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V.A. Blaine, Jerry Price and others

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 by Bruce Kettler

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I've been writing to the "letters to the editor" in The Huerfano World since July of 2006.

The Huerfano World published my letter to the editor about a display ad, and the ad could have led some to a dangerous (HPV) vaccine.  In my opinion, the newspaper revealed integrity by publishing that criticism. The ad has not appeared in their paper for some time. Also, they have shown fairness and belief in freedom of speech by placing my writing about controversial subjects, without censoring even one word.

The conflict started when I witnessed Jerry Price's writing about Betty Williams who disagreed with him about the war.  He seemed to think she was ignorant.   I was rather taken back by that form of attack.  I don't know Betty Williams, or anything about her.  In the same "letter to the editor" Jerry wrote about conquering the U.S.  I asked him if Iraq had the capability, or intent, of conquering the U.S.

V.A. Blaine replied by saying Osama had the intent.  Well, I was watching mainstream news on TV, and reading mainstream newspapers regularly when the attack took place on Iraq by U.S. forces.  I knew they were saying that Osama was in Afghanistan when 9-11 happened, September 11, 2001.  I never forgot it.  V.A. Blaine came back to answer my question of Jerry, by saying, "Osama."  Well, It was kind of ridiculous, to me, saying that a guy in a cave, with no Air Force, no Navy, and no nuclear missles, could "conquer" the U.S., and also the fact that Osama was not in Iraq.  So, how did a guy in Afghanistan start a war with the country, Iraq, he was not affiliated with, and not physically within its boundaries?

Well, V.A. Blaine came back with something about that being my "opinion."  Now, I know English and Logic pretty well, and I know the difference between a fact and an opinion.  If you disagree with a stated fact, you say "that is not a fact."  You do not say, "that is your opinion."  If there is an opinion about what a fact, or a combination of facts, signify, then you say, "that is your opinion."  I pointed out to V.A. Blaine that what I'd stated were facts, not opinions.

Well, eventually, Jerry Price came back with an answer to my question.  In the end he said, "The Muslims" don't have an Air Force or Navy, so they could not conquer the United States.  I thought, "well, if they cannot do so, and he admits it, then he's argued against his own contention that the war against Iraq is justified."  He then wanted to know what my "credentials" were, and that's a "red herring."  He seemed to think that I was unworthy to ask questions of such "magnitude" without certain credentials.  I never replied to his writing.

So, I ask you, what are U.S. forces doing in Iraq?  What's the threat to the United States?

Then, V.A. Blaine started in with something about me not being "qualified" to write about any of the subjects I'd been bringing up.  That's absurd.  Since what I write is true, and can be investigated because there's plenty of documentation to back it all up, there's no question that I'm qualified.  Then, of course, it was necessary to show how absurd that assumption was, simply because V.A. Blaine was making errors that showed V.A. Blaine is not so qualified, and certainly questioning my "qualifications" was not valid.

So, that brings me to the subject of education.  The educational systems in the U.S. are thoroughly corrupted, from grade school on up.  I know of Medical Doctors who look back at their education as merely a stepping stone, having had to discard some of what they had learned, and gain new knowledge on their own.  The same goes for practicing lawyers.  When I attended University, my professors used text books.  I later learned that a significant portion of such books are corrupted.  As I wrote in a letter to the editor, some of the professors display insanity, and pass it on to their students.  So when Jerry Price and V.A. Blaine tell me they are educated, I just laugh.

A rather sophmoric approach, from Jerry Price, was to write of global warming, and how it supposedly comes from human heat.  That's junk science, and anyone who wants to tell me of their degree, and how I'm so unworthy to communicate with him, they have to come up with something other than junk science to brag about their supposedly great intellect and education.

Another important factor is V.A. Blaine, and Jerry Price's inability, or lack of incentive, to research facts.  V.A. Blaine asked, "how does he know this," regarding scientific facts of 9-11.  I said "research it."  If you walk into a Barnes and Noble Bookstore, you will find books about 9-11 on the shelves.  Anyone can take the facts presented about how airplane's crashing into two buildings of the WTC could not have brought the buildings straight down, even with the fire.  Then, taking the information from the footnotes, they can check the sources given to determine credibility.  In Huerfano County they could obtain an inter-library loan of books.  David Ray Griffin's books, as one example, are available in many locations, libraries and bookstores.  You would never need his name, however, to start researching.  Researching can be done with keywords, and inter-library loans can be accomplished.

I pointed out, again and again, in my "letters to the editor" that a person can watch the videos I listed, stop them, and note the sources.  Then check them.  I'm not going to take up space in a "letter to the editor" to show references to documentation.  As I wrote once, "I'm not writing a book here."

About 75 percent of the American public has basic internet ability.  I have catered to people who don't want to ask a librarian how to get started on the internet, but why should I continue to?  It's much less expensive, and quicker, to check sources on the internet, and it's not that hard to learn how.

Real News via Telephone

MISC WRITING, NOT ABOUT V.A. Blaine or Jerry Price:

In the Rains' 2-14-08 letter to the editor, you say Ron Paul is the hope for America. I say it would be wonderful to have him as President, but the hope for the people is Yahweh (God) and their repentance. It's interesting to note that you also see that alternative media is valuable. As I see it, the mainstream media has brainwashed the masses.

From my communication, it seems to me that The Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition people, for the most part, do not see the big picture regarding the threat of losing land to the Army. When people think the Bush Administration is the problem, and do not realize that Democratic and Republican Administrations for decades have been under the control of THE NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO), they don't have the information necessary to do anything about their problems. The NWO has been setting up a system to eventually take the land of nearly everyone in this country,

Those who came to this continent in the early 17th century were, mostly, God-fearing people who wanted to live free, and worship Yahweh without British church rules. For centuries, this land was blessed by Yahweh. Now the U.S. Government has been, nearly completely, taken over by evil ones, and the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition people need to understand two points.  First, the land mass, along with the later expansion, was granted to the people, their descendents, and others, by Yahweh with conditions. They never owned it. You don't own your section of land, either.  "The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." (I Cor. 10:28)  Second, the threat of the land being taken from you, and many others, is because of sin throughout the U.S. The history of the Holy Bible shows this. Yahweh blessed the people of this country for centuries, and is now witholding His protection. People must repent of sin, accept the salvation of Jesus Christ, and live for Him. Prov. 14:34: "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people."

V.A. Blaine, here's a whole section, just for you.  I've scanned your writing by using OCR software, and placed your 7-26-07 letter to the editor on this page.  I checked it for accuracy, made corrections where the OCR messed up, and have taken what you wrote, apart.

I respect the fact that ink, and paper, costs the Huerfano World money.  Multiplied many times over for the many copies, it's expensive.  I like to write about important things there, not you.  Here I have all the space in the world.

Bruce Kettler's writing in RED

Huerfano World                   July 26, 2007

In response to Mr. Kettler’s dissertation in last week’s paper, internet and CD are not considered reliable references...

V.A. Blaine, you really should pay attention to what you're reading from me.  You write about "credentials," and that means proof of sufficient education.  I think you should show that you are able to read with some diligence, do research, and report accurate historical facts.

See, you shouldn't have written of my qualifications.  You opened the proverbial "can of worms."  If you don't like that "can of worms," if it smells bad, feels uncomfortable, and looks horrible, then you should have, as they say, "let sleeping dogs lie."  That, in my opinion, gives me the right to examine your qualifications, your writing, with a microscope.

First you should read the word "documentary," and learn its meaning.  You should know how to research facts, such as that tall steel framed buildings do not collapse in their own footprints at nearly free fall speed,  either from jet fuel fires, or from the impact of a crashing airplane.  As for the historical facts, try this one first.  When I ask about the start of the Iraq war, don't answer by saying it was Osama who started it, when we all know he was in Afghanistan, not Iraq.

Now let's look at the word "document":

A paper that furnishes information, proof, or support of something else. (Merriam-Webster)

Let's look at the word "documentary":

Giving a factual presentation in artistic form. (Merriam-Webster)
Now, let's look at the statement I wrote, that you referred to, from July 19.  Note, very carefully, the word "documentary."  It's very important.  The film, itself, does not prove anything, but references are made in the video to documents.
A prominent Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo, created a documentary which was in theaters and is now on DVD... You will learn of a global power structure that has nearly complete control of the U.S. Government, and how they got it.
You might also consider that I wrote "DVD," not "CD."  A DVD is something to use to watch and listen.  A CD is only for listening.

Now, can you see how absurd the following statement from you, is?

...internet and CD are not considered reliable references...
Now, here's part of what documentation consists of:
Statements from those are, or who have been in high office.

Copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers

          Currenty pending legislation

Multiple duplicated scientific papers, all by reputable scientists.

Statements of New World Order insiders, noted for academic contributions

Statements of New World Order insiders, noted for their power over government

Media reports that are duplicated by a variety of entirely unconnected sources

Judicial case history

Verified historical accounts, some of which are different than University used textbooks

...since anyone can set up a web page, and anyone can burn a CD and distribute it, even though they don't have the
facts to back up their statements.
Well, I hope you see how ludicrious the above is, when you consider that I've made repeated references to documentation, never having expected people to rely upon what I write on a web page, or what is placed in a DVD.

I had written:

Not everything on the Internet is true.  You can verify facts through research in your library.  Read the research examples and methods I show in the "save the county" section of
Does that look like I was trying to say what was on the internet, or my web pages, were necessarily true?  Does that look like I was trying to say I didn't need facts to back up statements?
The sources they cite are probably no more valid than Mr. Kettler.
"Probably no more valid"?  You mean to say they probably have invalid sources?  Tell me, does that make sense?  You ask for proof.  I provide a tool for you to find that proof, and you don't look for it.

I also failed to see any information regarding his credentials that Mr. Price requested. Both Mr. Price and I gave him ours.

That is irrelevant.  I show far more education and research, by my writing, than you ever could show from letters after your name.
And until he tells me what gives him the right to criticize others...
Well, I've made it abundantly evident that I have a right to criticize you, right here on this page, because there is so much you've discredited yourself with.  You have tried to publicly discredit me, so what do you expect?
and demand answers to off-the-wall statements...
I didn't demand anything.  I asked how Iraq would, or could, conquer the U.S.   That's reasonable.
...and "facts" that have yet to be proven...
Because you are either unwilling, or unable, to prove them to yourself, even after I've provided the references.
...I feel that there is no further need to continue this discussion.

V.A. Blaine

Good, I assume you will discontinue then, right?

Look for books by the following authors:

Author                                             Subject

David Ray Griffin                               9-11
Webster Tarpley                                The Bush's
Jerome R. Corsi                                 The North American Union
Naomi Wolf                                       U.S. Fascist Police State
John Taylor Gotto                               Corruption in U.S. Education
Daniel Estulin                                       The New World Order


Huerfano World            Aug. 3, 2006

As almost everyone knows, we host a Memorial Service every year in memory of our fellow Americans lost on 9 / 11 and also for our soldiers and other innocent people who are still dying as a result of it.

BK NOTES: The soldiers are dying because of a "false flag" operation, not because 9/11 had anything to do with a necsssity for them being in Iraq, but because they were placed there after the pretext of the 9/11 fraud, and the lie about WMD's never found, along with another lie about a supposed "Democracy" for Iraq.

To have anyone call this tragic day a fraud, to us, is insane. Protest your disagreement with the government’s policies, the fighting in Afganistan, etc., but please don’t mindlessly blacken 9/11 anymore than it already is.

BK NOTES: 9/11 was blackened by the treachery and deceit of criminals, that an increasing number of Americans are learning about.

So many people were HORRIBLY MURDERED that day, and for anyone to coldly use it, for what it appears, simply to attract attention to themselves, or simply to shock everyone, is unthinkable.

BK NOTES: You assume my motives?

Did you not see the airplanes fly into the towers? Did you not see the towers fall? Did you not see the Pentagon, the wreckage in the fields
of Pennsylvania?

BK NOTES: I never said it didn't happen.  See my reply to you here.

If you’ve forgotten, spend a few minutes looking at the memorial plaque in front of the courthouse. How can you dare Call this a fraud? Do you not have a heart? You live in the most wonderful place in the world, you are an American, free to speak, free to think, free to go and come as you choose, be proud, embrace it, don’t abuse it.

BK NOTES: Check out the real news.  Find out how free the people in Iraq really are. Find out how free the people in the U.S. really are.

We’re sure we speak for most of Huerfano County residents in saying, THANK YOU Scott, Oress and Roger for quickly putting a
lid on this.

BK NOTES: It's not over, as the expression goes, "till it's over."  There is no, as you say, "lid on this."  People are waking up to the truth.  In the final analysis, when PEOPLE follow God, then they, and the creator of the universe, decide upon these things.

/s/ Delphine Ortega and The 9/11 Committee Members

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