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What kind of troops might be "coming around"?

Obama Vows US Military Rule Over Planet As 1 Million Soldiers To Secure Homeland

Sorcha Faal


December 2, 2008

The corridors of the Kremlin are reported to be in shock today after President-Elect Barack Obama in announcing his National Security Team vowed to his countrymen that he would maintain the United States Military’s hegemony over our entire Planet during his reign.

With a budget of over $528 billion, which totals more than that of all the World’s major powers, both East and West, combined, and 761 Military Bases literally spanning our entire Earth, Russian Economists warn that by Obama’s vow the United States has given up all hopes of rescuing their collapsing economy and are, instead, preparing for all out Global War.

Even worse for the American people is that in Obama’s preparations for Global War they are to be totally militarized on a scale not seen since Adolph Hitler and the Nazis militarization of the German peoples during the 1930’s, and which US Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced last week in his “Total Force Integration Policy” that abolishes both the United States National Guard and Reserve Forces and the 1878  Posse Comitatus Act and will lead to over 1 Million US Soldiers being stationed in the American Homeland to ‘control’ their own citizens.

Russian Intelligence Analysts however, point out in their reports that these latest moves by Obama further confirm the United States plan for the use of brute military force to impose upon all of us their long planned for New World Order and is being ‘managed’ on the American side by their former Secretary of State, and acknowledge International War Criminal, Henry Kissinger who is represented in the new Obama Administration by soon to be US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who began his ascent to power from Kissinger Associates in the 1980’s.

Forgotten by the American people are the warnings of their ancestral leaders about these Globalist monsters that have sought for centuries to enslave our entire World, and who President Andrew Jackson spewed against in 1832 by stating:

Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time, and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.
President Jackson fortunately, was able to protect his young American Nation from these Globalist predators and abolished their planned Central Banking System stating that:
It concentrated the nation’s financial strength in a single institution.

It exposed the government to control by foreign interests.

It served mainly to make the rich richer.

It exercised too much control over members of Congress.

It favored northeastern states over southern and western states

Today’s Americans, sadly, have not only forgotten the warnings of President Jackson but have, literally, enslaved themselves, their children and all of their future to their Central Bank known as the US Federal Reserve System, and which these deluded people don’t even realize is a private bank that has absolutely no regard for them at all and will continue stealing from them until there is nothing left.

Even worse, these Americans don’t even realize how monstrous the shadow rulers of the lives are, and which no better example can be given than the aforementioned Henry Kissinger’s statements to his Thailand counterpart in 1975 regarding the genocidal Khmer Rouge leadership of Cambodia which exterminated nearly 2 million of its own citizens, and which he stated:

You should also tell the Cambodians that we will be friends with them.  They are murderous thugs, but we won’t let that stand in our way.  We are prepared to improve relations with them.

How wise it would be for these American people to remember the words of President Woodrow Wilson who in warning his people of the “invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy” stated that “a little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible”.

How wiser still for them to remember Wilson’s greatest warning about who really controls the United States: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

But, and sadly, to those like us, both past and present, attempting to warn these peoples of the catastrophes to come they listen not and continue being led upon a path that can only lead to their complete enslavement and ultimate destruction.

Globalist Constitutional Convention Dealt a Defeat in Ohio

Kurt Nimmo
Saturday, Dec 13, 2008

The global elite will not rest until they have undermined the last bastion that stands in their way as they attempt to dominate and subjugate of the once great republic of the United States — the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Over the years — but especially since September 11, 2001, and the creation of the phony GWOT against manufactured terrorists — the government has made great strides in curtailing the Bill of Rights.

Government has singled out and specifically attacked the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. However, for the global elite and their minions in government, this piecemeal approach is too slow and often results in organized resistance and legal challenges.

So the global elite have decided on another tactic — change forever the Constitution and the Bill of Rights through a Constitutional Convention.

Article Five of the United States Constitution provides an option to assemble a national Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution as an alternative to the process of securing two-thirds approval in both houses of Congress.

Remarkably, thirty two states have called for a Constitutional Convention — allegedly to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution – and it takes thirty four to begin the process.

If you have not heard about this, it is not a mistake — the corporate media is not reporting on it. A Google News search produces no stories on the subjected published by the mainstream media.

“A public policy organization has issued an urgent alert stating affirmative votes are needed from only two more states before a Constitutional Convention could be assembled in which ‘today’s corrupt politicians and judges’ could formally change the U.S. Constitution’s “problematic” provisions to reflect the philosophical and social mores of our contemporary society,’” writes Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily.

“Don’t for one second doubt that delegates to a Con Con wouldn’t revise the First Amendment into a government-controlled privilege, replace the 2nd Amendment with a ‘collective’ right to self-defense, and abolish the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments, and the rest of the Bill of Rights,” Unruh quotes the American Policy Institute (API).

API was successful in stalling a vote on a Constitutional Convention in Ohio, thanks to the Constitution and Libertarian parties of Ohio that testified against the bill. “Members from Campaign for Liberty, Ohio Freedom Alliance, We Are Change Ohio, John Birch Society, Institute for Principled Policy, Constitution Party of Ohio, and the Libertarian Party of Ohio showed up in support [and] most of them testified,” reports the PeaceChicken blog.

“After seeing how many of us came, Committee Chairman Blessing changed his mind and decided not to vote on it today. In fact, he acted like it was a mistake that the paper said ‘possible vote.’ [Teri Owens of the Central Ohio John Birch Society] thinks it’ll probably be voted on at the next committee meeting (which will also probably not include further testimony) so we’ll need to keep watching.”

WorldNetDaily should be commended for reporting on this important story neglected by the corporate and much of the alternative media. Unfortunately, WorldNetDaily writer Bob Unruh turns the article into an anti-Obama screed and leans heavily on the false right-left paradigm to make his points, including Obama’s disingenuous calls for wealth redistribution and so-called political and economic justice. In 2001, Obama told Chicago’s public station WBEZ-FM that “redistributive change” is needed.

One has to wonder if Obama’s economic advisors — including Robert Rubin, director and senior counselor at Citigroup, and Timothy F. Geithner, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — are up to speed on taking money from their rich friends and giving it to the poor who voted for Obama.

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute warns that the ultimate outcome of a new con con “will likely be a new constitution, one that would possibly eliminate the Article 1 restriction to the coinage of real money or even eliminate gun or property rights.”

In fact, this is the real goal of the globalists behind the con con scheme: to eliminate gun ownership and turn other god-given rights into state granted privileges that can be easily restricted or taken away entirely. Outlawing firearm ownership in America is part of a larger agenda to dismantle and destroy the United States of America from within and the global elite cannot turn the country into a third world cesspool so long as millions of Americans are armed.

DeWeese told WND that a Constitutional Convention would be “our worst nightmare in an age when you’ve got people who believe the Constitution is an antiquated document, we need to have everything from controls on guns … all of these U.N. treaties … and controls on how we raise our children.”

For now, a few dedicated people in Ohio have managed to delay another state from joining the push for a con con under the cover of a Balanced Budget Amendment, but as the blogger PeaceChicken notes, the government of Ohio will continue to push HJR 8 calling for a Constitutional Convention. It is up to activists and concerned citizens in Ohio to make sure this bill is defeated and the global elite is not allowed to eviscerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Barack Obama is “a gun-snatcher,” said Jim Pruett, left, owner of Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo in northwest Houston. He said sales had been booming recently.

DENVER — Sales of handguns, rifles and ammunition have surged in the last week, according to gun store owners around the nation who describe a wave of buyers concerned that an Obama administration will curtail their right to bear arms.

“He’s a gun-snatcher,” said Jim Pruett, owner of Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo in northwest Houston, which was packed with shoppers on Thursday.

“He wants to take our guns from us and create a socialist society policed by his own police force,” added Mr. Pruett, a former radio personality, of President-elect Barack Obama.

Mr. Pruett said that sales last Saturday, just before Election Day, ran about seven times higher than a typical good Saturday.

A spot check by reporters in four other states easily found Mr. Pruett’s comments echoed from both sides of the counter.

David Nelson, a co-owner of Montana Ordnance & Supply in Missoula, Mont., said his buyers were “awake and aware and see a dangerous trend.”

Mr. Nelson said sales at his store had risen about 30 percent since Mr. Obama declared his candidacy. “People are concerned about overreaching legislation from Washington,” he said. “They are educating themselves on the Internet.”

In Colorado, would-be gun buyers set a one-day record last Saturday with the highest number of background check requests in a 24-hour period, according to figures from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

“We’re not really sure who is promoting the concept that a change in federal administrations might affect firearms possession rights,” said an agency spokesman, Lance Clem, “but we do know that it’s increased business considerably.”

Federal law-enforcement officials cautioned that gun sales were extremely volatile. Nationally, rifle and handgun sales surged 17 percent, for example, in May, compared with May 2007, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation figures. That was before Mr. Obama had clinched the Democratic nomination. Sales then fell and were essentially flat by September compared with the year before, even as the campaign heated up, before rising 14 percent in October. November figures were not yet available.

What is clear is that every gun seller — not to mention every advocacy group for gun ownership that depends on dues-paying members — has an incentive to stoke the concern that can prompt a gun sale. Political uncertainty, gun dealers say, is great for business.

“Clinton was the best gun salesman the gun manufacturers ever had,” said Rick Gray, owner of the Accuracy Gun Shop in Las Vegas. “Obama’s going to be right up there with him.”

Sales at his shop doubled on Wednesday, Mr. Gray said, to more than 20 guns from three to 10 on a typical day.

Asked if that made him root for Democratic candidates, Mr. Gray said no. “It’s not all about profits; it’s about what’s he going to do for the country,” he said, noting that he had supported Senator John McCain, who was the Republican nominee.

A National Rifle Association spokesman, Wayne LaPierre, dismissed the notion that the group had any incentive to increase gun sales or membership. “Ridiculous,” Mr. LaPierre said. “I hope President-elect Obama keeps his promises and protects gun rights. If he does that, we’ll be cheering.”

The political battle over guns raged fiercely throughout the campaign in many states where gun ownership is common. On Monday, the day before the election, home-delivered copies of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette arrived in plastic bags that said, “Vote Freedom First” and “Defend Freedom — Defeat Obama.” The bags were paid for by the N.R.A., whose initials were printed on each one.

Democrats fired back all over the country, with mail campaigns in many states with fliers stating flatly that as president, Mr. Obama would respect an individual’s right to own guns.

“Obama will protect our gun rights,” said one flier sent to homes in Minnesota.

In Montana, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, was photographed shooting his guns outdoors.

But some gun buyers and sellers never forgot, or forgave, Mr. Obama’s widely reported comment in April to a group in San Francisco that some Americans “cling to guns or religion” in times of adversity.

“It was an annoying comment, and it showed there’s a lot more to him,” said Mike Warner, 38, of Las Vegas, who was shopping for a gun there on Thursday.

Mr. Warner said he was an N.R.A. member and an owner of two guns but wanted at least one more.

Other people, even some shopping for guns, said they thought that some gun enthusiasts’ fears about Mr. Obama were unjustified. James Sykes, a gun collector who was shopping at the Gun Room in Lakewood, Colo., called the rush to buy guns “a lot of hysteria about very little.”

Mr. Sykes, who said he had voted mostly Republican in the past but supported Mr. Obama this year, said that issues like war and the global economic crisis were more pressing for him right now and that he imagined the same was true for Mr. Obama.

“My Second Amendment rights are unquestionably important to me, but so is feeding my family,” he said. “In reality, you won’t be able to afford to buy a gun if your job goes overseas.”

But markets, whether for guns or stocks and bonds, tend to move with their own internal dynamics even in — perhaps especially in — gloomy economic times.

Chris Casella, general manager of Federal Firearms Company in Oakdale, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh, said he had been fielding about 30 calls a day from people interested in buying assault-type rifles, especially semiautomatic weapons, often with magazines that could hold lots of ammunition.

“A lot of people are buying them as an investment,” Mr. Casella said. “Better than gold.”

Reporting was contributed by Thayer Evans from Houston; Steve Friess from Las Vegas; Dan Frosch from Lakewood, Colo.; Sean D. Hamill from Pittsburgh; and Pamela J. Podger from Missoula, Mont.

Published: November 6, 2008


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Hutaree Website

It's important to note that, often enough, official groups called "militia," and less often those without that title, are infiltrated by undercover U.S. Government agents.

Click here for an organization that will help you and a group in your area to train with rifles, and re-educate people regarding U.S. History, particularly the beginning of the formation of this nation, here in the U.S. Learn, and re-learn, as a group our constitutional rights.

What hit the Pentagon?
See how 9-11 truth seekers  have been diverted with a  PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION 

May 16, 2006 update

The "pod" and the "flash."
What hit the Pentagon?
See how it was probably not a passenger jet that hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

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          May 21, 2008 update of this page

                                                                        John 8:32
                                                                        Jesus Said:

                           "And ye shall know the truth,
                                                      and the truth shall make you free."


After you read this page, will you still be one of those who blindly believe all that mainstream media spews out?  Will you continue to sit, literally hypnotized, staring with glazed eyes into a TV screen that flickers a designated number of times per second to put you in a controlled state of mind?  Will you, instead, look for news outside the mainstream sources, and verifty the documented fact so you can know the truth?  Many people all over the world are waking up.  The mainstream sources are losing readers and watchers, and this is proven by the number of "hits" at various web sites, both of mainstream sources and others such as INFOWARS.COM.

The new video, titled, TERRORSTORM, can be obtained from INFOWARS:

Prominent people are shown in the video, testifying to the fact that 9-11 was an INSIDE JOB.  The following information is in the video, along with other valuable data.

TERRORSTORM shows how Edward Bernays, 1891-1995, has had a great influence for NAZI Germany's Third Reich, and The U.S. Government, by giving instruction on how to enslave the minds of the German, and the American, people.

He wrote the book, PROPAGANDA.

On page 71, we read,

Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute
an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our government.
We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested,
largely by men we have never heard of.

The DVD, "The confiscation of Guns in New Orleans," shows something that most people in the U.S.A. have not learned of from the controlled mainstream press.  Obtain the $5.00 (plus shipping) DVD from Gun Owners of America with a credit card: 703-321-8585.

"No-one will be allowed to have guns"

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"No one will be able to be armed."

"We have to take all weapons."

Update March 17, 2010

Since I first placed this page up, years ago, many important events have transpired.  Oathkeepers, an organization described on this page, has been growing rapidly.  Police all over the U.S. are awakening rapidly, and many of them do not want to be part of, or tolerate, a complete take-down of American Society, bringing us all to slavery.

So, it should be understood that many of these people depicted in these photos confiscated guns reluctantly, and it could very well be that today they would not follow such orders, because their awareness has increased.

Not all in the photos, or in the video, actually confiscated guns from law abiding citizens.  It just seemed that way from the way it was reported.

Please do not look upon the descriptions of these people's actions as indicative of the nature, and ethics, of all soldiers, or all police.

Do the very best you can to educate police and military as to what is really going on.  Use data on this page, to obtain some idea what it is they should know.

The DVD shows news reports from local TV in the New Orleans area.  You will see guns being confiscated from law abiding citizens in wealthy and middle class neighborhoods, with no flooding in the areas.  There was absolutely no justification for this action.  Finally, a temporary judicial ruling came through to cease gun confiscation, and return firearms.

The guardsmen, police, and other government officials who authorize unlawful confiscation of firearms are committing a crime.  "Laws" and orders that contradict the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, are "null and void."  If a guardsmen disobeys such orders, they are disobeying "unlawful" orders, and they are protected under military law.  However, military personnel who disobey such orders may suffer hardship, and expense, in a legal battle.  Police may have other temporary hardships to endure.  Treason is an attempt to overthrow the government, or assist its enemies.  Since the Government of The United States of America is, essentially, The People, placing oneself as an enemy of those people is, in effect, overthrowing that Government Of The People.

With the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, we the people are granted the right to "keep and bear arms."  That right cannot be "infringed."  The President of the United States, and other officials both federal and local, take an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."  For more informaton, see this link.

Remember this history lesson.  In countries where firearms were confiscated, or there was voluntary turning in, it was, often enough, soon afterwards that millions of people were murdered by their governments. The founding fathers of this great land knew this, and gave us those rights for that reason.

In my opinion, the gun confiscation was mainly a test to see how much resistance would come, and what number of troops and/or police will be required for future unlawful gun confiscation and illegal, and unwarranted, imprisonment throughout the U.S.  This activity, of course, is hidden from most of the controlled mainstream media (The New York Times did report it.).


                                               Radiation causes birth defects in the Children of
                                               Iraq, and the children of U.S. Soldiers..

Photo courtesy of Progressive Convergence.  Obtain copies of this, and other photos, with information to distribute.

Many U.S. Soldiers stay sick for years.  Obtain documented evidence.  Servicemen, and ex-servicemen, receive your free video.

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Thousands were killed on Sept. 11, 2001 because of an INSIDE JOB.  Certain elements of the U.S. Government played a major role.   The evidence, hidden by the controlled media, is overwhelming.  On anniversaries of Sept. 11, 2001, let us honor the memory of those who died, with the truth of 9-11.  We can honor the widow, *****Ellen Mariani, who wrote, “What really happened to my husband”?  “Did he, in fact, get on UAL flight 175?  Or was he put on another flight and ‘disappeared‘?  I deserve answers.”

How about honoring *****Donna Marsh O’Connor from Syracuse, N.Y., and her 29 year old daughter, 5 months pregnant when she died?  She had worked on one of the top floors of the South Tower of the World Trade Center?  Vanessa’s body was one of 289 found intact.  It’s one thing to grieve for a loved one, and another more haunting experience to have so many questions about the events, and those responsible for the death of their loved ones.

One of *****Mrs. O’Connor’s questions is why does Bush think he has the right to refuse answering questions about the discrepancies in the official government story, when millions in America don’t believe it.

*****Info courtesy of American Free Press publication Debunking 9-11.  Call 888-699-NEWS to order.

Right here, on-line, you can see some of the evidence of the INSIDE JOB from a video for free.  Go to the main page of this site.  There you will a red and black banner that says "Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State."  Click at the banner and look at the documentation.  Stop the video at documents, then check the references so you will know they are authentic.

Some say it's only kooks who believe this so-called "conspiracy theory."

Who does believe it? Are these people "kooks"?

Ray McGovern
former presidential advisor and CIA analyst

Is he a kook?

Paul Craig Roberts
Former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury -- father of "Reaganomics"?

Michael Meacher
Former British Parliament member - cabinet member

David Schaler
former MI 5 British Agent

Andreas Von Buelow
Former German Defense Minister

Steven Jones
Professor of Physics - Bringham Young University

Morgan Reynolds
Former chief economist - GW Bush first term

Are they all kooks?

How about the 82 percent of the American people, in a recent CNN Poll which was on TV.  They say they believe there was a "government cover-up" about 9-11.  How many people do some want to attribute this "kook" thing to? How many would be plausable?

How about the engineers?  What about the conclusive scientific evidence?

In the Symposium of prominent 9-11 truth movement persons, C-SPAN was there filming the event.  It was shown on C-SPAN TV 4 times. Click here for the free showing of it online.

Application of the scientific method to discover what really happened on 9/11.  Download it, print it, and read it carefully.  The writer is a respected physicist.

Click here for a variety of 9-11 related linked sites.

As you read further on, some of you may find what you read strange, and say, "I haven't seen this on the TV news."  Well, some of it was in local TV news only in the areas mentioned, and other parts of what you read was not in any mainstream news of the U.S.  In the U.S., it may surprise some of you, we no longer have a free press. The news is managedIt's largely propaganda.

Weather modification has been in the hands of governments for years, and that is documented fact.  See the web site of scientist James McCanney:  See the links page for additional information on weather modification and earthquakes.  The NWO has probably been using disasters to gradually gain total control over the human population. Highly suspect, right now, are the 2005 events in New Orleans and surrounding areas.  If certain elements of the government are responsible for steering the hurricane, and evidence continues to show that they are, the end result of all of this is genocide with an attempt to make it look innocent.  You will probably not hear in mainstream media that children were raped in the Superdome of New Orleans.  People were killed for their food there also.  Any violence that came out of this was, evidently, allowed to happen.  It was probably permitted so that people outside the area would think that gun confiscation and marital law were necessary.  After the mayhem was helped along by confinement without food or water, and no enforcement of laws, then the government was ready to come down hard on the population.

This short video clip tells you what FEMA is about.  Order complete video from  Title: POLICE STATE III

F E M A (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
          ...cut off communication lines of local authorities

          ...was held off by at least 3 armed Sheriff's Departments** from sabotaging the relief effort

          ...prevented law abiding citizens from leaving the disaster area

          ...placed law abiding citizens behind chain linked fences, with
         barbed wire on top, in Utah.

The U.S. Government hires criminals to work as FEMA enforcement officers.  Hitler did the same when choosing his enforcement officers

**Sheriff's, you have the legal authority to keep Federal Criminals away,  or arrest them.  The manpower, for most of you, is also available.  Recruit already armed volunteers, and deputise them.  Have you heard of Retired Officer Jack McLamb's "Police and Military against the New World Order"?  They are in Kamiah Idaho.  There is a video addressed to Sheriffs, that you may see on-line, right now.   Sheriffs and police are shown in the video.

Law enforcement personnel, if you assist in the implementation of MARTIAL LAW, you are violating your oath of office, to "...protect, and defend the constitution of the United States."   THE PEOPLE are the government, and always have been.  If you aid in implementing MARTIAL LAW, and especially in the confiscation of firearms from Citizens, you are, in effect, overthrowing that legitimate government.  Sheriffs, you are the sovereign power in your county, no matter what outside government declares.  Any rule, any law, or any pronouncement that contradicts the Constituion is NULL AND VOID.  Read your constitution.

More important than what you are doing illegally, you have a sovereign, and almighty God to answer to.  Will your children and grandchildren curse your memory, or will they bless it.  Will you aid in bringing this country, and your descendents, into slavery?

Military were calling ordinary citizens in the New Orleans Area, "insurgents."  The New Orleans area was considered an area for "combat operations."

After New Orleans area residents had been evacutated, they were invited back.  Then, certain of those returning were sent away by authorities. Others who had remained in the area, were forced to leave.  Shortly after the hurricane, FEMA had forced certain people not to leave the area on their own.

Some people reported they had seen evidence that explosive devices were used to blow the levees, so that flooding would occur.  This can be considered an unconfirmed report, somewhat speculative in nature.

Be aware that foreign troops are less likely to have remorse about confiscating guns from, and killing, American Citizens. Evident recently, are Dutch, Mexican (There was a cover story about unarmed Mexican troops offering aid, but there were armed troops also.) and Israeli Troops on U.S. Soil.  In September, 2005, Blackwater Security, Mexican, and Israeli troops were in the New Orleans Area.  There are many others of varied origin all over the U.S., and they have been here for quite some time.  The ones mentioned described here were evidntly in the front-line.  Dutch and Mexican troops were spotted in Austin Texas during September 2005.  Remember, it is THE NEW WORLD ORDER that is a threat to people in the U.S., not something that only the U.S. Government is responsible for.  So, with that knowledge, foreign troops on U.S. Soil should not be a surprise to you.

Most U.S. Troops, who are less likely to kill American Citizens, have been placed abroad, while foreign troops are coming on to U.S. soil in mass, training to confiscate guns, and place U.S. Citizens in Camps.  Prison camps have been constructed, with a number of them still without prisoners, and new contracts have been issued to construct more.

Large white railroad box cars have been spotted with shackles in them.  The report about railroad cars is unconfirmed, by many people's standards.  However, the reports have continued from a variety of sources over a period of years.

President Bill Clinton Presidential Decision Directive 13, 25 and 60 turns U.S. Military over the U.N. as per Department of State document number 7277 issued under the Kennedy administration.


Many people in the U.S. have had devistating experiences with CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES (CPS) (by other names in certain states of the U.S.)  Others know people who have had bad experiecnes with them.  At times, parents are abusive, and it would be best to take children from them IF THE SYSTEM THE CHILDREN WERE TO BE PLACED IN WAS WHOLESOME.  As it is now, children are nearly always better off in the parental situation than IN THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT SYSTEM.  Some work for the system, and are not bad themselves, but think the whole system is good.

The GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IS CORRUPT.  People working the system are, often enough, pedophiles.  Foster homes, and other facilities, force dangerous drugs on the children, and many die.  Others are beaten, raped, or tortured.  Deadly medical experiments are preformed on them.  Children are taken from parents and placed for adoption, for the profit of those taking them.  The flimsiest excuse is often given for taking children, such as that the parents are poor, living temporarily in hotels, dirty dishes, etc.  Parents are tricked, or intimidated, into signing release forms, so their children are signed away.  DO NOT ALLOW CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES IN YOUR HOME.  Often enough, they have no legal grounds to enter your home though they act as if they do. DO NOT BE TRICKED OR INTIMIDATED INTO SIGNING FORMS.   The kangaroo court system of CPS is, often enough, conducted illegally.  Insist upon courts of higher authority.

Be very careful who you befriend, or allow into your home, because there are brainwashed people around who think they are doing society a favor by reporting your innocent activities.  Carpet cleaners, repairmen, delivery personnel, are, often enough, paid to report alleged illegal activities in homes.

If possible, home school your children.  The children are being brainwashed in the government controlled schools.  They are being questioned by authorities about their home life, to find reasons to take your children from you, or report parental activities which are innocent, that authorities can prosecute for.

Hear the interview with Greg Pound, who had 4 children stolen from him and his wife, on the Alex Jones radio show

Download the mp3 file referenced above.  Convert it to an audio disc.  Give a copy to every woman you see with small children.

Some Hispanics have been told of the "San Diego Plan" to kill white males over 16 in a certain areas of the U.S.  This is, obviously, a plan of the New World Order to "divide and conquer."  There is activity going on, in the U.S. amongst some Hispanics to promote this idea.  If you are Hispanic, and have been exposed to this propaganda, please note that all who fall into this trap are being used by the The New World Order.  If the NEW WORLD ORDER takes over completely, Hispanics will be treated, along with the rest of us, like slaves, or they will be killed by New World Order henchmen.   It's useful to know that the border from the U.S. to Mexico is wide open, by design.  It's now no longer just illegal aliens looking to find employment.  It's dangerous armed gangs causing people to abandon their land, and killing many police and other citizens on the U.S. side.  There are homes taken over, shootouts with police, and killing and raping people in cities of Texas.  This is all by design of the New World Order to create chaos so they can gain control over everyone, Hispanics and others alike.

                                SO YOU THINK YOU ARE RICH, OR HAVE SOME AUTHORITY:

Some who have millions of dollars deceive themselves into thinking they are part of the power elite.  Just because a person has a few homes, new Cadillacs, and some business or real-estate holdings does not put them in the elite's favor.  Some even sell out their friends for some imagined "favor."  No such "favor" exists.  Do you know the history of communist countries?  They took over, they took land, they took other assets, and the rich suddenly became poor.  Many were just shot.  Did you think the Nazis were any better?  The U.S. is evolving into a fascist dictatorship. The controlling elite does not, necessarily, include you.  The beginning manifestations of communism were just one agent of the New World Order. It was not an idealism to share wealth, except in the minds of those who served their ends. The Early Roots of fascism were also from the New World Order's agenda.  Hitler believed in a "New World Order."

Police, military, and FBI -- all of you are expendable to those who employ you.  Many of you will lose pensions.  Many State and Local Police will be replaced by Federal "authorities" and foreign troops if they succeed in fully taking over America.   Look at what they do to the military in Iraq.  Do you think you will be treated well?  Think again.

No man escapes when Freedom Fails

The best men rot in filthy jails.

And those who cried "appease" "appease"...

are hanged by those they tried to please.

One important thing to note was the reaction of the people in the Superdome of New Orleans, because it serves as an object lesson for us all. This was reported by local TV News Media, but withheld from the mainstream press. These exercises, like the London Bombings of  7-7-05, are to see what THE NEW WORLD ORDER CAN EASILY GET BY WITH, amongst other purposes. They are to see how well the propaganda works. The more resistance, and showing that the people know what is actually going on, the less quickly they bring force upon us. Many people in the Superdome said, to the order of being brought out to "undisclosed locations," something like "Hell no, we ain't goin to no undisclosed locations."  The authorities backed off.  People are getting wiser, and less like sheep who are led, mindlessly, away. This is a good thing. This, probably, was the reason that there was one news report that martial law had been declared, and another that it had not. It seems that no-one in authority could admit that they had to back down to prevent premature riots.  They, evidently, plan on riots in certain circumstances, but that was not, then, part of the program.

No matter where you live now, in any part of the world, remember this is a product of THE NEW WORLD ORDER, not the U.S. Government all by itself, so this is important to all of you.  Note, particularly, that they want about 80 percent of the world's population out of their way.  This probably sounds strange to many of you who have not exposed yourself to the facts.  It's time, now, to "think outside the box."

On this page I write facts, and some speculation.  I'm very clear about the speculation.  Experts have been projecting a probable nuclear incident on U.S. soil brought about through the efforts of the U.S. Government.  I think this remains a real possibility.  This would justify martial law throughout the U.S. instantly.  What I see now, as a probable event, is more so-called "natural" disasters, including Earthquakes.  The West Coast is likely to get hit.  The economic and health problems from many trucks not running due to high prices of fuel, the resulting shortages of food, high heating fuel prices, social unrest, and spread diseases, will likely bring widespread declared martial law, and certain people will probably consider it justifiable because most people don't know about weather modification, though many of those same people would have considered another so-called "terrorist" attack to have come from the U.S. Government. THE NEW WORLD ORDER, through it's obedient servant: U.S. Government, could bring about declared Martial Law in ALL STATES OF THIS ONCE GREAT AND SOVEREIGN NATION, though it might be incremental.

There have been many recent references in mainstream news to a FLU PANDEMIC.  There have also been references to MARTIAL LAW.  Remember, mainstream news is used to frighten the population, and condition them so that words and ideas once foreign to them, become more palatable.  People become desensitised to things that years before would have shocked them.  It's entirely possible that many will be frightened so that they seek innoculations.  These innoculations may start a deadly, and wide-spread, flu pandemic. Then again, a dangerous flu may spread without innoculations.  When many are sick, martial law will be declared throughout the U.S. and in other countries.  Martial law, forced innoculations, and confinement in camps, does nothing to benefit the public.  It's only to gain control over the population.  You should become aware of what vaccines contain, and the results, before you decide upon being innoculated.  Check out the INFOWARS website for information about vaccines, as well as here, and here.

Declared Martial Law in the U.S. would mean elimination of all rights we have had under the U.S. Constitution.  There would be no right to own a gun.  You would have  no right to free speech.  People will not be able to live where they want to.  You can be searched any time, any where, for any reason.  You can be detained, tortured, or killed with no trial, and without being able to communicate to anyone of your abduction.   It means many more things, but I'm just writing about some of them here.  Much of this has already been signed into law by the Patriot Act, and it has been implemented in isolated instances.

There are the present *criminals in high positions of the U.S. Government, but they don't represent the real America.  The real country is based upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Those who have taken over, on the other hand, are working for an arm of the Satanic World Government known as "The New World Order."  Their design for most of us is either death or slavery.  Their design is not a matter of speculation.  They have made it clear, on a number of occasions.  They are stripping us of liberties that are our heritage found in the Bill of Rights (The Bill Of Rights is at

Why did they do the INSIDE JOB?  Why did they slam airplanes into the WTC and blow the buildings up with previously placed explosives on 9-11-01?  Why is it likely that they are bringing martial law incrementally through so-called "natural disasters"?

They brought the 9-11 event, and the London Bombings, to create, and recreate, a fictitious "enemy" so people in America and elsewhere will be afraid and seek protection.  They expect that people will accept slavery to assure "security."  They did it to justify their New World Order genocide and tyranny in Iraq and other countries.  They plan future invasions.  Many (age 15 to 50, male and female) will be forced into the military.  Far more American soldiers have died than are reported in mainstream media such as CBS and NBC.  Many soldiers are dying after they return to America with radiation sickness, and their families also suffer as a result of it.  These facts are, to a great extent, ignored by the controlled media.  See the video, BEYOND TREASON   There is a documentation CD-ROM that comes with it to prove the facts.  The video, itself, is free to veterans; call 877-817-9829.   The pictures, on the video, of deformed babies in Iraq are quite shocking. If you, or anyone you know, is contemplating serving in the armed forces, first see this video and documentation. The so-called "insurgents," in many instances, are U.S. aligned forces disguised as Iraq's.

If you do not investigate to see if what is written on this web page is true, you are accepting death or slavery for yourself, your family, and your neighbors whom you do not awaken.  Children will be separated from parents, never to be found again.  In public schools, children are now being brainwashed.  Many more people will be forcefully drugged.  To buy food or water, you may have to beg the government.

Much of what is happening was predicted in the Holy Bible.  See the END TIME page.

Do not be spell-bound by propaganda.  We who expose government *criminal activity are not anti-american, nor are we "conspiracy theorists."  Real Americans support the bill or rights (, not tyranny.  Documented facts are not theories.  For a clear explanation of how music and TV have brainwashed many, obtain an audio tape about the subject.

Yes, they are *criminals, and there are charges being brought against them.  Just to give one example, a prominent attorney represents over 400 people in a class action suit, and this attorney is also attempting to bring criminal action against those in the highest levels of Government regarding the 9-11 INSIDE JOB.  His name is Stanley Hilton.  More info about law suits against the U.S. Government may be found through this web site.

                       INVESTIGATE - don't take our
                       word for it - verify the documentation

For updates on the unfolding police state, buy a short wave radio ($119.00 postpaid -model KA 1103- call 800-724-2719) and listen to Alex Jones NOON to 3 PM Eastern Time 12.160 MHZ ---- 10 PM - 1 AM 7.465/5.700 MHZ Monday thru Friday, and Sunday 5 to 7 PM -- frequencies 12.160 MHZ/5.070 MHZ, or listen on the Internet: The internet stream for Alex Jones is a continuous loop, so you can hear the latest any time of the day or night.  Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) runs more hours.  You can listen live on the INTERNET, or download previous programs for free from RBN.  Many different programs are heard on RBN during the day and evening. The Power Hour is on 3 hours from 8 AM to 11AM Eastern Time Monday through Friday 7.490 MHZ.   Frequencies on short wave change often, but they have an Internet Stream. You can also find and on shortwave.

Call your local radio station and ask them to have your favorite shows on your local radio station in your area.  Check out the web sites at home or in your library to verify documented facts from news reports and other data.


To give you an idea what this evolving police state in the U.S. has brought us to, this is from the November 14, 2005 American Free Press:
The U.S. Legal System is the most corrupt in the world.  With approximately * 5 percent of the world's population.
                                          "America has the largest prison gulag in the entire world."
"The United States... has 25 percent [5 times * 5 percent] of all the
  prisoners in the entire world."
"More than Two million prisoners.  That's one out of every 150 people
in America are behind bars in the American Gulag."
"The prison  industry is the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. economy.  Rent-a-jail/prison builders and the like have become a thriving trade, and there are billions more to be made in the business."

"Today, more than 2 million people are behind bars, with another 6 million on probation or parole.  In 1960 there were 200,000 people behind bars.  Thus the prison population has increased 10-fold over what it was 45 years ago.  Neither the population nor the crime rate has increased that level."

Source: American Free Press February 6, 2006

President Bush worships The Devil.  See the important parts of the video on-line right now regarding George Bush's "religious" beliefs.    U.S. Elections are rigged.  Many U.S. courts are corrupted.  Little children are losing their minds from poisoned innoculations, and parents do not even know what is going on.  Autism has skyrocked since these innoculations have been given.  The "authorities" lie to parents, telling them they must have innoculations before they can attend school.  If you are a parent, you are responsible for your child's welfare.  Don't let them inject poison into your childrens bodies Police and military are illegally merging.   For folks outside the U.S., helplessly under the rule of the New World Order, once we get our free America back, in my opinion, America will come to your aid.

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