Below is a list of the common lies told to people in the "churches"

Many who pastor "churches" are afraid of the U.S. Government.

They will not say the truth to their congregations, because they have made an agreement with an evil government, thus serving a different master, making that government their god, rather than the true God of the Universe.  That, of course, is idolatry.

There are 3 steps to release from Satan's grasp:

STEP 1      I advise you to obtain a book:

The Trail of Blood Revisited    -  call 800-777-4403 to buy it

Contact the author at 317-414-3478 or e-mail at

The author is a Pastor who's church is legally disengaged from the U.S. Government, and he's helped others to do the same.

Another church leader, Pastor Peters, had a problem with the government, and he prepared a legal brief that contained nothing but biblical references.  Obtain that material for a small fee from:

                                       Scriptures for America

He had almost lost his church, and funds, but he's continued since then, successfully and free, for decades.

Much depends on the ability of a Pastor to become financially independent prior to STEP 3

If you are a Pastor studying under FEMA, you are a servant of Satan.  Repent, and turn from that evil.


Some Pastors have a problem with their congregation.  They cannot tell the truth without getting fired.  That could be demon activity in the people.  There is a person, Mr. Cox, in Oklahoma who has been following scriptural instructions to rid people of that problem.  Consult with him by calling 405-842-5509.  This is his web site.


In this step, you become personally financially independent.  Just find a job, or start a business, to enable you to support yourself and family.  You sell the Church Building, and bring your congregation to your home to meet.  Then there will be no need for financial contributions.  People can donate materials, such as blank DVD's, copied papers to hand out, etc.


Seven of the most blatant and destructive lies in organized, so-called, "Christian" religion today.

Click at underlined for answers to the lies, with scriptural references.

1.  According to this cult, from a variety of denominations, Christians are to be "raptured"
     (disappear physically) off the earth, to be taken to heaven before the prophesied
     difficult times occur.

2.  This teaching is that Christians should "bless" Jews, because they are supposedly God's
      chosen people.  All that the State of Israel does,  no matter how evil, should supposedly be accepted as
      "good."  The State of Israel, according to these people, should supposedly be given military and monetary
      aid.  People do not understand that the State of "Israel," today, is not the Israel of the bible.

      Look at Reverend Ted Pike's website for more information.

3.  According to this false teaching, Christians should do all that people in "authority" tell them to
      do, no matter how evil, or tyrannical.  The Holy Bible is filled with examples of people who
      went against authority, with God's blessing.  John the baptist had his head cut off because
      he spoke against authority.  When authority is abused, and the people are oppressed,
      God does not will that people submit to that.  He didn't permit slavery of the Israelites
      to continue in Egypt, and He made the Pharoah pay dearly for his refusal to let His people
      go.   Moses acted in the will of God by His command when he went against the Pharoah.
      Acts 5:29: "We ought to obey God rather than men."  In the U.S. people are under
      an incremental slavery, and the plans the New World Order has for the people are
      death and total enslavement.  The more people submit to it, the more of the worst
      will be thrust upon them.

Romans chapter 13 is often quoted to give people the idea that Christians are supposed to obey
Government, no matter what the Government wants. What if your government wants you to separate
yourselves from your spouses and children, be taken to camps, tortured, and killed?  What if they
want to take your children to slave camps, or to be sold into sex slavery?  Then, what is God's will
for you when you encounter forces that wish to take you and your family?  Do you think an infinitely
wise, and loving, God wants you to give up your family's safety?  Think about that.  If you think that
can't happen in America, you need a dose of reality.  Start your reality search on this page, and
look further into the matter after that.

Here is one, of many, examples of how this idea, item 3, is against biblical teaching.

Jesus said that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Child Protective Services, with the aid of the police, are stealing many children all over the U.S.A.

By informing people of their rights, and ways to avoid that problem, people are working against the
government aims to steal children, and they are getting involved politically.  At the same time, they
are loving their neighbors.

They are obeying Christ, while disobeying item number 3, above, and number 5, below.

4.  Christians should be pacifists, to such an extent that they should never have weapons, or defend
      themselves, or their families, even if the alternative is rape, torture, unlawful imprisonment, or
      death.  This, of course, is one of the most ridiculous ideas.

5.  According to this teaching, the Christian Gospel is not of the world.  Political interests are of the world. These people think that God does not want Christians involved politically, or with anything that is so-called "worldly."  This is directly contrary to biblical teaching.  Daniel was involved politically.  David was a King.   Joseph took a key position in Egypt.  None of this was forbidden by God.  How do you think the Kingdom of God, prophesied to take place on this earth, will be carried out?  "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."  It's Christ's Kingdom, but many of His servants will be political leaders on local levels.

6.  This lie is told, usually, by omission.  When they don't tell you the truth, that America is under
      the judgement of God for her sin, in effect that is a lie.  God has withheld His divine protection
      though not completely.  The preacher should tell you that The New World Order is in charge of
      most of the puppet politicians and military, and that the American people are facing a tyranny
      that continually increases in intensity.   Americans are in great danger.  They should tell you
      that The New World Order controls most of the so-called "churches."

7.  Some preachers say that since most of the prophesided destructive and tortuous events are prophesided for the end time, there is no way to pospone that event.  Therefore, they think, why attempt to change it?  Our God is meriful.  If all future events were cast in stone, and unchangeable, that would mean God was not merciful and that man had no free will, and that his promises to redeem a repenting nation were not real.  However, we do have a free will, and God is both infinately merciful and does not lie.

When you understand the New World Order, and their diabolical plans for humanity, you may see why the Christian
so-called "churches" have been infiltrated, and why these damnable lies have been passed on.  People who believe
them are rendered helpless, without any reason to resist, or ability to understand how to face the threats.
These false teachings are relatively recent, and were not part of the Christian culture in the early 1600's when
Christians came to the North American continent to settle.

Meet in your homes for Christian worship if you cannot hear biblicaly accurate teachings, or pertinent current
events that concern Christians, in your so-called "church."