

when possible. Most are being burned. Almost everyone in the country is wearing masks or bandanas over their faces for

protection. The disease is highly contagious and thousands of new cases are occurring daily.

County Sheriffs of Colorado csoc.org

Fall/Winter 2009 - Volume XXX number 2 published the following:


During the fall conference in Estes Park, the sheriffs had a lengthy discussion about their responsibilities under federal laws.  Sheriffs are not federal officers or under federal authority, they are elected by and represent the people of their counties.  They are concerned with the federal overreach into the areas of local control and enforcement.

In the same issue, on page 7, they told of the Fall Sheriffs' Conference discussions.  This included "...medical marijuana, The January 2010 sheriffs' training conference, the New Sheriffs Institute that CSOC will put on for newly elected sheriffs in December of 2010, concealed handgun permits, and the H1N1 flu, to name a few."  Editorial Note: What did they discuss about the flu?  Could it be material sent to many sheriffs around the country from STOP THE VAX ?

                      Colorado Sheriffs of Colorado, Inc.
                       9008 N. US Highway 85, Unit C
                       Littleton, CO 80125

                       phone: 720-344-2762
                          fax:    720-344-6500


EDITORIAL NOTE: I suggest you pass on for the CSOC training conference - these links:


Why not ask Sheriff Mack to speak at the training conference?   His book, The County Sheriff America's last hope, is linked from callingallsheriffs.info

Robert Wanek video


Longtime Patriot-Activist John Kotmair
Planning Independent Satellite Network

American Free Press     November 17, 2008

Could the Liberty Works Radio

"The main rule would
be for commentators,
reporters and hosts
to stick to hard facts
and sound opinions
to regain America’s
constitutional order.”
Network (LWRN) become the
quantum leap needed to transform
the fragmented independent
media into a new “mainstream” media?
AFP asked the network’s main spokesman, John Kotmair.
Big media organs are struggling or seriously scaling
back. The timing could hardly be better.
The only thing more surprising than the decision of
The Christian Science Monitor to abolish its daily print
edition is that such things have not happened sooner.Any
honest perusal of the establishment media shows that literally
the only thing they have going for them is sheer
numbers—that is, high visibility newspaper circulation in
various venues and broad-reaching radio and television
signals. They may print or broadcast worthwhile stories
from time to time, but it’s mostly propaganda and fluff.
As social critic Ferdinand Lundberg observed as far back
as the 1930s about print media: “Yet in saying that newspapers
do not exist to serve truth, it does not follow that
they never serve truth and are never actuated by idealism,
although truth in established journalism is always secondary,
and very often incidental, even accidental.”
The same holds true today, in both print and broadcast

Kotmair envisions a nationwide, member-supported,
non-commercial radio network utilizing cost-effective
technology to broadcast LWRN’s own programming and
shared programming from other sources across the
nation. The goal is to broadcast constitutional/patriotic
radio shows through a national network to reach far
beyond the proverbial “choir” and target the masses who
need to hear the hard truths denied them by the dominant
media. FM radio is a great way to do that. It’s a good
demographic, in that it includes a lot of younger listeners.
Kotmair, having tried a commercial radio venture
from 1998-2001, says it lost lots of money. “By the time
it got to where we could keep it going, we ran out of
money,” he said. Non-commercial FM radio looks promising
because it would allow LWRN to broadcast hardhitting
news and commentary on the pivotal issues of the
day without the inevitable pressure from advertisers to
alter the content.

“With Internet radio you just don’t have the audience,”
he added. “But with this, we’re [reaching] hundreds
of thousands, perhaps millions. First, though, we
have to purchase a non-commercial FM station—and it
doesn’t matter where it is located.” But small town locations
tend to be more affordable.

“We have all the equipment needed except for the
satellite uplink,” he said. The uplink costs around
$30,000 plus $1,000 per month to operate. All that are
needed besides the uplink and one non-commercial
brick-and-mortar FMstation are small black boxes called
“translators.” These devices, Kotmair said, function as
additional FM “stations.” Each translator is placed on
leased tower space and is licensed by the Federal
Communications Commission like a building. “But there
is no building,” Kotmair said.

The translators, which receive and send radio signals,
are the key component of the proposed system, in which
LWRN’s programming is sent via the uplink to a satellite;
the satellite then relays the signal to
the translators, which relay the programs
to local audiences; the more
translators, the bigger the audience.
Each translator has a local “market”
to broadcast to, just as if it were a
brick-and-mortar station.
What do these translators cost?
“Two years ago when we checked it
out, there were 75 of them available
through a broker,” Kotmair said. The
federal license on each one goes from
the seller to the buyer. Only at that
point is the FCC involved. Around
that time, one of these translators was
available in New Holland, Pa. (92.1
FM) for $22,000; another in Hartford/New Britain, Conn.
(94.9 FM) was available for $25,000; and one in
Gloucester, Mass. (96.5 FM) for the Boston market, for
$31,000. One for as low as $18,000 was available for the
Manchester, N.H. market (102.9 FM).
Imagine the impact of these well-populated areas
receiving LWRN’s programs on the truth about the
Federal Reserve System, on presidential executive orders
for martial law, and many other issues about which many
Americans remain ignorant.

The translators require no operational costs. Regular
commercial stations in actual buildings require support
staff, advertising representatives and other busybodies,
representing substantial overhead that this non-commercial
concept avoids altogether.

Kotmair said the whole project can advance well with
memberships of $10 per month, or $120 per year; those
who prefer one annual sum would pay $99 per year. The
initial goal is 5,000 members, but to get major coverage,
about 100,000 members are needed. However, he said,
“with 20,000 members, we could guarantee success.”
Free, non-commercial radio time would be available
to individuals and organizations who help this project
along, said Kotmair, who added that the main rule would
be for commentators, reporters and hosts to stick to hard
facts and sound opinions to regain America’s constitutional
order. “No violent revolution or anything like that,”
he said.

Kotmair and his colleagues in this endeavor believe
such a system could turn the tables on the media moguls
whose broadcasts confound more than they inform, acting
as a barrier to freedom, rather than a crucial element
in maintaining and fortifying it.

“If we had had this thing going, they would not have
been able to block out Ron Paul during the campaign,”
Kotmair told AFP. “And many more people would’ve
heard of Chuck Baldwin and the others,” referring to the
Constitution Party candidate that Paul, a Texas
Republican congressman, endorsed for president after
dropping out of the GOP presidential running.Moreover,
independent print media could have their own reports and
commentary on this radio network and dramatically grow
from the widening national exposure.

Individuals and groups can call 410-857-5444; go to
www.libertyworksradionetwork.com or www.save-apatriot.
org online; or write to: LWRN Fellowship, 12
Carroll Street,Westminster,MD., 21157. Other numbers:
410-876-6342; 410-239-7621; 410-746-5563 (cell); or
410-857-5349 (fax).

The website HowStuffWorks.com
explains satellite radio like this: “Satellites
orbit the Earth. Programs are
beamed to the satellites, which transmit
the signal to a special antenna on
homes, cars etc. Terrestrial “repeaters”
throughout the country also receive
the signal. They help ensure
that the signal is transmitted to receivers,
especially in areas with tall
buildings that might block the signal.”

                       Fall of the Republic video                                    Click here for "Police State 4"

                               Directly below is "Fall of the Republic" the entire video, linked from YOU TUBE.
                               Below that, the entire video is shown, but it comes from the PSICOUNSEL site, not
                               YOU TUBE. Where you see the number "2" on screen, ignore it.  That is also "Fall of the
                                Republic," the entire video.

Fall Of The Republic

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                                                                      Police State 4
                                                                     This is the entire video, linked from YOU TUBE.
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                                                                     The video below the YOU TUBE is part of the PSICOUNSEL web site.

Police State 4

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Gun Company Hires Mother’s Assassin

Vicki Weaver’s FBI killer now a spokesman for South Dakota gunmaker

Below, Randy Weaver holds up a photo of his son, Sam, who was shot in the back by federal agents in 1992.   A photo of Weaver?s wife, Vicki, who was shot in the head—murdered in cold blood—while feeding baby Elisheba (shown).
Vicki?s murderer, FBI marksman Lon Horiuchi, is now—of all things—a spokesman for a South Dakota gun company.
American Free Press          December 8 and 15, 2008

By Pat Shannan

An American gun manufacturer
has hired a professional killer to
tout the merits of its weapons.
What better spokesman could a
company have than one who has shot and
killed a young mother with her baby in her arms? The
South Dakota company’s Internet website has proudly
published a letter attesting the greatness of its new
sniper weapon.

“Pound-for-pound, component-for-component, dollar-
for-dollar, you will not find a better rifle,” says the
new spokesman for H-S Precision in Rapid City. His
name is Lon Horiuchi, a government assassin who
retired from the FBI in 2006. AFP called to ask him if
this was also the weapon he used to blow away the face
of Vicki Weaver at the remote area of Ruby Ridge in
Idaho in 1992, but he did not return the calls.
OnAug. 21, 1992, U.S. marshals perpetrated a sneak
attack on the mountain cabin of the RandyWeaver family
in northern Idaho. When the family dog, Striker, a
docile and loving golden retriever, began to bark at the
agents, they shot him dead “because he was giving
away our position,” one said later. Sammy Weaver, 14,
saw the incident and screamed, and the agents nearly
blew his arm off (the impact of which spun him
around), and then zippered him through the back with
a three-round blast from automatic weapons. The boy
was dead before he hit the ground. His father, Randy,
later told this writer that when he got to him, “his chest
was blown out and his heart was like raw hamburger.”
The marshal directing the raid, Bill Degan, was also
killed, maybe by his own men.

During the afternoon and night, all sorts of deceptive
information was being transmitted fromthe scene to the
FBI headquarters inWashington. The marshals, desperate
after being caught in the act of breaking the law, had
made up all kinds of cover-up stories—the most outrageous
being that the Weaver family had them pinned
down for eight hours in an all-day shootout in which
Randy’s 16- and 10-year-old daughters had been holding
them off with high-powered weapon fire from the
windows of the cabin.

Rather than eight hours, the whole situation had lasted
closer to eight seconds at a location where the young
girls were not even present. However, not only did the
news media trumpet the lie, butAttorney General Janet
Reno and the FBI brass in Washington bought it, too.
By nightfall, a government jet was hauling a mob of
retaliatory killers from the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team
to Idaho.

The next morning FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi lurked in
the woods outside the cabin.When Randy and 16-yearold
Sarah came out to visit the body of Sammy in a
shed a few feet away, he shot Randy in the back as he
reached for the latch. Fortunately, the bullet did not
seriously wound him

Hearing the shot, Vicki opened the front door for
them and friend Kevin Harris, who was later tried and
acquitted (self-defense) for the murder of Marshal
Degan, as they fled back into the house.AsMrs.Weaver
stood in the doorway holding her baby, Horiuchi delivered
the next .308 slug through her right temple.
Horiuchi was nearly prosecuted in 1997 by the State
of Idaho but his lawyers were successful in getting the
case removed to federal court where it was easy to get
it dismissed.

Even though this incident happened most of two
decades ago, Horiuchi’s name was instantly recognized
by someone perusing a print catalog from H-S
Precision and saw the letter printed on its back cover.
When he sent it across the Internet, the response of outrage
began from the many others who remembered.

“I hope I am not alone in wanting to see a boycott
against HS Precision,” said one. “We should let them
know how we feel about people who murder women
holding their babies and how we feel about businesses
who brag about murderers using their weapon to commit
their murders.”

“One of the murderers at Ruby Ridge and Waco
used in an ad?” wrote another. “Killer of innocent
women and children used to sell rifles? How sick does
it get? This is almost like Oliver North getting a TV
show. Let’s put him back in hiding. He should be in
prison but since we have no control over that, let’s at
least not let him have a normal life.”

Ill-publicized at the time, the later Waco investigation
showed that Delta Force and the FBI’s HRT team
were on the ground at the Branch Davidian church near
Waco on April 19, 1993.When the fire broke out— all
surviving Davidians said that it was not set by them—
the assassination teams fired hundreds of rounds at the
fleeing church members as they tried to escape.
This was confirmed by the FBI’s own FLIR tapes
shot from a hovering aircraft at 4,000 feet.
It was long ago confirmed that Lon Horiuchi was on
the ground that day, firing and presumably murdering
more innocent people.
It makes an investigator want to ask, where else was
he during his murderous career and who else might
have been among his victims? Was Horiuchi in Lawrence
County, Ark. in June of 1983 when the FBI and
U. S. marshals murdered an unarmed and defenseless
Gordon Kahl? How about in Philadelphia in 1985 when
the black ghetto was bombed and burned down? OKC
police Sergeant Terry Yeakey complained to his wife
and friends of being hounded by the FBI only one day
before he was found murdered on May 8, 1996. Was
Lon Horiuchi in Oklahoma that week?
And consider the many “Arkancides” during Bill
Clinton’s gubernatorial and presidential regimes.
Where was Horiuchi on 40 different dates in the 1980s
and 1990s? That’s a topic for another time.

[Call H/S Precision at 605-341-3006.Ask for Josh.—Ed.]

War With Russia Is On The Agenda
Paul Craig Roberts

Information Clearing House

Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008

Thinking about the massive failure of the US media to report truthfully is sobering. The United States, bristling with nuclear weapons and pursuing a policy of world hegemony, has a population that is kept in the dark–indeed brainwashed–about the most important and most dangerous events of our time.

The power of the Israel Lobby is an important component of keeping Americans in the dark. Recently I watched a documentary that demonstrates the control that the Israel Lobby exercises over Americans’ view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The documentary is available here: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article14055.htm

As a result of the US media’s one-sided coverage, few Americans are aware that for decades Israel has been ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homes and lands under protection of America’s veto in the United Nations. Instead, the dispossessed Palestinians are portrayed as mindless terrorists who attack innocent Israel.

If one reads Israeli newspapers, such as Haaretz, or publications from Israeli organizations, such as the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, one gets a radically different view of the situation than the propagandistic version delivered by US media and evangelical pulpits.

Most Americans know of the 2000 attack by Muslim terrorists on the USS Cole in Aden harbor that resulted in 17 dead and 39 wounded American sailors. But few have heard of Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty that left 34 American sailors dead and 174 wounded. Pressured by the Israel Lobby, President Johnson ordered Admiral McCain, father of the Republican presidential nominee, to cover up the attack. To this day there never has been a congressional investigation.

The failure of the American media is again evident in the coverage of the Georgian-Russian conflict. The US media presented the conflict as a Russian invasion of Georgia, whereas in actual fact the American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian military launched a sneak attack to kill and to drive the Russian population out of South Ossetia, a separatist province.

Russian peacekeepers, together with Georgian ones, had been stationed in South Ossetia since the early 1990s. On orders from Mikheil Saakashvili, the American puppet “president” of Georgia, the Georgian peacekeepers turned their weapons on the unsuspecting Russian peacekeepers and murdered them.

This action by Saakashvili, elected with money from the neoconservative National Endowment for Democracy, an election-rigging tool of US hegemony, was a war crime. In truth, the Russians should have hung Saakashvili, as he is far more guilty than was Saddam Hussein. But it is Russia, not Saakashvili, that the US media has demonized.

Americans have become perfect subjects for George Orwell’s Big Brother. They sit stupidly in front of the TV news or the New York Times or Washington Post and absorb the lies fed to them. What is wrong with Americans? Why do they put up with it? Are Americans the nation of sheep that Judge Andrew P. Napolitano says they are? Americans flaunt “freedom and democracy” and live under a Ministry of Propaganda.

Two decades ago, President Reagan reached agreement with Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev to end the dangerous cold war. But every one of Reagan’s successors has sought to pick a new fight with Russia. In violation of the agreement, NATO has been taken to Russia’s borders, and the US is determined to put former constituent parts of Russia herself into NATO. In an effort to neutralize Russia’s nuclear deterrent and compromise her independence, the US is putting anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s borders.

The gratuitously aggressive US military policy toward Russia will lead to nuclear war. I am confident that if Americans elect John McCain, or the Republicans steal another presidential election, there will be nuclear war in the second decade of the 21st century. The neocon lies, propaganda, macho flag-waving, and use of US foreign policy in the interests of a few military-security firms, oil companies, and Israel are all leading in that direction.

The November election is perhaps the last chance to avoid nuclear war. But the opportunity might already have been missed. The Republicans have chosen as their candidate one of the most ignorant warmongers alive. The Democrats’ choice was between one of the most divisive women in America and a man of mixed race with a funny name. Considering American’s taste for war, the Democratic candidate could fail to defeat the GOP war candidate.

Many Americans will vote against Obama because he is black. Why does mixed ancestry confer the black label? If America’s population was predominantly black, would Obama be considered white?

Race and propaganda are more likely to determine the outcome of the November election than any awareness or consideration of real issues by voters.

The real issues are suffocated by the media. The American middle class is being destroyed by jobs offshoring and work visas for foreigners, while the incomes of the super rich are soaring. The US dollar’s reserve currency status is eroded. The US is massively in debt at home and abroad. Health insurance is unaffordable for the vast majority of the population. Injured veterans are being nickeled and dimed, while Halliburton’s profits escalate. Americans are losing their homes, while the US government bails out banks. Wars with Iran, Russia, and China are being planned in order to secure US hegemony.

Americans no longer have a government that is for the people and by the people. They have a government for and by special interests and an insane ideology.

But Americans have war, which lets them take out all their frustrations, resentments, and disappointments on “Muslim terrorists” and “Russian aggressors.” Few Americans are disturbed that 1.25 million Iraqis and an unknown number of Afghans have died as a result of American invasions based on Bush regime lies and deceptions. Even Americans, like Senator Biden, Obama’s selection for vice president, who understand that the wars are based on lies, still want the US to win. So, it was all a mistake and a deception, but let’s win anyway and keep on killing.

I know people who still complain that the US did not nuke North Vietnam. When I ask why Vietnam should have been nuked, they reply, “if we had nuked them we would have won.”

What would America have won? The answer is world loathing and the loss of the cold war.

For many Americans, war is like a sports contest in which they take vicarious pleasure and cheer on their side to victory. Millions of Americans are still bitter that “the liberal media” and war protesters caused America to lose the Vietnam war, and they are determined that this won’t happen again. These Americans have no realization that there was no more reason for the US to be fighting in Vietnam 40 years ago than to be fighting today in Iraq and Afghanistan or tomorrow in Iran.

Obama, if elected, is no guarantee against nuclear war. Obama has shown that he is as much under the Israel Lobby’s thumb as McCain. Obama’s foreign affairs advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is not a neocon, but he was born in Warsaw, Poland, and has the Pole’s animosity toward Russia. The Bush administration has already changed US war doctrine to permit preemptive nuclear attack. With the US government determined to ring Russia with puppet states and military bases, war is inevitable.

Presidential appointees face confirmation in the Senate. Any of Obama’s appointees who might be out of step with plans for US and Israeli hegemony could expect opposition from large corporations and the Israel Lobby. There is no assurance that an Obama administration would not be positioned on “the issues” by the same special interests that have positioned the Bush administration.

Americans are filled with hubris, not with knowledge. They have no awareness of the calamity that their government’s pursuit of hegemony is bringing to themselves and to life on earth.


Defense Secretary Robert Gates, military brass may be roadblock to neo-con dream of global war

          September 15 and 22, 2008       American Free Press
By James P. Tucker Jr.

A few brave patriots in high places are fighting to avoid an invasion of Iran and destruction of the Constitution in the four months left of the reign of President Bush. They do so at great personal risk.

Congress, under both Republican and Democratic control, has given Bush the power to usurp the Constitution and remain in power after Jan. 20, 2009. There is fear in high places that the power-mad administration may do so.

Immediately after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Bush issued his “Declaration of Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks” under authority of the National Emergencies Act. This declaration, which could be rescinded by a joint resolution of Congress, has instead been extended and expanded.

In 2007, the declaration was strengthened with the issuance of the National Security Presidential Directive 51, which gave Bush the power to do whatever he decides is necessary in a “catastrophic emergency”—including canceling elections and suspending the Constitution. His constant threats to bomb Iran on behalf of Israel concern these patriots. Military chiefs who oppose attacking Iran are “retired.”

Victims include Adm. William Fallon, commander of CENTCOM, and Vice Adm. John Stufflebeem, Sixth Fleet commander. In jeopardy is Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff who went to Tel Aviv to warn Israel against staging another attack on an American ship in an attempt to blame it on Arabs or Persians and draw the U.S. into a Mideast war (AFP Aug. 11, 2008).

He was referring to Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 Six-Day War. It was an attempt to sink the ship and blame it on Arabs so America would enter the war on Israel’s side. Thirty-four  Americans were brutally murdered.

J. Scott Carpenter, former deputy secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, said Vice President Dick Cheney pressed hard for air strikes against Iranian Revolutionary Guard bases last summer. He was deterred by Pentagon officials.

There is a grim struggle within the government. On one side are the war-mongering neo-cons who egged the country into the war in Iraq and envision a “new American century.”

They are opposed by the Republican Party Old Guard, led by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who replaced the despised Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld thought the invasion of Iraq would be a quick success with few troops and casualties by relying on new military toys. The war has dragged on for five years and the number of American combat deaths has reached 4,155 and counting.


House Passes Banker Takeover Bill

Jeanne Sahadi

CNN Money

October 3, 2008

After two weeks of contentious and often emotional debate, the federal government’s far-reaching and historic plan to bail out the nation’s financial system was on the verge of enactment Friday afternoon.

President Bush, speaking less than an hour after the House voted 263 to 171 to pass the bill, is expected to sign it later Friday.

“By coming together on this legislation, we have acted boldly to prevent the crisis on Wall Street from becoming a crisis in communities across our country,” said Bush.

The House vote followed a strong lobbying push by the White House and other supporters of the bill, following the House defeat of a similar measure on Monday - a defeat that shocked the markets and congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle.

The legislation, which would allow the Treasury Secretary to purchase as much as $700 billion in troubled assets in a bid to kick-start lending, would usher in one of the most far-reaching interventions in the economy since the Great Depression.


Martial Law Will Be Declared If Banker Bill Not Passed In House

Kurt Nimmo


October 3, 2008

In House debate on the banker “rescue” bill, Rep. Brad Sherman told his fellow Congress critters the government will declare martial law and the stock market will drop 3,000 points if the bill is not passed. “The panic-mongers were to the point of telling people the market would drop 3,000 points and there would be martial law,” said Sherman.

Sherman’s comment was not in the same context as a comment issued by Rep. Michael Burgess earlier in the week. Burgess, who appeared on the Alex Jones Show, said Pelosi threatened to invoke House rule XIII(6)(a), described as “martial law,” intended to suspend normal procedures and safeguards and thus allowing the House leadership to operate in a more authoritarian fashion. Sherman, however, said martial law would be declared on Wall Street, not in the House.

Rep. Sherman said the “exaggerated fear-mongering turned out not to be true” and the House “can draft a good bill,” regardless of the pressure put on representatives to pass the banker bailout bill.

The bailout plan is not only “economic fascism,” as Richard Viguerie has correctly noted, designed to loot the U.S. Treasury and reorganize and further consolidate elite control over the economy, but it is also a brazen effort to impose a martial law and dictatorship. Paulson’s role as financial dictator, not answerable to Congress or the American people, fully compliments additional steps taken over the last few years.

As former California congressman Dan Hamburg said earlier this year, the 2007 National Defense Authorization Act gives the executive the power to invoke martial law in case of “major public emergencies,” not limited to “a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, a terrorist attack,” but also “any other condition in which the President determines that domestic violence has occurred to the extent that state officials cannot maintain public order.” Obviously, a financial crash and ensuing social chaos of the sort now being implemented by the ruling elite would be characterized as a dire emergency and a near perfect excuse to impose martial law, a long standing goal of the elite.

As well, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, codifying indefinite imprisonment of dissidents, and the National Security Presidential Directive 51, ensuring the “continuity of government” in the event of a “catastrophic emergency,” are tools the government will most assuredly use after the economy implodes, now a foregone conclusion according to many economists.

Numerous Bilderberg pronouncements, dutifully reported here at Infowars and Prison Planet but ignored by the larger corporate media, reveal what the global elite have in mind for us — an engineered economic crash followed by a consolidation of wealth under fire sale conditions. In order to successfully accomplish this, the elite must impose martial law and “maintain public order,” that is to say force the public to accept their terms by military force.

As the Army Times reported last month, a battle-hardened “homeland” brigade is now “going domestic” after spending time in Iraq. It appears this illegal deployment (under Posse Comitatus) is designed to respond to “public disorder” as the economy is deliberately and cynically dismantled at the behest of our rulers who are now investing in the Treasury and the executive, with the complicity of Congress, dictatorial powers heretofore unheard of in America.


Main Street turns against Wall Street

Nina Easton

CNN Money

September 30, 2008

In one frenzied month Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke remade Wall Street. Along the way they may also have recast American politics. A month of historic government interventions shows signs of triggering a political version of climate change - unleashing a new era of class fury that could hurt U.S. companies, business leaders, and wealthy investors for years.

“A potential calamity,” predicts Democratic pollster Doug Schoen. “If the reactions we’re seeing hold, we could have real spasmodic anger directed at businesses and corporations.” And the timing will have consequences, says financier and onetime GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney: “Unfortunately, politicians have seized on the politics of envy,” he told Fortune, “and they are stoking it this election year like I’ve never seen in my lifetime.”

Compared to this, Enron was a warm-up exercise. For all the public outrage over accounting scandals seven years ago, the result in Washington was limited to a financial reporting rule that most Americans have never heard of (though many in the business community still consider Sarbanes-Oxley a destructive overreaction).

By contrast, the implosion of Wall Street, followed by Paulson’s escalating series of multibillion-dollar rescues, has fired up populist sentiments that were already building in American politics, promising to reshape legislative battles over everything from tax and trade policies to federal regulation. Union leaders like the AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney suddenly sound as if they’re in the mainstream of public opinion with statements like this: “One thing is certain. No one - no politician, no investment banker, no television commentator, no economist - should be able to say again with a straight face that here in the United States we just let markets do whatever markets do and everything works out for the best.”


Treasury Would Emerge With Vast New Power


The New York Times

September 28, 2008

During its weeklong deliberations, Congress made many changes to the Bush administration’s original proposal to bail out the financial industry, but one overarching aspect of the initial plan that remains is the vast discretion it gives to the Treasury secretary.

The draft legislation, which will be put to a House vote on Monday, gives Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and his successor extraordinary power to decide how the $700 billion bailout fund is spent. For example, if he thinks it wise, he may buy not only mortgages and mortgage-backed securities, but any other financial instrument.

To be sure, the Treasury secretary’s powers have been tempered since the original Bush administration proposal, which would have given Mr. Paulson nearly unfettered control over the program. There are now two separate oversight panels involved, one composed of legislators and the other including regulatory and administration officials.

Still, Mr. Paulson can choose to buy from any financial institution that does business in the United States, or from pension funds, with wide discretion over what he will buy and how much he will pay. Under most circumstances, banks owned by foreign governments are not eligible for the money, but under some conditions, the secretary can choose to bail out foreign central banks.



American Free Press

September 29, 2008

Not satisfied with 200 A-bombs, now Israel has asked the U.S. for tons of deadly munitions.

The Defense Department plans to provide 1,000 bunker-busting bombs to Israel at a cost of $77 million according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Congress has 30 days to object or the sale goes through.

The smart bomb, the GBU-28, is a laser-guided weapon whose warhead can burrow through more than 20 feet of concrete and up to 100 feet of dirt, according to AFP.

If the sale goes through, Israel will get other weapons as well. A Pentagon news release states that “Israel has requested a possible sale of 1,000 GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs (SDB1), 150 BRU-61/A SDB1 Mounting Carriages, 30 Guided Test Vehicles, two BRU-61/A SDB Instrumented Carriages, seven Jettison Test Vehicles, one Separation Test Vehicle, two Reliability and Assessment Vehicles, 12 Common Munitions BIT and Reprogramming Equipment with Test Equipment and Adapters, three SDB1 Weapons Simulators, and two Load Crew Trainers. Also includes containers, flight test integration, spare and repair parts, support equipment, personnel training and equipment, publications and technical data, U.S. government and contractor engineering and logistics personnel services, and other related elements of logistics support.”

This is effectively a taxpayer gift to Israel. Debts for such sales are routinely “forgiven” each year, though this is ignored by the mainstream media. The $3.5 billion in outright aid is paid in a lump some up front, unlike other beneficiaries who receive quarterly installments.

Counting interest paid on money borrowed to give Israel, feeding its war machine costs Americans more than $10 billion a year.

Financing Israel’s brutal and bloody wars of expansion and occupation accounts for so much hatred for this country, not only in the Mideast, but also in Europe.

The sale comes despite concerns that the U.S. had been reluctant to sell the advanced weaponry out of fears that Israel would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran is locked in a confrontation with Israel over its nuclear program, which it claims is for civilian use only.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel would keep all options open regarding its stance toward Iran’s nuclear capability.

(Issue # 39, September 29, 2008)


Big Firms Have Tough Time Admitting They’re Worthless

American Free Press

September 29, 2008

By John Tiffany

“Black Monday,” Sept. 15, 2008, was one of the most dramatic days in Wall Street history. Suddenly, mighty Lehman Brothers was bankrupt and headed for liquidation.

The venerable firm was founded in 1850, and (obviously) survived the Great Depression. On top of that, another top securities firm, Merrill Lynch, agreed to sell itself to Bank of America for roughly $50 billion to avert a growing financial crisis. Stock indexes plummeted—the worst fall seen since 2001. Worse, it is unlikely that the “crash” is over on Wall Street. Some have even compared it to the onset of the Great Depression.

Indeed, the past six months or so have been rough on nearly everyone. In March the government and the Fed amazed the world by underwriting the takeover of Bear Stearns. And just a recently, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed a government bailout. But Uncle Sam, apparently tapped out and bankrupt himself, refused to bail out Lehman Brothers. Insurance giant
American International Group was bailed out on Tuesday. Mortgage giant Washington Mutual is next on the hot seat.

At the heart of the current crisis are “derivatives” and denial. Derivatives are a complex phenomenon—financial instruments whose values change in response to changes in “underlying variables.” Denial on the other hand is easy to understand. It is like the homeowners who bought their houses during the housing bubble and now find themselves stuck with residences that are worth far less than they were a year ago.

The homeowner has a hard time accepting this reality. Similarly, the honchos of Lehman Brothers such as Richard Fuld, chief executive of LB, were in denial about the relative worthlessness of the derivative securities their firm was holding.

Merrill Lynch’s boss, John Thain, more realistic and less emotional, was able to face the fact that his company was only worth a fraction of what it “felt” like it should have been worth, hence he was able to find a buyer before it was too late.

Says Joe Nocera of The New York Times:

Ever since the crisis took hold last summer, most of the big firms have been a day late and dollar short in admitting that their once triple-A rated mortgage-backed securities just weren’t worth very much. And, one by one, it is killing them.
John Tiffany is the copy editor for American Free Press. He is also the assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) historical magazine. For a sample copy of TBR (editor’s choice) send $3 to TBR, P.O. Box 15877,Washington, D.C. 20003.
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(Issue # 39, September 29, 2008)


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