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Bruce Kettler's letters to the editor

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Assuming you count one time per second, it would take approximately 31,709 years to count to 1 trillion

How long will you all continue to play the suckers game?

Will you stop after you're in a FEMA camp with barbed wire around you?

Will you stop playing the pimp game, being whores, before they inject you with chips, to be tracked and traced?

Events and time are passing rapidly these days, and as it goes, it gets harder to resist. The chains get tighter.

So far, Jerry Price and V.A. Blaine are the only two who passionately disagree
with what I write in the "letters to the editor."

To date, neither of them seem to be willing to investigate, and find out if what
I write is factual, and Jerry Price, particularly, seems to me to be rather angry.

So, here is a page that will give the reader a historical outline of some of their
statements, and others statements, along with my responses.  It may serve
as an educational tool.

Jerry Price, V.A. Blaine, and anyone else, you are all invited to get involved in
the controversy, and write to the We Are Change of Huerfano County Blog.

Real News via Telephone

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Huerfano Journal

March 3, 2011

On February 17, a letter appeared in this newspaper about the Alpine Rose Restaurant owner, that she was treated unfairly by police. The letter states she was taken into custody for not appearing in court, a court that is a block away from where she was arrested, in a restaurant she's owned for 38 years. Where was she supposed to running from -- her own business? I know the procedure with bench warrants, but this time a procedure needed some bending, don't you think?

The solution to this, and other previous police problems shown in our local newspapers over the years, is to turn policing Walsenburg over to our Sheriff's department, so that the Sheriff will be accountable to the voters of the city and county for corruption, or deputy misconduct. Eliminate the police department. Add deputies and vehicles to the Sheriff's Department. This is feasible, it has been done before (Businessweek-San Carlos, CA), and it's economical.

I've heard the expression all my life, “You cannot fight City Hall.” That's not true. On the state level, people went to several state legislatures, and federal tyranny was thwarted. As one example, in Montana, federal gun laws do not usually affect the people.

It's in the hands of the people. Remember “We The People”? You are the government. If elected county and city officials do not comply with the will of large numbers petitioning them, seek a recall election and replace them before their term is finished. So, Walsenburg residents, are you lazy, weak and afraid? I hope not, because it's probably going to get worse for you if you don't take action. Next time “your ox will get gored.” History  proves that decadent, and selfish, people always receive the worst forms of tyranny.

Bruce Kettler            We Are Change

Huerfano Journal

Jan. 6, 2011

> Unemployment in the U.S. is over [22 percent is an old figure] 22
> percent ( The value of the dollar has dropped drastically
> with food, gasoline, and heating fuel hard to afford. Too many are evicted
> from homes for nonpayment of mortgages, or [because of] mortgage fraud.
> This is the design of murderers and thieves. That is the bad news.
> The good news is that you can change that by first awakening to the cause
> of the problems. It’s not the democrats, nor is it republicans. It wasn’t
> the Bush puppet, and no, there's not much “hope” [...] with “Obama.” [You
> will not get any spare "change" from him either.]  The cause is
> you, and the remedy is you. “All that is necessary for the triumph of
> evil... is that good men do nothing.” (Burke)

[Note: We are only permitted 300 words in letters to the editor.
 So here, it is necessary to point out that THE primary politcal
 remedy is THE TENTH AMENDMENT, because it has worked
 so many times, on the STATE, and COUNTY level.]
> I’ve met some who have awakened to the problems we are facing who are
> hiding in a closet, afraid to tell the truth because they may lose friends
> or be ridiculed. You can find real friends. Those who are afraid of being
> rounded up after being placed on a list, if the tyrants are allowed more
> control their forces will get you eventually. There is nothing to lose by
> helping your fellow humans learn the truth, that united with love we can
> have freedom and prosperity. [In Huerfano County, if the dollar fails
> completely, we can become independent, with barter and other
> solutions.  See the "save the county" page.]
> People like me, so-called “radicals," are in the majority these days,
> though the lying media portrays us as few. Check out Obama’s and all of
> congress' approval rating which is historically low. Learn the documented
> fact that most people in the U.S. do not believe the official story of
> 9/11. 1300 architects and engineers have proven it's a lie. And, what is
> so “radical” about documented facts?
> Check into “Save The County” at the website.
> Bruce Kettler

Huerfano Journal

September 9, 2010

As this election time approaches, I hear echos of years ago rhetoric that a new congress will supposedly change with the predominance of a new party. Each controlled congress passes tyranical "laws" that are unconstiitutional and therfore null and void. Parties have little to do with it.

When Bush finished his second term, supposedly Santa Clause was going to provide the people with a "free lunch," and he was called "Obama." Many who voted for him now know there is no Santa Clause, but there's still a few who have not grown up yet. Again and again, people think they will solve their problems by electing a president of a different party. Do people yet notice that the present president is a Democrat, the one before him was a Republican, and before that was a Democrat? People were "played" like suckers, while those who pulled the puppet strings laughed. Unneceassary wars continued. The hoax of Oklahoma City came with Clinton, and the 9/11 lie with Bush. The "war on terror" psy-op [psychological operation] and tyranny slowly grew into the present monster before, during, and after Clinton [the Democrat] and Bush [the Republican].

[<<omitted from newspaper for space consideratons>> So, you should all see that the "Demopublican" party is one force. What can we do about the mess in Washington DC?  Ask proper authorities to arrest those who are pulling the puppet strings, and the puppets who are traitors. That would be a good start. Third parties are an interesting alternative, but probably not a sure fix. Not all Republicans or Democrats are corrupt, or led by the puppet masters. One example is Republican Congressman Ron Paul, a good candidate for president.]

[Until we get Washington, DC cleaned up], throughout the United States people are appealing to state and county authorities because they do not want to be subject to unconstitutional so-called "laws" from Washington's District of Criminals. The puppet masters don't want you resorting to constitutional tenth amendment measures. They control much of the media, so many do not know such action is lawful, and often successful.

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano Journal              Aug 12, 2010

Aug. 5, 2010 there appeared a "letter to the editor" from Paul R. Powell of Petroglyph.

I quote, "The drinking water standard for fluoride is..." No, the standard added dose for good physical health, and for a sound mind, is ZERO. Despite the mainstream media, and establishment educational system lies for so many decades, added fluoride to water supplies are not beneficial, and there are NO acceptable added levels for people who do not desire their own self destruction.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion" say many. And I say, that's true, but facts are facts. If it's daytime, and I take you outside in the bright sunlight, please do not tell me it's just my opinion that it's daytime.

Paul Connett, PhD Professor of Chemistry St. Lawrence University Canton, NY after careful research wrote, "...recent animal experiments have reported that fluoride can damage the brain." So, what is an acceptable level of a brain damaging, pacifying, carcinogen that the Nazis used in concentration camps, and that is an important ingredient of rat poison? What level of any added poison is acceptable? If you haven't been made too stupid by the fluoride you will say ZERO. A 45 is more potent than a 22 caliber bullet, but not many want to be shot with either of them?

He goes on to write, "Other sources of fluoride include food and beverages processed with fluoridated water (Kiritsy 1996 and Heilman 1999), fluoridated dental products (Bentley 1999 and Levy 1999), mechanically deboned meat (Fein 2001), teas (Levy 1999), and pesticide residues on food (Stannard 1991 and Burgstahler 1997)."

People, please pay attention to these facts. Mental and physical disease has increased drastically in the U.S. You need to stop destroying yourselves. Overpopulation is a scientifically proven myth, so make intelligent healthy babies to replace the dumbed down masses that are diseased and dying, unless you've been made sterile by the fluoride, or other ingredients.

Bruce Kettler

We Are Change

Huerfano Journal              July 1, 2010

I note the June 24 letter from V.A. Blaine.

I've exchanged "letters to the editor" with V.A. Blaine recorded at Click at "letters to the editor."

V.A. Blaine, after all these years since we exchanged comments, have you still not learned that you don't know so much about everything?  You cite a mainstream news source as if it must be telling us the gospel truth.  Now, you are trying to tell us the FCC rules on broadcasted news sources, so they must tell the truth?

The internet is not a source, any more than a library.  Libraries contain both authentic, and non-authentic sources.  It's the same with the internet; people must learn to check sources for authenticity with acadamically acceptable criteria.

My advice, V.A. Blaine, is that for you to retain credibility in these "letters to the editor" you should read my final comments to you on the website noted above. I agree that the Tea Party is a viable movement, but your methods of trying to prove it are not credible.

 Bruce Kettler

Huerfano Journal       May 6, 2010

Comments about the tea party in this newspaper have been mostly about Republicans, Democrats, Obama and Bush.  The worst problems we face in America have little to do with the left, right, or puppets like Obama.  America is on a difficult and incremental road toward slavery, and to regain your heritage of liberty you must know who, and what, causes the problems.  Most of you who are obsessed with who, or what, you think causes problems in government are distracted.

I spoke at the Tea Party April 17 about "Tenth Amendment Center" solutions.

The U.S. Federal Government has been hijacked, and it is run by people who have no allegiance to this, or any, country.  So, you who want a restoration of our once free republic need to learn about the so-called "elite" who have openly declared they are forming a world government.  I wrote about world government in Walsenburg newspapers long before it was frequently admitted in mainstream news.

If you want your children and grandchildren to be free, you'll investigate so you may know the facts, because the mainstream media and educational systems have been lying to you.  If you have difficulty understanding how to ascertain facts, I will personally help you.  Just go to the library, access the internet, and contact me.

The U.S. Military has been training to confiscate the firearms of innocent Americans.  Exercises of this sort have recently accelerated.  Not all military personnel are happy about this training, and your best solution is to reach out and remind them of their oath to the U.S. Constitution.  Many military are openly declaring they will never disobey their oath, and will, instead, refuse unlawful orders.  They call themselves "Oathkeepers."

                         Bruce Kettler

Huerfano Journal       January 28, 2010

The Tenth Amendment Center, a nationwide organization, has just started the Huerfano County Tenth Amendment Center, with myself, Bruce Kettler, as the County Coordinator.

The website is You can reach me at pager: 719-738-0110 or by sending e-mail through the website, for the purpose of attending meetings, and finding out more about the center's activities and goals.

The Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Through the actions of Sheriffs, such as Richard Mack, to maintain independence from an overreaching of federal authority, the right of freedom from excessive, and illegal, federal action has been realized by counties throughout the U.S. County Sheriffs of Colorado,, conducted a conference last fall, and the Sheriffs showed concern about the federal overreach into the areas of local control and enforcement.

Through the official refusal of states, counties, and cities to be subject to the so-called "Patriot Act," people in those areas have not been subjected to its tyrannical provisions.

To show one example of many states asserting their right to independence, Montana has a new law which says that any gun made and kept in Montana is free of federal gun regulation.

The Colorado Tenth Amendment Center seeks to nullify any health care that mandates citizens to purchase health care. They also seek to nullify a Cap and Trade Bill, with a carbon credit scheme based upon fraud. Senator Dave Schultheis is sponsoring a "Firearms Freedom Act." In Huerfano County, our activity supports the State effort, but we have additional goals to accomplish for this county specifically.

In Huerfano County, we seek an official nullification of the so-called "Patriot Act" which is tyrannical in nature, and unconstitutional. If our Sheriff seeks independence from federal and county commissioner interferrence, we support him in that endeavor. If he doesn't, we'll elect another one. We will all work together to educate and organize as many of the people as possible, and be sure our elected officials, and peace officers, are informed of, and given proof, regarding the true nature of our corrupted federal government. Through similar efforts nationwide, we will regain the rule of law, and realize once again a country of liberty.

Bruce Kettler                County Coordinator               Huerfano County Tenth Amendment Center

Huerfano World     November 27, 2009

Pastor Modlish, in the November 20 issue of the World, you wrote of "self-confessed combatants" who had been tortured, and had supposedly committed the murder of "3,000 Americans on September 11."

Probably, if you were tortured long, and hard enough you'd confess to anything, just to have the torture cease.  As I wrote in a previous letter to the editor on July 31, most of the mainstream media's story of September 11, 2001 is a fraud.

As I referenced then, and will do again, peer-reviewed scientific evidence proves it is a fraud.  Those who believe the 9/11 official story are amongst a rapidly decreasing minority of Americans.  One may look to the first page of the We Are Change of Huerfano County Web site to see the documentation.

Huerfano World     October 2, 2009

The 9-18-09 World contained a letter to the editor from Ellie Linke and Lynne Price.  They want Barack Obama to address the children in our schools, and apparently they do not understand why parents object.

I've conversed with parents in the area about this, and those I've contacted are not objecting to Obama being a Democrat.  They are, for the post part, objecting to fascists behind the scenes who pull Obama's puppet strings.  They object to brainwashing, and subjecting their children to personality cult worship - the same type that occurred in other police states throughout the past century.

The people of Huerfano County have come a long way toward enlightenment of real political issues.  I'm saddened that Ellie and Lynne have not been part of that awakening.  Flyers, and DVD disks, are being distributed by a number of true patriots in this county.

BRUCE KETTLER    We Are Change

Huerfano World     July 31, 2009

The July 24, 2009 World contains yet another of Jim Modlish's comments that reveal his ignorance of world events, and also scientifically proven fact.  The supposition that the events of 9/11/01 justified a war in the mideast is old propaganda, and those who still believe it are rapidly becoming a small minority.  Supposing that 3000 deaths on 9/11 were caused by Osama Bin Laden (a CIA asset) and the U.S. must hunt him down, comes from the minds of ignorant people who fail to consult peer reviewed scientific material that prove the official story of 9/11, with supposed collapsed buildings due to fire, consists of fabrications of liars.

The threat we face, at this time, is from a group of "elite" that have nearly complete control of the U.S. Federal Government and military, and who are the real terrorists of 9/11.  Obama and the former President Bush are, and were, not much more than puppets.

Jim Modlish, the obligation of a "Christian" leader is to promote the message of Christ, and He does not advocate wars of aggression.  He does promote the means of the individual's defense of  life by buying a sword (Luke 22:36), and that applies to nations.   Many Iraqi men, women, and children have been murdered [more than one million] by U.S. forces who are are not happy about what they have been dragged into.  That is genocide, [see this testimony of soldiers] not a war of defense of either the U.S., or of the people in Iraq.  I'm not defending Saddam and his gassing of Kurds, but he's dead and has been for quite some time, remember?

So, you say the U.S. should "address... the perpetrators of Sept. 11."  If you propose to teach people, first learn who those perpetrators actually are before you go off on a limb about proposed wars of aggression.

On July 4, 2009 you spoke of loving America, which means being patriotic.  I love America.  What "America" are you referring to?   Some say the largely corrupted goverment in Washington DC is America, and it's not.  America consists mainly of 1. Adherence to The U.S. Constitution, 2. The People who live on the land, and 3. the land itself.  Those are the basic ingredients, but there's more.  The U.S. Federal Government structure is described in the Constitution, and it has become, to a great extent, corrupted because many of their "laws" and policies are not according to that Constitution.  Washington, DC, for the most part, no longer represents the people.  That's why rapidly increasing numbers of State, County, and City Governments have been declaring that they do not recognize - and will not obey - so-called "laws" (an unconstitutional "law" is null and void) and policies that are being enacted by The Federal Government.

We Are Change


Huerfano World     August 29, 2008

On July 19, 2006, I, and others, confronted The Huerfano County Commissioners in Chambers. According to a Huerfano World article, "Bruce Kettler...asked the Commissioners to sign a resolution to repeal the Patriot Act." The article went on to say, "Kettler announced, '9-11 was a fraud, a provable fraud.'" "[Commissioner] King said, 'Good people died that day...'" Certainly, good people died, and unknown to many, families of those who died are crying out for justice. They know who did it, and it wasn't some bearded CIA asset hiding in a cave. Does King yet doubt the U.S. government, as most Americans do today?

On 2-4-08, famous singer Willie Nelson, ( on the Alex Jones Radio show said, "I certainly do [question the official story] and I saw those towers fall, and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas. There was too much similarity between the two... What do they think we'll go for?" That was a common sense opinion. Another similar opinion, with greater detail, was voiced by former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, who on 4/2/08 said, "How could these buildings fall at the speed of gravity?...  Jet fuel is not a hot burning fuel, and they want us to believe it melted these steel structured girders..." (alert.html#ventura) Architects, physicists, and other qualified people have examined the issue carefully. The story that fires brought two tall steel framed buildings straight down at nearly free-fall speed is an obvious myth.

The events of 9-11 should be fully understood to recognize any future fraudulent excuse for Martial Law, with gun confiscation, and taking of innocent citizens to FEMA camps. For their safety, it's essential that the people of Huerfano County understand the threats faced if another excuse is made to increase the intensity of tyranny that this nation has already suffered.

Election time is coming, so people need to unite and hold Huerfano County officials accountable if plans have been made to cooperate with FEMA. More information, with links to documentation, are on my web site:

"I studied the military/government mind-control programmes and techniques in great detail for many years during the late-1990s and across 2000, and the Obama 'phenomenon' is the most blatant mass-mind control operation you could wish to see." DAVID ICKE

Huerfano World     August 15, 2008

The August 1 comment by Jim Modlish about "Israel" is not biblical, it is rather the ramblings of a cult placed in seminaries and "churches" by infiltrators.  The abundance of false teaching in so-called "churches" was prophesied in I Timothy 4:1 about "doctrines of devils" for these "latter times."

The quote of the Genesis 12:3 promise, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee..." was to the people Israel who didn't have the present location called "Israel."  The promise was not to the present corrupt State of "Israel started by an agent of the Satanic New World Order, the U.N.  Biblical Israel is first the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and secondarily the land Israelites occupy.  Right now, Israelites predominately occupy U.S. territory and other lands.  More information about this is at

The hijacked U.S. Federal Government has supported Israel, while America has become more cursed with economic and other problems.  So, where's the blessing from all this support?  America was blessed when the people obeyed God, and is now cursed because of an abundance of sin and false teachers in the "churches."

Now, Iran is threatened while fanatical Zionist "Christian" cultists cheer on, hoping for Armageddon so they can be "raptured" and suddenly taken up to heaven, body and all.  This is scriptural distortion.  The born again of Christ will endure the prophesied tribulation period before Jesus returns.

Of Babylon, which includes Modlish's and other "churches," God says in Revelation 18:4 "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not her plagues."

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano World    March 20, 2008
All over the world, so-called Christian preachers are, as prophesied, leading people far from the Bible, to "...turn away their ears from the truth..." [and to accept] fables." (II Tim. 4:4). The corrupted U.S. Government, under the New World Order (NWO), is seldom criticised, and the popular false teaching about a taking away (rapture) of the saints before the tribulation, is being promoted.

The Holy Bible's Revelation chapter 13 tells of The NWO (beast) authority and power over "all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." The Devil (dragon) gives the NWO that power. In this quote from Aldous Huxley note the Devil's handiwork. He tells of the "pharmacological method... a euphoric state which would make people thoroughly happy, even in the most abominable circumstances." He was, on March 20, 1962, referring to the control over the population that "scientific dictatorships" would have. And, right on schedule, gradually more people have been getting mind altering drugs pushed on them by the establishment. Lately, it's even known to be in the drinking water. It's referred to as "sorceries" (Greek: "pharmakeia") in Revelation 18:23.

Are some in Huerfano County kept "happy"? Are alcohol, illegal and legal drugs, or the trance from many hours of watching TV, keeping some from caring about life or liberty? They can be free, as Jesus said, "The truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

Learn more about how Huerfano County can reclaim physical and spiritual liberty at

Huerfano World    March 6, 2008
On the internet, a linked site, or page, leads to others, and you can use that method to verify authentic documentation which proves the writing. Readers can access my letters to the editor, with links, at Click at "letters to the editor." Often, underlined words are links. Readers can publicly interact about my writing, on the net, through a linked "blog."

Approximately 26,000 Judas Preachers were hired by FEMA to, in the pulpits, condition the people to accept whatever government commands them, as if it's "of the Lord." They are trained by FEMA, in the event of Martial Law, to tell the people to turn in their firearms, get on trucks, allow separation from spouses and children, and be carted off to FEMA camps. More info, with links, are at  A martial law system has been slowly, and covertly, put in place in the U.S. over decades. If fully implemented, this scenario will be made real. Deut. 30:29: "...turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days; because ye will do evil in the sight of the Lord." There is a connection between the political and the spiritual. There could be one or more of those preachers in Huerfano County. If you suspect your preacher is one of them, you could favorably affect the people of this county by exposing him or her.

Some police, military, and rich people think they are of the so-called "Elite." Very few are. New World Order (NWO) leaders don't allow mercury in vaccines to be injected into their children's bodies, so their children do not become autistic. They don't get cancer, they just give it to people. They don't take the dangerous, addictive, drugs called "medication" that their minion "professionals" push on people who then have no capability of understanding government threats to their lives or liberty. NWO leaders are a pack of murderers, and they have no respect for police or military. There are good police and military who abide by the U.S. Constitution, but where the NWO has control of the police, they will only use them for as long as they need to. The NWO's history indicates they use, abuse, and discard their minions.

How much NWO diabolical power is being experienced in Huerfano County? Interact with us on the web, or in these "letters to the editor," and tell us.

Excellent books have been written about the subjects I've expounded upon for the past 2 years. These can be obtained through inter-library loans. In the books, there are references to documentation which prove statements. For brevity, I'm listing only the names of authors, along with the subjects they cover: North American Union, Jerome R. Corsi; U.S. Fascist Police State, Naomi Wolf; U.S. Educational System, John Taylor Gatto; The Bush's, Webster Tarpley; New World Order, Michael S. Coffman, Daniel Estulin; Sept. 11, 2001, David Ray Griffin.

Solutions for Huerfano County are at, and linked from, the "Save The County" page.

Huerfano World  Jan. 31, 2008
I'm writing this to all 3 Huerfano County Newspapers, and will distribute copies of it to many people in this county if it does not appear in your newspapers.

I’ve noticed display ads in all 3 of your newspapers which ask, "should your daughter be vaccinated?” From the wording, and the timing, I believe the reference is to the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine.

Reports continue to mount up of adverse reactions and deaths due to the vaccine.  I’ve e-mailed, and hand delivered, information to your offices.

While I realize that what you are doing is legal, and that the people placing the ads are authorized to do so, there are many acts done in the name of legality by “authorities” which should be held in check.  Often enough, activities which are at first legal are later known to be criminal.   I am asking for all three newspapers to conduct thorough research about these vaccines, examine the medical reports of those who died, and those who suffered severely as a result of the vaccine.   In particular, examine photos of the bodies of those who suffered adverse reactions.

Then, I urge you to write an article apologizing to the people of Huerfano County, and return the advertising money.   Do you have the guts, the integrity, and the compassion to do that?

Readers, please reference my web site: click at “save the county” for further insight into what is going on behind the scenes in government.

Huerfano World   Jan. 17, 2008

V.A. Blaine's January 10 letter to the editor is, for the most part, absurd.   Assumptions based upon nothing more than phantom concepts are worthless.   "All we want," (Who are 'we'?) "is truthful information without having to go to the internet to find it."  "It's his duty to provide it."  When I've made references to the internet, there was no requirement to go to the internet.  People can figure out how to find information outside the internet, without extemely detailed data from me.  The duty does not exist, it's a fantasy.  There is writing of a supposed need for me to demonstrate "qualifications to write of matters of such magnitude or importance."  This is writing about an imagined "need."  It defies logic and common sense.  It does not fit into the realm of the real world.  The truth of what I write, and the ability of those reading to check the facts, even without the internet, are the only qualifications necessary.

In addition to the illusions, there are the logical fallacies, misrepresentations, etc.  Bringing up "credentials" is a "red herring," meaning the subject is irrelevant, and that is largely because the educational institutions are, for the most part, corrupted.  For me to respond to a "red herring" would be to participate in it.  Another logical fallacy is the "Ad Hominem" which is an attack on the person, rather than the facts or opinions brought on by that person: "...if Mr. Kettler's using segments of a newscast, does he have permission..." drawing attention to my character, questioning whether I stole intellectual property.  If the question is not pertinent to the argument, then it's a "red herring."  If it draws attention to my character, it's "Ad Hominem" ie: argument against the man.  Your "strawman" was made, inferring that I'd been making the argument that the internet is to be relied upon for information: "the only source of reliable information" I'd not stated that, but rather just the opposite.

My "credentials" are at   That's my letters to the editor, with clickable links.

V.A. Blaine accuses me of the logical fallacy of "emotional manipulation" when I had informed people of an actual, proven, conspiracy to bring down this country.  It would only be "emotional manipulation" if no documentation existed.  You say I referred people to my own website for documentation.  No, I wrote of my web site for references to documentation.  "[I say] 'Not everything on the internet is true.' Yet, to confirm his statements, one must consult his website, which is on the internet."  See, V.A. Blaine, here's an important lesson for you: when you don't know anything about how something works, don't try to communicate about it.  I don't know rocket science, nor do I understand brain surgery, but I don't talk or write about them either.  If a linked web site is verified as an official source, it's not part of the unreliable portion of the internet that people refer to when they show statistics that a certain percentage of the internet contains false information.  As one example, did contain Presidential Directive 51.  It's a real document, and though on the internet, that's an authentic source.

Writing of V.A. Blaine demonstrates a cult of authority.  When people have medical problems, the authority is the doctor.  They can kill, or debilitate, people with injections and pills, but the people just continue to blindly follow.  When people have trouble with the judicial system, the lawyer rules.  Never question the lawyer, just pay.  The more they charge, the more they are to be blindly followed, because that supposedly makes them worth more.  V.A. Blaine wrote " is my understanding that jury members can only rule on facts in evidence, they can't rule on laws..."  You see, there is a body of knowledge that is apart from the prevailing, distorted education.  It's required, first, that people study it, apply it, and insist on it.  When they have done so, often enough the truth prevailed.  "The Citizens Rule Book," which contains the U.S. Constitution, would be helpful to clarify further.  Another source would be

V.A. Blaine seemed to think Osama in an Afghanistan cave started a war against Iraq, and wants to know if I'm qualified to write documented, verified, truth about other subjects?  That same person wrote that I said there was a conspiracy to kill most of the people in the U.S., when it was the people in the world, still can't get facts straight.  It's ludicrous!  Writing of Hurricane Katrina, and the gun confiscation that followed, V.A. Blaine writes, "Weren't these same officers prosecuted for violating the second amendment..."?  Why not research it, and find out?  I wrote of "scientific fact" regarding 9-11, V.A. Blaine writes, "How does he know this"?  Again, research it.

President Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was part of a plot to overthrow the U.S. Government and instantly establish a Nazi style dictatorship in the U.S.  This fact, by itself, would not be so significant if there was no Nazi style dictatorship now being set up in the U.S.   Facts such as this are hidden from the average American, and when first encountered, such truth leaves a bad taste.  You must have the guts to face the truth.

As for who is qualified to write on matters of such magnitude, when the information is publicly available people are only fit to write about them when they first do the research of authentic documenation.  If you write your opinion or speculation while not examining available facts, you are spouting nonsense.

There are 4 main reasons I refer to my web site for references to documentation.  The first is that a high percentage of the people in the U.S. are internet literate.  If I was writing this 15 years ago, my references would be out of place.  The second reason is that internet literacy is easy, and quick, to obtain in the library.  The third reason is that the internet is multi-layered.  That means when you look at a page of text, you find multiple underlined portions, called links, that when activated lead to other pages, and other web sites.  It does not mean one must access every link, only that with all that available one may obtain a more complete view, with still pictures, videos, and official sources for verification.  The fourth reason is that this is a "letter to the editor" with limited space, and I like to place as much essential information in it as possible.

Apart from the internet, to verify documentation write paper letters, make phone calls, send faxes, pay fees, and obtain documentation.  What you will look for is "The McCormack-Dickstein Committee" in regard to the referenced attempted coup of the year 1934.  If you have time and money go to Washington DC, to the National Archives and The Library of Congress.  Go to your local library and get an inter-library loan of some videos.  Write down the references in the videos.  Get another loan from outside the county libraries of the books referenced in the videos.  I've written about this in previous letters to the editor.  Videos in Huerfano County libraries are Loose Change, Terrorstorm, Terror Storm, End Game, ( has a bibliography) and America: Freedom to Fascism.

Other references to the coup attempt are in videos, audios, text, etc. at - click at "News Alert."  Find "Naomi Wolf: Fascist America In 10 Easy Steps."

Huerfano World    Jan. 10, 2008

I've written a few statements in these "letters to the editor" that 2 people have reacted to.  One accused me of obtaining all my information from the internet.  The other inferred I was stupid for believing all that is on the internet.  I was questioned to see if I was worthy to ask questions of a certain "magnitude."  What university I attended was questioned.   I was also asked what military service I had served under.  Neither of those questions are of any relevance.  The verified truth of what I've stated is of relevance.  The word "fact" was confused with "opinion" by one of my critics.  When I answered a question about documentation to prove my statements, the answer was ignored.

I wrote, recently, that guns were confiscated in New Orleans from innocent citizens.  Anyone with common sense can obtain documenation from media in the New Orleans area about the period of time of Hurricane Katrina.  They don't need to use the internet.  They do not need me to cite specific TV stations, or other media.  TV newscasts can be viewed on my web site.  Click at "TV News Lies vs truth."

President Bush is the grandson of a traitor.  Prescott Bush betrayed his Country, the USA, to the Nazis.  For those of you who do not know what Nazi's were, they took away liberty from the German people, and in a cold blooded manner killed many of their own countrymen.  Nazi's fought and killed American soldiers in WW II.  The problem, now, is that many of the same procedures for taking away liberty from the people are being carried out now in the USA.  Documentation that proves this statement can be checked independently of the internet, but to know where to look see my web page: - click at "News Alert."

There are still remedies for the problems we face in this Country, and in this County.  Primarily, we have a proposed resolution which the people of Huerfano County can get implemented.  Click at "Save The County" on my web site for more information.  If more people do not get concerned, and politically active, there will no longer be any political options remaining.  They will be taken away.  The liberty that now remains will likely be completely stripped from the people.  History shows this.

Huerfano World      December 20, 2007
I'm responding to V.A. Blaine, your Dec. 13 writing: "some people believe in the internet like a RELIGION"  You wrote that I supposedly conveyed that the internet is "the only source of reliable information."  I have stated, in these letters to the editor, that information on the internet is flawed.  I have made it clear that there are methods for examining sources, outside of the internet, to be sure certain information is correct.  Yours is the logical fallacy of the "strawman" argument, in which you stated a supposed argument which I'd never made.

Both of you, V.A. Blaine, and Jerry Price, are in agreement with me on the importance of the U.S. Constitution, that it is the supreme law of the land.  It supercedes all other laws.  You agreed that the right to keep and bear arms was considered by the founders, as you wrote V.A. Blaine, a "*guarantor against a tyrannical government."  It would be helpful, at this time, to also point out that it was intended as a last resort.  What that means is that all who read this are obligated to utilize the political resources that still remain (Use it or lose it.), some of which you will read about here in this letter.  That is, indeed, the purpose of the second amendment, as shown by writing of the founders, other than in the Constitution itself.

The principal *guarantee we have against a tyrannical government is THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.  "Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."  (Proverbs 14:34)  This nation is living in sin, and it is a disgrace.  Until you turn to God, accept the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ, and turn from sin, you will remain a reproach, and continue deeper into the pit of hell on earth, into the tyranny that has been coming upon this nation.

Both the first amendment, the right of free speech, and the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, are under attack.  At the very least, if it becomes the only option that remains, let's be sure we retain our first and second amendment rights in Huerfano County.

For research regarding the current second amendment challenges, especially recent events regarding Washington DC and an upcoming Supreme Court ruling, I advise all reading this to bypass The NRA and go to GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA -  Their telephone number is 703-321-8585.  If you ask, they will probably send you literature about why The NRA is not to be trusted.

To obtain information on the first amendment issue, S-1959, I advise that people do not rely on interpretation from Colorado Senators.  You can ask that the wording of the bill, itself, be faxed, or mailed to you from official sources in Washington DC.  Usually there is a fee involved.  On the internet, one must excersise caution when attempting to obtain official document content, since some web sites offer bogus information.  On my web site,, in the "News Alert" section I have written my opinion regarding the bill, with quotes from it.  In my opinion, unless the bill is drastically changed in the senate, people in the U.S. will lose their first amendment rights if it becomes law.  One past first amendment challenge included an attempt to implement a "hate crime" law, which was defeated.

There is a handy pocket sized "Citizens Rule Book" which can be purchased for about 75 cents each in lots of 100.  It contains both the U.S. Constitution and information for jurors so they can do what Oliver Wendell Holmes, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, stated in 1902:  "The jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact."  The only clout the judge has to go against the U.S. Constitution, and the PEOPLE, is the ignorance of certain people.  If those reading this would pass these little booklets around to voters in Huerfano County, the odds would increase that those of you who obey the law of the land, but who may disobey some future tyrannical, unconstitutional "law," would be found not guilty by a jury of your peers.  Call 888-253-3139, and ask for quantity pricing of "The Citizens Rule Book."  If you can afford it, obtain thousands of copies.  One copy is $1.00 plus shipping.

People in Huerfano County, there is a proposed resolution on the website.  Click at "Save the County."  Those who don't like the internet may be able to persuade your librarian to print it for you.  The Sheriff of this county has the authority to refuse to allow enforcement of unconstitutional laws throughout the county, and to not allow interference, in the county, from federal or state authorities.  Sheriffs swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.  There is a need to get this resolution on the record, as soon as possible, because of matters other than the first and second amendment which you can read about in the proposed resolution, itself.

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano World     December 13, 2007

America is on her death bed, along with many of the people who live inside Her present borders.  There is a growing number in this country who know the dangers, and who can deeply feel the hope that still remains to revive America - the liberty, prosperity, and justice that once prevailed in this land.

The “talking heads” on TV are, for the most part, intellectual prostitutes who are digging America’s grave.  They are paid millions each year, so people will watch, in a trance, fearing imaginary threats and ignoring the real problems.

The liberty, justice, and prosperity that people on this continent had came by the power of Almighty Yahweh (God).  The Devil’s children are inside the present government, stripping the people of their inheritance because God has withheld His protection.  God is permitting the slow destruction of His people because their sins are an abomination to Him.  He cannot lie.  He must bring further, swift judgement if the people continue on their path toward Hell on Earth.

Personal salvation from the power and penalty of sin, through the redemption of Jesus Christ as savior, is one type.  Salvation by a “rapture” that draws people to heaven before hard times is a lie.  It’s not biblical.  National Salvation is possible while there is still time, and still some hope.  There is not much time, but hope is rising throughout the land.  The political options will not work unless the people repent, and come back to God.

One political option is the election of Ron Paul ( as President of the United States.  It’s not simply a matter of voting on election day.  For him to get nominated, we need delegates, people in states of primaries to switch party affiliation, and others to contribute money by calling 877-RON2008.  Ron Paul beat former campaign records by raising 4.2 million dollars in one day. Bumper stickers, yard signs, buttons, etc. may be purchased at the web site.

The word “conspiracy” and “theory” are examined in a video I produced which may be viewed at  Click at “Save The County.”  Now, let’s look at the word “opinion,” which means something less than positive knowledge.   Some mistake my reports of positive knowledge for opinion, and then say, “that’s your opinion.”

It’s not my opinion that certain U.S. troops have been training to take down innocent citizens in the U.S.  It’s documented fact.  Look at the video mentioned above, and watch the “Operation Urban Warrior” portion.  Then check the documentation for that, and other, exercises.  (On the web page mentioned above, I explained how one can check to be sure a stated fact has documented proof.)  Then, if you wish you can form an opinion about the fact.  You can say the training went on, but there was absolutely no plan to ever carry that out in reality.  That can be your opinion, if you wish, but please be rational, and don’t call the fact an opinion.

Not having seen the video, or checked the documentation, you can say you don’t believe innocent citizens, in dry areas, had their guns confiscated in New Orleans.  You can check, and you should then believe the documented fact.  That’s also on the video mentioned above.  You can take that fact, and form opinions from it.  You can say your opinion is that the gun confiscations were justified, for some imagined reason or another.  I doubt if any educated person would agree with your opinion, however,

Of the many sins committed in America, the worst, in my opinion, is by preachers who, in the name of Christ, tell the people to worship government.  This not a biblical concept.  Men and women of God have resisted corrupt governments throughout biblical, and other, history.

The U.S. Government has gradually become rotten to the core because decadent people have not been watchful.  There is just enough of a political system remaining for people to help clean up our election system and reform congress.  If the people remain silent, in a short time there will no longer be a political system to work with.  As they say, “silence is consent.”

Millions of innocent children have been cut off from life before they leave the womb.  This is an abomination, a rotten stench to a Holy God.  Their blood is on the hands of the American people for allowing this to continue.  You must repent, and through political action bring this practice of government sanctioned murder to an end.

The penalties for the sin in America are being brought down hard on people today, and many of you don’t know about it.  You could be next.  Government is stealing children all over the U.S.  When I tell people this, many cannot believe it, but it’s true.

Far more harm has been heaped upon the American people than I could write about in this short space, but there is more on my web site, and in links from the site.

Huerfano County, it’s time to get the County Resolution implemented.  Look at the web page referenced above, and find out how.

Huerfano World          November 29, 2007

I'm responding to the November 15, 2007 Huerfano World Letter to the Editor from Jerry Price.

Bravo on a well written piece about the second amendment.  Yes, I agree that it was placed in the Constitution to guarantee against tyranny.  The other writings, outside the Constitution, state the reason.  However the actual wording of the second amendment is "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

On my web site,, there is a video I produced, and contained in it is a newscast showing gun confiscation from wealthy law abiding citizens where there were no flood waters in the New Orleans area, after the worst of the Katrina Hurricane crisis.  Click at "Save The County" and then again at the picture on the top of the page.  This action was a clear violation of the second amendment.

You mentioned that people should go to their library to find a U.S. and Colorado Constitution.  That's a good idea. Usually the Constitution is contained as part of another book.  I have a book on my shelf that explains government function, and includes a copy of the Constitution.  People can also order a "Citizens Rule Book" for $1.00 that contains the complete Constitution, as well as other valuable information.  It will fit in the shirt pocket.  They can call 888-253-3139 to place the order, or obtain 100 of them for $74.95.  Juries and potential jury members should have this.  The rights of the jurors are spelled out in the booklet.  Of particular importance is the jury member's right to rule on both fact and law, contrary to what many judges falsely instruct jurors.  I know of a case in which a juror was nearly prosecuted for stating this in a jury room in Idaho, but because she was so well supported by people throughout the country, the accused who had been acquited remained free, and she was not prosecuted.

Unconstitutional so-called "laws" should be considered "null and void" by jurors.  "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."  Marbury vs Madison.

There is a potentially unconstitutional bill being debated in the Senate.  It's still not approved as of November 21.  It's S-1959.  People should look at what I wrote in the "News Alert" section of my web site, and then contact their State Senators.  I doubt if many reading this would like to see our first amendment, our freedom of speech, violated.

We still have opportunities to exercise our rights, inform others of the truth, and help to make political changes.  If people do not read the Constitution, and take political action to be sure we regain the freedom we once had, we will lose what rights we still have.  Then there will be nothing left but all the outward manifestations of tyranny, and no opportunity for change through what little that now remains of the political system.

Check your Huerfano County Library, or through inter-library loan in the county, for the following videos: End Game, Terror Storm or Terrorstorm, America: Freedom to Fascism, and Loose Change.  End Game is a recent documentary principally about the NEW WORLD ORDER.  It names people who are involved, shows them at their meeting places, and reveals that one of their principal aims is to murder many millions of people.  There is also information about global warming.

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano World Oct. 18, 2007

Responding to the Oct. 11, 2007 letter to the editor from "Lost without son," again, as I've written to the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition and stated to a number of others in person, when you do not have a clear view of the big picture, there is no way you can understand or stop the destruction of our social structure, or of our constitutional rights.  "Think globally and act locally."

Of those I've spoken to about problems in the county, two told me of events in Huerfano County, one regarding alleged illegal police procedure, and another about the alleged stealing of children from parents.  I know these problems are becoming more prominent throughout the U.S. as shown on my web site, but I did not carefully investigate these two reported incidents, so I call them "alleged."  Both of these people thought it was strictly a local problem while lacking the broad view.

A letter to the editor gave blame to the "Bush Administration" for the war in Iraq.  I pointed out that they are only puppets.  Again, this person did not see the big picture.

"Lost without son," I, and I'm sure many others, appreciate you telling us about your restraining order, and how men and women are not treated equally.  Too many people start to wake up after problems affect them personally, instead of dealing with the system before events happen.  For all reading this, you will learn how to do this at Click at "save the county."  If you do not start caring about other people, you will be swept into a hell on earth.

"Lost without son," get a broad view now.  Verify what I say by utilizing the research methods I outlined on the "Save the County" page.  It's not Huerfano County, or the State of Colorado, nor is it the U.S. Government.  It's the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) that almost completely controls the U.S. Government which filters its control down to the local level all over the U.S.  This control does not affect counties and states that have refused to go along with it.  Hence, the COUNTY RESOLUTION which is not yet implemented for Huerfano County at my website that waits for the action of THE PEOPLE to bring it into reality.  Remember, "WE THE PEOPLE" the first three words of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The NWO has created this authority of women over men, because they know it disrupts the relationship between men and women, and they seek to destroy families.  It's the old strategy of "divide and conquer."  The NWO started "womens lib."  TV shows depict women as smart and strong, while men are supposed to be stupid and weak.  Even comic strip writers are promoting this nonsense.  The social structure has been undermined by NWO freaks.  It makes men weak.

You write of drug and alcohol abuse.  Both legal and illegal drugs are part of the NWO design to destroy the people and make them ready to become slaves, or to be mass murdered.

There is a Professor Eric R. Pianka of the University of Texas.  I have a report from Dr. Forrest M. Mims III, the Editor of Citizen Scientist Magazine, and Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science.  He tells us that Professor Pianka publicly advocates the mass death of 90% of the world's human population.  Pianka gives lectures to prestigious universities worldwide.  The truly sick part of this is that he receives standing ovations at the part of his speeches where he mentions the 90%.  They don't want these sessions recorded.

Have you heard of the expression "nutty professor"?  How about "absent minded professor"?  Oh, they are not all bad, and I can show that by a very interesting paper with real science, published by Professor Stephen Jones.  When you read it, you will see that the official story about how the towers fell on 9-11-01 is a fraud.  It's linked from the "Save The County" page of my web site.

What is this deterioration of academe and the media?  It's NWO control.  To promote the extermination of most of the population, the NWO must make people feel unworthy to live.  For one, they do this by pushing  fiction about how destructive so many people are supposed to be to the environment.  They tell people that individual nations make wars so there is supposedly a need for only one government, while it is the NWO demons themselves who created most of the wars, along with death by extermination of their own citizens that Fascism and Communism brought to the world.  They are destroyers.  Death and destruction are what they feed on, and they truly desire that approximately three quarters (3/4) of the earth's human population be eliminated.

Bruce Kettler

Huerfano World Aug. 23, 2007

To the many writers of letters to the editor who support my statements, and particularly to those who do not support genocide in Iraq, in the name of America, I thank and salute you for being awake.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) who, nearly completely, runs the U.S. Government is showing evidence that they are ready to implement MARTIAL LAW in the U.S.: gun confiscation and placement of many good Americans in FEMA camps.  See "News alert" on my web site.  The NWO has been doing this through other governments they control.  Many millions have been murdered by leaders of their own country.  The NWO plans to murder approximately three quarters (3/4) of the Earth's human population.

Robin Heinonen, I did not write that you should not write criticism, only that you are missing the mark when you leave out the NWO.  The analogy was of a powerful bull that chases a cape.  Bush, the puppet, is the cape.  NWO, the matador, is the one to expose.  They stop laughing at you when you know what you're doing.

The people have 3 ways to go, and biblical history proves this.  Bow to the one true Yahweh of the Bible (any other is idolatry), bow to, and lick the boots of tyrants, or be murdered by them.  When America was good, America was free and great.  Now free America is dying, and tyrants rule a largely wicked, self-centered, and spiritually blinded population.

My political writing is based on proven fact.  On my website, I have clearly outlined methods for researching facts, with examples. click at "save the county."  There is a scientific paper linked from that page about the events of 9-11.  A writer who supported my statements about research recently wrote about how he obtained an inter-library loan of a book.  Statements written in books, stated in documentaries, or on the Internet, can be checked for authenticity through newspaper archives, government documents, historical references, books by NWO leaders, statistical references, and archived video newsclips.

The libraries in LaVeta and Walsenburg have the documentary DVDs: Loose Change, America: Freedom to Fascism, and Terrorstorm.

Huerfano World Newspaper August 9, 2007

Robin Heinonen writes Aug, 2 in a letter to the editor, “I realize this letter may get me in trouble with the POWERS that be.”  No, if they even know you wrote it, they are probably laughing at you, since your writing directs those reading to non-existent “powers.”  You wrote a long paragraph about the “Bush Administration” -  mere puppets.  Bush is doing what they want, so he is successful at destroying this country.

While I applaud your anti-war position, your passion, and that you are more informed than most, the misdirection makes you much like a bull against an experienced matador.  The bull gets stabbed over and over, while the matador, who is less powerful, remains untouched.

I am not writing opinion, but rather proven fact when I tell you that the U.S. Government is, to a great extent, run by ruthless and bloodthirsty leaders of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  Facts can be researched.  I explained how to research on the “save the county” page of  It takes 5 minutes, in the library, to learn how to get started on the Internet.

The spiritual solution, the priority, is national repentance, and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, not idols such as lying “church” or occult leaders.  Without God’s blessing, we have nothing.

The political solution, second in importance, begins with the proposed HUERFANO COUNTY RESOLUTION on the web site.  Then, it extends to the state and federal level.

July 19, 2007 Huerfano World Newspaper

The Pinon Canyon group, to help retain their land, should contact 877-847-3443.

I observed 2 letters to the editor addressed to me in the July 12 newspaper.  One was from V.A. Blaine, and the other from Jerry Price, both about the war in Iraq.  Jerry Price didn't answer my question directed to him.  Instead, he wrote of his degree, the U.S. Navy, his study of history, the Vietnam war, atrocities, the green zone, casualties, and how all his information came from sources other than the Internet.

V.A. Blaine attempted to answer my question of Jerry Price.  How did Iraq have the ability, or intent, to conquer the United States?  V.A. Blaine cited the events of September 11, 2001, and mentioned a declaration of war on the United States by Osama Bin Laden.  If the destruction of the Twin Towers in N.Y.C. had been the work of Osama Bin Laden, neither the Iraq government, or the people of Iraq, have had anything of significance to do with Osama Bin Laden.  Saddam Hussein was the Iraqi leader, and Osama was not hiding in Iraq.  It was the alleged weapons of mass destruction that the propaganda mills in the U.S. spewed out as the major excuse for the war in Iraq.  They were never found, by the way.

The destruction of the WTC, however, was not caused by Osama or Al Queda.  Two factors brought it about.  One was pre-planted explosives in the buildings.  It's scientific fact, not theory, that the impact of aircraft hitting the 2 buildings, and the fire, could not have brought the buildings straight down at nearly free-fall speed.  That, and many other proven facts point to the obvious conclusion shared by many Americans, that the destruction of the towers was an "inside job" brought about by elements of the U.S. Government as an excuse for war, and to expand an already growing Nazi style police state in the U.S.

Not everything on the Internet is true.  You can verify facts through research in your library.  Read the research examples and methods I show in the "save the county" section of  In 5 minutes, a 7 year old child, or a librarian, can teach most people how to access a web site, click on a link, scroll up and down a page, and go back to the original place.  Once you know that, you can discover more through experience without assistance.  I don't cite sources because many are at, or linked from, my web site; I'm not writing a book here.

V.A. Blaine, you wrote that one opinion cannot be right, and the other wrong.  I write, principally, of proven facts.  When I have an opinion, it is expressed as such.

The world is being, almost completely, run by a group of evil people who plan to kill approximately three quarters (3/4) of the Earth's population.  They killed many millions in the last century through communist and fascist regimes.  Killing is an integral part of their religion.  Their minions infiltrate many extremist groups.

A prominent Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo, created a documentary which was in theaters and is now on DVD.  The LaVeta library has 2 copies.  You will learn of a global power structure that has nearly complete control of the U.S. Government, and how they got it.  Facts presented may be verified.  The title is America: Freedom to Fascism.  Also, look at Loose Change and Terror Storm.  The Walsenburg library has Terrorstorm.

Bruce Kettler

July 5, 2007 Huerfano World Newspaper

In the June 28 “Huerfano World,” Jerry Price’s letter to the editor appeared, in which he inferred that Ms. Williams’ June 14th letter showed ignorance, and that she was misinformed.

Much of the so-called “information” that Americans suck into their brains is nothing more than propaganda.  Jerry Price, do you depend on the cesspool emanating from your TV, and call it “information”?

You wrote about Iraq, and “aggression by anyone bent on conquering the U.S.”  Do you think Ms. Williams is “ignorant” and “misinformed”?  Show us how informed you are, and tell us exactly how Iraq had an intent, or ability, to “conquer the U.S.” okay?

Karla J. Dorman wrote an article in the same issue, “Why we celebrate July 4th.”  Yes, I agree Americans were free.  However, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” - Goethe.  In less populated areas such as Huerfano County, we are relatively free.  In the U.S., comparing ourselves to China as one example, the U.S. population has greater freedom.

In the real world of the U.S., outside the delusion created by the media, tyranny is growing in intensity.  If left unchecked, the U.S. will become a slave state like China.  The main excuse for this tyranny, 9-11, is a fraud.  What we are witnessing, when we open our eyes, is a clear case of an attempt to defeat the American people from within, while calling their attention to imagined enemies from outside.  Find out more at

Bruce Kettler

June 28, 2007 Huerfano World Newspaper

This is a comment about Betty Williams' letter to the editor of June 14, 2007.  I agree with her opinion that we have 2 problems.  The first is about the U.S. Army taking homes in the area.  The second is about the many wars fought for nothing of benefit, or protection, for the American people.

The problem with your protest, and other recent ones in the local newspapers, is that you people don't seem to see the bigger picture.  Before you can successfully solve the problem, you have to know what the problem is.  The problem is that the U.S. Government has been taken over, though not quite completely.  For the most part, it's not our government anymore.

"Truth is stranger than fiction," and until more Americans awake to the strange, but real, world around them, they will continue to be ruled by a pack of bloodthirsty criminals, continuing to be slowly conditioned to accept steadily increasing restrictions until many more American people are killed and imprisoned by them - much like the Nazis and Communists killed millions in Germany, Russia, and China.  Find out more, with solutions, at the web site

Bruce Kettler


May 3, 2007 Signature Newspaper

This is in response to the letter to the editor of Dorothy Mihanovich of April 26.

You addressed the issue of the war against Iraq.

In my opinion, you are correct about the Iraq war being for, as you say, “BIG BUSINESS.”  There’s the no-bid contracts with money going into the pockets of those who promote the war. It’s more than that, though.  It’s for control of oil, and to provide a base for the launching of a wider war in the region.  It’s not to promote democracy and freedom for Iraq, and it was never about weapons of mass destruction that were never found.  It certainly provides no defense for Americans against terrorism, or any other imagined threat.

World war I and II were part of the plan of the New World Order going back to the 1800’s, and the United States of America was a major player used in their world wide chess game.

World war III was, and is still, planned by the New World Order.  They are ruthless people who have no concern for human life. It is their plan to cause people to welcome their agenda for complete world domination, to finally bring peace to the world.  It will bring a false Christ who offers peace – and brings world wide slavery.

The cancer eating away at this land is not any “ism” or “wing”– left or right, nor is it a president or political party.  These people are only puppets.  God talks to us of His healing a land in II Chronicles 7:14, but that requires repentance.  The cancer is sin.  The incremental movement toward slavery which involves property confiscation, stealing of children, lack of states rights, and violations of the U.S. constitution, are merely symptoms.

Bruce Kettler

Aug. 24, 2006 Huerfano World

In response to Mr. Rains’ letter to the editor of Aug. 10, I appreciate the comments about how because of the laws of physics “...towers could not have collapsed straight down... because [of] fire from jet fuel,” etc. Yes, it was “controlled demolition” as you say, and another factor.

You say I was not calling the events of 9-11 a fraud, rather “the administration’s *story of how the deeds were perpetrated, a fraud.”  2 aircraft, guided by remote control, slammed into the WTC buildings.  Pre-planted explosives detonated throughout the buildings.  The illusion, just by looking at it, was that the aircraft, and the fire, caused the buildings to collapse.  That’s trickery and deceit, the definition of “fraud.”  It was a fraud without a *story.  It is a fraud because of the continued propaganda about the events.

The term “false-flag” comes from military ships engaged in warfare, flying flags from a country other than their own.  9-11 was a “false-flag” act of fraud.  It was a pretext for an attack upon Afghanistan.  It was a pretext for an attack upon the American people with the USA Patriot Act, and other actions.

A new false flag with a nuclear attack on Iran, accompanied by MARTIAL LAW in the U.S. is considered by some to be a real possibility in the near future.  If you hear that “martial law” has been enacted, remember that those two words cannot legally apply in the U.S. under any circumstances.  Read your U.S. Constitution.”  It is the “supreme law of the land.”  Military, police, and other officials swear an oath to it, and if they break that law they become criminals.

Aug. 10, 2006 Huerfano World

In response to the 9/11 Committee Members Aug. 3 letter to the editor, I note you host a “Memorial Service every year in memory of our fellow Americans...”  Ellen Mariani is the widow of Neil Mariani who was missing on September 11, 2001.   She wants the truth about 9-11 to be revealed.  Many others related to those who died, also want that.  Didn’t you hear of this on the TV news?   No, probably not, and that’s because the press, for the most part, is not free.  It’s controlled.  It’s wonderful that you have a memorial service, but you could combine that with finding out the whole truth.  That would serve both the memory of the dead, and the widows.

You seem upset over my statement that 9-11 is a fraud.  Fraud, by definition, is deceit and trickery.  Since you, evidently, have been deceived and tricked, you have been defrauded.  The commission of a crime, accompanied by a diversion to fool people so they are led away from seeing who the guilty people are, is a crime compounded by trickery and deceit - by fraud.  Most of the mainstream media has perpetuated the fraud with lies that contradict scientific fact. has recently been showing, under “recent programs,” a video about the events of 9-11.  A physics professor, and other prominent people, have been proving the conclusive facts about 9-11.

Since the unpatriotic USA Patriot Act was enacted as a direct result of the 9-11 fraud, it is also a fraud.  So far, 8 states, including Colorado, and 15 communities within Colorado, agree that it is unconstitutional.  “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” (Marbury vs Madison)  Martial so-called “law,” if ever declared, will also be unconstitutional in the U.S.  Police, military, and other officials swear an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution of the United States, so officials who disobey the “supreme law of the land” are criminals.  I pointed out the fact of this oath to the Huerfano County Commissioners.

To all of you reading this, people either obey the creator of the Universe, or they obey tyrants.  Our Republic was founded, mostly, by godly men, and many of the other people were godly, so their only King was Jesus.  Today, many are living in sin, most of the so-called church leaders are telling lies, so the people of the United States are losing their liberty.  Turn to Jesus, and away from sin.  Learn the truth, and help bring this country back to its constitutional roots.

Aug. 3, 2006 Signature Newspaper

According to the article published in this newspaper July 20 about myself and Yolanda Swatko, we would have been thrown out had we not left the room to talk with Sheriff Bruce Newman. There had been a 15 minute segment permitted, and that time was drawing to a close when we left. This kind of writing conveys bias on the part of the reporter, and seems meant to convey something negative about myself and Ms. Swatko.

The proposed resolution does not simply "charge" that the so-called "Patriot" act is unconstitutional.  Years ago, most reporters investigated instead of trying to convince the readers of what they felt was politically correct.  Men fought and died to bring this great republic into being, and the BILL OF RIGHTS they gave their lives for is being shredded.  Evidently the free-lance reporter, Cathy Mullins, doesn’t care to find out about that.

Yes, as the writer of the article says I believe, "The Patriot Act unlawfully infringes upon citizens fundamental liberties." 8 States, including Colorado, have made that fact official, along with 15 communities within Colorado.

The writer says the proposed resolution (which she evidently looked at) "claims" federal government abuses in handling the Katrina hurricane disaster, and writes that I "say [s]" firearms were taken from law abiding citizens. How does a person call themselves a "reporter" while saying statements I'd made, were"claims" and merely what I did say. Where is the confirmation from the reporter of whether they were true or false? The facts, as stated, are a matter of public record.  Firearms were taken from law abiding citizens. There were FEMA abuses, cutting down communication lines, to the point that Sheriffs were required to confront FEMA and demand that they cease that, and any other interference with the relief efforts.

The reporter writes that "King interrupted saying 'People were shooting down helicopters. They should have had their guns taken away.'" So, I talk about "law abiding citizens," and King talks about people shooting down helicopters. Are people who shoot down helicopters law abiding?  Go to my web site shown in the classified section of this newspaper, and click at the videos.  See if the people who's guns were taken from were trying to shoot down helicopters, or if there were any flood waters in those middle class and wealthy neighborhoods.  Possible future, and similar, unlawful activity by Federal or State governments is being dealt with by elected representatives.

At one point in the discussion with the commissioners, I handed over a copy of the resolution for the State of  Colorado that has been enacted.  Commissioner Scott King said there were no signatures. I asked him if he does any kind of investigation of fact. Had he asked the secretary to fax the copy to the appropriate Colorado office, confirmation could have come within a short time. The proposed resolution, which stated that fact, had been in his hands a week before.

The reporter wrote, "Kettler and his followers left the room." I don't have "followers." The two people who attended the meeting with me share a common interest in maintaining freedom in our country. And what is this "posse comitatus members believe"? What is a "posse comitatus" member? We are not members of anything.  If you read the proposed resolution, you will find that...

         Posse Comitatus is a term that
                     means “power of the county.”
                     The law was passed in 1878
                     in response to some of the
                     abuses committed by federal troops.

As stated in the proposed resolution, it’s a law, not an organization.

No, we do not believe that the Sheriff is where "real [all - as implied] governmental authority lies." There are certain duties and responsibilities that reside with the Sheriff alone. Other governmental matters are in the hands of others.

I did state that 9-11 was a fraud.  The events did occur, and the deaths were tragic, but the media told lies about how they occurred, which were perpetrated upon the American people and many others throughout the world.  Fortunately, many are waking up to the proven facts, and all the implications of those facts.  Polls show that the percentage of Americans waking up is steadily increasing, and a recent CNN poll indicated 82 percent believe there is a government cover up.

The commissioners expressed an unwillingness to discuss this further at a future meeting, and although they had been given the proposed resolution one week ahead of time, their discussion indicated ignorance of the content.  The video tapes mentioned by the reporter that I'd handed to the Commissioners, which they refused, contained verifiable material they could have investigated.  In my opinion, none of them should be re-elected, not because of a difference of opinion, but because they have nothing of substance upon which to base their opinions.  If, and when, I see a change, and they show a desire to know the truth, I’ll retract that statement.

Aug. 3, 2006       Huerfano World

Patriot Act

In your July 20, 2006 article, you stated "Kettler insisted that Colorado had already signed such a resolution." On the internet, one can access and find that 8 states have signed on to similar resolutions, which includes Colorado. Within the state, 15 communities have also committed to it.

There's much more to consider than the unpatriotic so-called "Patriot" Act,.  My web site, which is noted in at least last weeks classified section of this newspaper, will reveal other important issues in the text of the proposed resolution.

My reply to Commissioner DeHerrera about how the government will protect the people from terrorists, was that existing laws are sufficient, and that the PEOPLE, and the Sheriff's Department will be sufficient to enforce them.

I also replied to a question about losing our liberties to terrorism, by stating that the so-called "solutions" to retain liberties, actually robs the PEOPLE of liberty.

Readers should learn about the tyranny that is perpetrated upon the American PEOPLE, both with the use of the USA PATRIOT Act, and without it, which is not shown in mainstream media. Men fought and died to bring this great republic into being, and the BILL OF RIGHTS they gave their lives for is being shredded.

I did state that the events of September 11, 2001 were a fraud.  The events did occur, and the deaths were tragic, but lies were told to the American people about how they occurred.  Fortunately, many are waking up to the proven facts, and all the implications of those facts.

As for the statement that I "tried to press a videotape into his hand." I placed it on the Commissioners desk, and they promptly slid it back to me across the table. I later gave a copy of the tape to Brian Orr, the writer of the article.

As for "Swatko tried to calm him down." I had stated I would do what I could to see that none of the Commissioners were re-elected.  Did someone have the perception that there was a need to "calm" me for stating that?  I have no idea why.  Was placing tapes on a table something that showed I needed “calming“ for?  If I had needed calming, 2 law enforcement personnel were present.

Certainly, people in a position of authority who are not willing to discuss matters, or investigate facts, and only dictate their policy based upon their own uneducated bias, are frustrating to encounter, and I did show some degree of anger at the meeting.  The commissioners had expressed an unwillingness to discuss this further at a future meeting, or to examine what I‘d said to see if any of it was true.

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By Bruce Kettler    E-Mail      Updated December 11, 2009